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/Stories of our clients, DV Lottery Green Card Winners


Bukuroshe B. /DV-2010/ May 24th, 2010
“Dear Michael,
I would like to inform you that today I got the American visa…..-)). I am more than happy. I can not imagine.
It is like a dream.

I prepared the missing documents, and just today I took the police certificate from France. I used FEDEX to bring it to me, and I translated it, and we went directly to the Embassy. The coosular checked the documents, and she told us” Now everything is OK. You can come on Wednesday to pick up the visas.” At this moment, I thought I am dreaming. I could not imagine. I started to cry.I am very, very happy, and really I would like to thank YOU for your marvellous assistance, your kind support in all this process.

Thank you from my heart and sincerely I wish all the best for you and your family.
Kind regards,


Sameh Nashed/ Reentry Permit/ March 3rd, 2017/ Algeria


I would like to thank you and thanks all the team in your office during the past years, for all the effort you have done.Finally I have received the reentry permits for me and my family. Thanks again. I am sure that we would communicate again for any other inquiries we might need in future.

Best Regards

Sameh Nashed”



Angelina M./ DV-2009/ November 23rd, 2009
“I am so grateful to Dotan Cohen for your professionalism with what you helped me, my husband and our 5 children getting our green card. I really can’t find words to explain my gratitude. Thank you for everything you did for me and my family. I shall never ever forget the troubles you got in organizing our process. I promise to introduce your law firm to all my friends who are applying for the green card in case they win.”


Luis Inacio Laurentino/ DV-2015/ 7th of August 2015/ Argentina

“Muy buena la atención.

Se comunicaron con nosotros.

Se preocuparon con el envió correcto de las informaciones.

Nos aclararon las dudas.

Buen seguimiento de todos los procesos.

Las contestaciones fueran rápidas.

Nos brindaron seguridad y confianza en los momentos primordiales.


Agradecemos por todo especialmente a la Sra. Tamara Berman.


Luis Inacio Laurentino.”


Cintia Frua/ DV-2015/ 30th of July 2015/ Argentina

“Que puedo decir, más que agradecida por el seguimiento que han tenido a mi caso. Hace un año y dos meses que USAFIS me contacto para informame sobre el estado de mi caso donde sali sorteada para participar de la Green Card Lottery. Esa noticia fue un shock el cual fue dificil de creer. Cuando me conectaron con el DC Law Offices, realmente ellos tuvieron un excelente trato conmigo y supieron responder en tiempo y forma en cada duda que tuve. Luego me fue asignada una abogada la Sra. Tamara Berman y no puedo más que agradecerle cada momento de dedicación que tuvo para comnigo.  No solo me guío en este año de procesos sino que supo como tranquilizarme y alentarme en las situaciones donde creí que iba a ser imposible seguir. Mil Gracias Tamara
por tu dedicación y por darme la oportunidad de que todo esto se haga realidad. No creo haber podido realizar esto sin tu ayuda. Gracias a tú trabajo hoy puedo celebrar haber obtenido mi Immigrant Visa. Muchas Gracias!!!

Por supuesto que lo pueden publicar, de verdad Tamara mil gracias por todo!!!

Muchas Gracias. Cintia.”

Federico R./ DV-2009/ May 21st, 2009/ Argentina

“I decided to use the services of Dotan Cohen and they led me step by step on the process of gathering all the information and filling all the forms needed for getting the green card. They proved very efficient and they made things look easy. In matters of law, one can’t just trust in common sense. Having their support on my side really worked.”


Yervand Poghosyan & Anna Mayilyan /DV 2010/ October 25th , 2010

I just want to express my sincere appreciations to Dotan Cohen Low firm and especially Michael Rosenthal for bring so detailed and punctual. Without you guys I may go back and forth god knows how many times. With your clear instruction things became much more easier and no question marks were left for me. To be honest I was so busy those days and really needed someone who could take care of each step and document prepared, in fact I’d advice everyone who is in a process of preparing for Green Card Interview, use Dotan Cohen Services. It makes things much more relaxed and you have no chance to forget a document or miss the date. Once again, as a businessman who knows the value of time I’ve seen a good value in the money I spend with Dotan Cohen and any new starter should not think twice. Those few thousand dollars is nothing for piece of mind. Thank you again Michael, it was really pleasure to work with you all these months.
Sincerely yours
Yervand / Armenia


Julian Gilchrist/ DV-2017/ July 4th, 2017/ Australia

“My Name is Fr. Julian Gilchrist and after having won the U.S. Greencard Lottery I needed professional help to make it a reality.  Thanks to Caroline Iris Dori, Atty., DC Law Offices, I now have my visa and am about to enter the United States and become a permanent resident.  Genuine, prompt and eager efforts from Caroline Iris were key for the quick submission and subsequent interview at the Sydney U.S. Connsulate.  Helpful phone calls and preparation stand out, in my mind, as a personal touch and sincere effort to get the right outcome.

