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Dotan Cohen Law Offices (DC Law Offices) is an international law firm devoted to the practice of Immigration and Relocation Law, helping our clients to ultimately get from point A to B as conveniently and hassle free as possible. DC Law Offices started out as niche law firm providing work visas for employees of international companies who needed to travel abroad. We have since developed into a full service immigration and relocation law firm. 

Our attorneys are dedicated to taking special care of all our clients’ needs, whether they are individuals, small companies, or large corporations, thereby allowing our clients to bridge borders and move freely around the world. 

Our successes are attributed to always paying careful attention to every detail and utilizing our experience and expertise to assist our clients in reaching their immigration goals. At DC Law Offices we are committed to responding promptly to all of our clients’ needs, by using cutting edge technology and efficient methods to provide services in a timely, client-oriented manner and in an ethical, friendly, and professional environment. Our success is a result of our staff’s dedicated determination to achieving the objectives of our clients.

Mission Statement:

Through our expertise and knowledge, we are committed to providing seamless legal immigration services to all our clients worldwide. Our office has years of experience we can use to help you fulfill your goals and assist you and your family to live, work, and learn abroad.


  • United States Nonimmigrant and Immigrant Visas through Work and Family
  • Extraordinary Ability Visas and Green Cards
  • Canadian Immigration and Relocation
  • Australia Immigration and Relocation
  • United Kingdom Corporate Relocation
  • United States Employment Based and Family Based Green Cards