I am very grateful to Caroline and the Law Office and happily recommend their services to anyone needing the same professional help.

Many thanks,

Fr. Julian Gilchrist.”


Richard / DV-2017/ June 7th, 2017/ Australia

” I wish thank the services of Dotan Cohen Law Offices in filing and preparing my immigrant visa. There professional standard and approach from the onset were extremely thorough and open communication was first rate.

They made the process stress free and were most helpful during the entire journey. Thank You again.”


Marc Repetti/ DV-2017/ June 11th, 2017/ Australia

“I would like to thank USAFIS and DC Law Offices for all their hard work to help this dream become a reality.  Thank you to Caroline of DC Law Offices for all her answers to my questions and her patience and diligence to making this happen after all these years of trying.  Her quiet confidence in me was a great help and her attention to detail was great.  All aspects were covered just in case the US Consulate had questions or wanted documents.  I was ready for whatever they wanted.  And I GOT MY VISA / GREENCARD.  Thanks so much.”


Peter Kemp/ DV-2017/ June 15th 2017/ Australia

“I would like to tell your company how much I have enjoyed working with you. Going through the Application for a Green Card is a daunting experience and having someone there to help you on your way is a much appreciated gesture. Your company has made this experience quite a good one and I feel that with your help, especially the mock interview did help with the process immensely. Now I have been successful, your company has not stopped, there, the offering of further support is most appreciated and I am very happy with the service I have received from your company.

With kind regards and best wishes.

Peter Kemp”



Cameron Young/ DV-2013/ September 11th 2014/ Australia

“DC Law was extremely helpful in my quest throughout the Diversity Visa application, and then again in the successful acceptance of a Re-Entry Permit application. The preparation, re-assurances and even a mock interview helped greatly. Having the process boiled down to dot points was, in my opinion, instrumental to the success of my applications.

Thank you,

Cameron Young”

Tanya Pegler/ DV-2010/ August 30th 2010/ Australia

“Hi Michael

from the consulate and they have our visas in there so we r on our way to the USA.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you so much for your help, guidance and advice. I must say initially I was very apprehensive about going with dotan Cohen as I was one of those people that thought ‘why do we need it?’ but the money was well spent as I believe we would have had our applications come back several times due to us not knowing the process. I would recommend anyone who is wanting to obtain a green card after winning the lottery to use your services as it is well worth it. I can’t thank you enough. Just on another note before I go our visas have been stamped on the 27th august so I take it that we have until the 27 th February 2011 to make a trip to the USA ? I have got our trip planned to Hawaii from the 10-19 feb next year I take it that this is sufficient? Please let me know as this is the quckest that we can get there due to leave off our employment as well as saving sufficient funds to get there Please let me know what we do now? And I will also need to get them posted to your offices in the Usa when they are ready.

Thanks again”

Marnie Karmelita/ DV-2010/ August 5th 2010/ Australia

“Dear Michael

Over two years ago, I made a decision to submit my name for the Green Card lottery, which is open to anyone in the world. A year on and I received news of the success of my entry and was offered the opportunity to engage Dotan Cohen Law Offices to assist me with the final stages of my application. Given the extended process and the vast amount of information required to be submitted I am most thankful for my decision to work with Dotan Cohen and cannot recommend their services highly enough. The attorney who was assigned to me, Michael Rosenthal and his Legal Assistant, Aaron Victor talked me through each step of the process and while it was largely simple subject matter, there were a number of small points that might have eluded me had I elected to go through it alone. I particularly appreciated the opportunity to talk over the phone with Michael; he covered every point thoroughly and allowed me to discuss any areas of confusion or concern. I had to travel to Sydney from my home town in Perth just for the interview at the US Embassy and I was amazed that every step of that interview process had been described in detail to me by Michael. I was fully prepared with all the documentation that I required, in the correct order and everything went exactly according to plan and exactly how it had been relayed to me. This level of service certainly reduced my anxiety over the process and gave me confidence that I was taking the right steps to secure my visa. I am looking forward to finally receiving my Green Card and would like to thank Michael, Aaron and the team at Dotan Cohen for their expertise and advice.

Yours sincerely

Marnie Karmelita”

David Low/ DV-2010/ March 11th 2010/ Australia

“To Whom It May Concern:

I used the services of Dotan Cohen Law Offices in 2009 and early 2010 to assist my application for a Diversity Visa. Right from the first interaction Michael and the DCLO team provided support, clear answers to my questions and a high level of detail. This attention to detail and understanding of the DV process and the required paperwork, allowed me to breeze through each section and obtain my Green Card. I would happily recommend the DCLO team to anyone requiring immigration or visa assistance.

Kind Regards,

David Low”

Garry Calvert/DV-2010/ February 3rd 2010/ Australia

“Today I had my successful Green Card appointment with the US Consulate. It has been a long wait after 5 yrs of applications. In October 2009 when I was first notified of my appointment I was given the option of engaging Dotan Cohen Lawyers to assist me in the processes for the Diversity Visa. Initially I thought the cost was high and commenced the process myself thinking I could complete all the required steps. But after a few weeks I decided to engage Dotan Cohen and believe this was the smartest thing I could have ever done. As it turned out I had completed the forms incorrectly and with Michael Rosenthal of Dotan Cohens help, we spent weeks completing the necessary and fine detail changes necessary to prepare for the interview. The interview was successful and it was clear that if I hadn’t had Dotan Cohens help and given the US Consulate the correct and relevant information I would not have been successful. The result was I was totally prepared and rehearsed and had everything the Consulate required and more. It’s a great feeling when you go into the US Consulate offices and feel confident that the support you gained with Dotan Cohen helped present you in a most positive way. I would recommend other candidates not hesitate when giving consideration to spending the money to having qualified law support throughout their application process.

Garry Calvert


Lina Pugliese/ DV-2010/ February 2nd 2010/ Australia


Just a note to say thanks for the follow up phone call tonight and overall for your services over the past 9 months. I appreciate the patience that has come with your counsel especially considering those crazy hours you work. I’d recommend you to anyone seeking immigration legal services. Will keep in touch and let you know of my contact details once I’m in New York – hopefully I will have an opportunity to put the face to the name.”

Garry C./ DV-2010/ February 4th 2010/ Australia

“Today I had my successful Green Card appointment with the US Consulate. It has been a long wait after 5 yrs of applications. In October 2009 when I was first notified of my appointment I was given the option of engaging Dotan Cohen Lawyers to assist me in the processes for the Diversity Visa. Initially I thought the cost was high and commenced the process myself thinking I could complete all the required steps. But after a few weeks I decided to engage Dotan Cohen and believe this was the smartest thing I could have ever done.

As it turned out I had completed the forms incorrectly and with attorney Michael of Dotan Cohen’s help, we spent weeks completing the necessary and fine detail changes necessary to prepare for the interview. The interview was successful and it was clear that if I hadn’t had Dotan Cohen’s help and given the US Consulate the correct and relevant information I would not have been successful.

The result was I was totally prepared and rehearsed and had everything the Consulate required and more. It’s a great feeling when you go into the US Consulate offices and feel confident that the support you gained with Dotan Cohen helped present you in a most positive way.

I would recommend other candidates not hesitate when giving consideration to spending the money to having qualified law support throughout their application process.”

Ryan T./ DV-2009/ November 23rd 2009/ Australia

“I’d like to thank you very much for all your help.

My Green Card was approved and with the assistance of your office it was a very smooth process.

I don’t believe I would have been approved without your help

I recommend DC to anyone.”

Deepa N./ DV-2009/ June 14th 2009/ Australia

“I am very grateful to get this opportunity to share view regarding the services that your staff provided to me. I appreciate your service and help for my entire visa processing. I finally succeed in receiving my green card through your help and support.

Once again I am very thankful to the entire relocation law firm for helping me for achieving Diversity Visa.”

Neil & Margaret S./ DV-2009/ June 9th 2009/ Australia

“My wife and I entered the DV Lottery in 2007 via USAFIS organization.

In May 2008 we were notified that we had been one of those selected in the DV2009 and the Law firm, Dotan Cohen, were recommended to assist us with all the forms necessary to take us through to the interview at the US Consulate. The lawyers at Dotan Cohen were terrific. They provided us with valuable insights into the wording of our entries. Without their help we are certain that we would have been rejected for the final stage due to lack of information on our part. They were very helpful and patient throughout our ordeal, answering all the different kinds of questions we had in regards to our entries. They made certain that everything was filled in correctly and with as much detail as we could provide.


They told us what to expect during the interview and were available for advice even during the interview.

For those who find themselves in our situation, we highly recommend the services of Dotan Cohen Lawyers.


PS: We did get our Green Cards and as from August 3 will be living in the

United States. We would like to thank the team at Dotan Cohen Law Offices for their help with us getting our Green Cards.”

Eric F./ DV-2009/ September 8th 2009/ Australia

“I would like to thank the Staff and Lawyers for the assistance provided in completing our application for the green card after being notified.

The attention to detail in completing the various forms, the numerous emails and faxes that were corresponded on. But of all I was especially grateful for the advice provided by Lawyers and assistants that made the submission and final interviews plain sailing.

Thank you all once again for all your assistance and honestly wouldn’t hesitate to recommend one to use your firms services.”

Rachel G./ DV-2009/ August 31st 2009/ Australia

“The Dotan Cohen law firm were extremely professional and valuable during the process of our green card application. Response to emails and phone calls were always prompt and very helpful. Applying for a green card can be very time consuming and confusing. They made the whole process very easy. Having Dotan Cohen Law Office to help with any queries made the whole process much easier. No question was treated as too small or insignificant. I highly recommend them for any legal immigration matters. My husband and I are from Australia and now have our green cards! It is very exciting and we are extremely grateful for the help we received from Dotan Cohen Law Offices.”


Petra Schubert/May 14th, 2017/ DV-2017/Austria

“Thanks to the professional guidelines of Ms. Dory through the whole application process we had been successfully receiving permission for immigration to US. Especially the phonecall before our interview made us relax and also mentally ready for reaching our goal – we believe it needs this kind of professional support for such a complex process !”


Jessica Brann-Prince/ DV-2015/ 31st of May 2015/ Antigua and Barbados


DC Law Offices deserve a big round of applause for the high quality of service which they provided for me during my journey towards successfully obtaining my US Green Card. I found the legal services providers to be very thorough but also helpful and pleasant. There was a clear understanding of the processes and requirements involved in the application and interview segments. I could not have done it on my own.  I felt comfortable that my application received the attention which was required. I also received encouragement as time drew closer and was assisted with understanding the process that I would encounter. Everything went as was shared and no issues were raised by the interviewers about my file. I look forward to a positive experience in my new home. Thank you very much DC Law Offices”


Jessica Brann-Prince


Allie Allene Clarke/ DV-2011/ Feb 9th 2011/ Barbados


My name is Allie Allene Clarke. My husband (Shawn Tracy Clarke) and I have no regrets using the services of Dotan Cohen Law Offices. Upon receiving the call of our success at winning a green card we were introduced to DC Law Offices and the choice given was to use their services or go through the process of obtaining the green card on our own.

We decided to use their services since we knew nothing of America’s laws and regulations. That was the wisest decision we made because this Law office is very effective and efficient. Mr Michael Rosenthal is the attorney assigned to us and he did an amazing job of assisting us with preparations as well as question or queries though matter how difficult. At present we are preparing to relocate to the US.

And although preparation is being made by us to relocate we are still being represented by this law office. We would recommend the DC Law Offices to anyone whether to obtain a green card or any other business because you need to be represented by an attorney that is caring, efficient and effective and also an office were the staff is friendly and patient.

So, if you are pondering or have doubts put them away. Have no fear of choosing DC Law Offices to represent you. You will definitely not regret your decision. We did not and are very grateful to Mr Michael Rosenthal and the entire team at the office for their unfailing support and dedication to us during the entire process of obtaining our green card and even now for the follow up calls and continuing assistance in the whole moving process.

Thanks much to DC Law Offices and a special thank you to Mr Michael Rosenthal and his assistant.

Richard Kabuusu/ DV 2010/ September 25th, 2010/ Barbados

Shortly after receiving a telephone call confirming that our green card application was successful, Dotan Cohen Law offices sent us an email congratulating us upon this accomplishment, and informed us of the services they offer. Without a second thought, we indicated to them, that we were interested in the professional services they provided. An attorney, Mr. Michael Rosenthal, was assigned to us. He guided us through the entire application process commencing with the completion of the application forms, the timely collection, critical review and submission of all of our documents, as well as preparing us for the interview in Bridgetown, Barbados. The most critical point was that an unofficial communication regarding the date and time for the interview at the US embassy in Bridgetown Barbados but, the written official confirmation was still in post. This was further complicated by the fact that the few days before our interview were public holidays in Barbados, and yet we had to do our medical examinations in Barbados prior to the interview. Thankfully, Mr. Michael Rosenthal was able to obtain another confirmation letter and send it to us as email attachment. My family and I greatly appreciate the professional advice and timely services extended to us by Dotan Cohen Law offices with our green card petitions. All the guidance, telephone calls made, emails sent and attention shows how resolute they were to ensure that our entire application process was smooth and straightforward. They even afforded us a flexible payment plan. Kindly accept our heartfelt thankfulness for your assistance, for it would have been quite a complex process, without you. You made it such a trouble-free green card application process. Dotan Cohen Law offices are great value for money, and we strongly encourage anyone whose application for a green card is successful to consider taking advantage of their expertise. Keep up with the professional service, and we look forward to working with you in future. Asante saana!!!!!!! Mwebale nnyo!

Richard Kabuusu, Annet Kabuusu, Jamie Kabuusu, Jason Mulo and Raymond Mulagusi


Anne Rottie / DV 2010/ August 3rd, 2010

Dear Michal,
I would like to thank you for your assistance true out this year. My participation on the DIV green card lottery began in 2009.
I never thought that we were going to be selected, but it happend. I am so glad that USAFIS advised me to DC LAW OFFICE , the company you work for as attorney. On the internet, you can read about all the problems you could run in to. Well I didn’t had any difficulty and I have you, to thank for. It is not only the support that you give, or the legal advice, but also a kind of trust. Trust because with every step you would tell me what to expect. The accuracy and the efficiëntie were outstanding. Every step was well prepared, and once that step came to completion, the next preparation was presented, I can say all of this in one word : Professionals . I know, you must have had difficult moments, because sometimes your e-mail showed me that you start very early, I never noticed anything about those moments, the same friendly voice true out the whole procedure.
Now, my immigration procedure is coming to an end. Thank you for the kind e-mail and wishing me luck for my interview tomorrow.
Greetings Anne & sam


Minor Medinaceli/ Reentry Permit/ 16th May, 2016/ Bolivia

“Thank  you Nathaniel, those are the best news I have received. Although I didn’t expect nothing less since you gave me  the confidence from the beginning, with your patience to explain, and with the professionalism of all of you, As you know very well is a great achievement to get the green card for my family and I, the only thing we wouldn’t want to loose is the Green Card, because I can not find a job in my line of work for the time being. As I signed in the green card acceptance document, I don’t want to be a drag for the American Government  but an impulse to achieve something bigger for my family, I and my new country of residence. And this Reentry Permit is giving me the time I need to prepare myself for a confortable transition. I thank you Nate and your collegues for keeping my dream. Best Regards.

Minor Medinaceli”

Oscar D./ DV-2009/ November 23rd, 2008/ Boliva

“After winning the USA visa lottery, the firm Dotan Cohen Law Offices has helped me with the process of preparing the documents for the Green Card request.

The work of the firm was dedicated and they provide me with a high quality service, which I believe make the firm a key component for the result we all are waiting.

Because of this, and in my concern, I recommend Dotan Cohen Law Offices for this type of process.”

Juan Carlos Gironda Mamani / DV 2010/ August 31st, 2010/ Bolivia

Dear Michael

How are you doing?

Are you lookingPanama for any news?

Just right 10 minutes ago, I received our passports with the Immigrant visa issued 08/24th/2010. So, I would like to say that was a very hard process that demands many time and great carefull attention to do. But, nothing should be possible if We have not Your special service, maded with patience and very professional attitude helping us to complete all the forms and requirements asked for the US Immigration service. Please, receive Our special and deeply thanks for your service. Really You did a big and clear difference, preparing All of us to arrive in the immigration service, meet at the interview and answer all the questions of the US Consul with tranquility and confidence. God always protect you. Is what we wish you.

Take Care.

Juan and family


Edina Imsirovic/ DV-2017/ June 20th, 2017/ Bosnia-Herzegovina

My family and I is very delighted to say big thank you to you and your well experienced group of people, initially when we were about to start the Visa process I was very worried if this is going to be possible but with the professionalism of all the individual in your office from the beginning of my case to the end gives me confidence in no time. I enjoyed every single time I called to talk to somebody from your office the way they will attend to me and answered every single of my questions satisfactorily. I am honored to tell you with full confidence and without a doubt in my mind that  I recommend anybody that is looking for this kind of opportunity to talk you and your professional team. I would also like to use this opportunity to tell you that everything is going on well the way is anticipated, my family and I can’t wait to get to American the country of so many opportunities. Once again thank you and your teams, continue the good work. I will email you again before we leave here. Have a blessed day.”




Anastasia V./ DV-2010/ February 8th, 2010

“Firstly, I must say that I cannot believe I am at the point where my hopes and dreams through the success of the American Green Card Lottery for a better life out of Africa have been realised for me. I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank the staff of Dotan Cohen Law Offices for their exceptional services rendered through many months of 2009 into 2010.

Furthermore, I would like to go into a little more detail and explain through their services to me, how I managed to secure my Green Card.

When I was initially contacted by Dotan Cohen on the 10th May 2009 by one of their well informed representatives, Asem Shehk I was very dubious about the Law firm along with what services they were offering. I wasn’t even sure at that time whether or not I was one of the actual Green Card Winners. By nature I am very cautious, and when I had received a call in April 2009 by the USAFIS Organization informing me that I was one of the 2010 Green Card winners I did not believe it at all.

The reason I felt this way had nothing to do with Dotan Cohen Law Offices, but because I had been passed on wrong information on the onset when I was first notified as one of the winners. When Dotan Cohen along with the U.S embassy in Gaborone, Botswana explained to me that if I was actually a winner I would receive official written notification from the U.S government notifying me that I was indeed one of the winners and not through a telephone call or email, and until I received that particular notification I was NOT going to believe anything I had been advised of.

Those official documents eventually arrived in the post after 3 months of original issue and that is when I pursued services rigorously with Dotan Cohen. On June 17th 2009 I was welcomed by Attorney, Michael Rosenthal who became my personal Attorney when I took up the Law firm’s services and became a client. I found Attorney Rosenthal extremely professional and knowledgeable. His warm and articulate guidance throughout my Green Card process was delivered with utmost dedication and personal enthusiasm for my aspirations which for me, was a Godsend and truly appreciated.

When my interview date was confirmed by the Kentucky Consular Centre (KCC) I was experiencing some problems where, due to personal circumstances I had to return to my home country – Zimbabwe, and soon after Attorney Rosenthal notified me that I was successful in securing my visa interview. With my change of circumstances I requested a file transfer and at this point Dotan Cohen Law offices very efficiently and timeously arranged for this to happen.

Attorney Rosenthal continuously provided me with updates throughout the weeks, displaying his proficiency and complete personal interest in my endeavours and service requirements. Without that file transfer, which was successful, I would NOT be in this position today. Without the warm assistance of Attorney Rosenthal at that very crucial point in the process I most certainly would not have attained my Visa. My re scheduled visa interview took place 20th January 2010. I owe the efforts of Attorney Rosenthal in complete honesty that I could not have done it without him and the combined services of Dotan Cohen Law Offices. Taking up their services is definitely worth it!

I would like to extend a personal big thank you to Michael Rosenthal for everything he has done for me! His dedication and interest is to be admired.

I would not hesitate to recommend the services of Dotan Cohen unreservedly to anyone seeking professional assistance and guidance as a Green Card Lottery Winner. I feel that without them there is a very slim chance one can follow the process successfully on their own. Dotan Cohen is a world class Law firm providing a very much needed brilliant personalized U.S Immigration and Relocation service to many who, without their help, can only continue to dream!

Regards and in thanks!”

Anastasia Vasanjee/ DV 2010/ February 8th 2010

Firstly, I must say that I cannot believe I am at the point where my hopes and dreams through the success of the American Green Card Lottery for a better life out of Africa have been realised for me. I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank the staff of Dotan Cohen Law Offices for their exceptional services rendered through many months of 2009 into 2010. Furthermore, I would like to go into a little more detail and explain through their services to me, how I managed to secure my Green Card. When I was initially contacted by Dotan Cohen on the 10th May 2009 by one of their well informed representatives, Asem Shehk I was very dubious about the Law firm along with what services they were offering. I wasn’t even sure at that time whether or not I was one of the actual Green Card Winners. By nature I am very cautious, and when I had received a call in April 2009 by the USAFIS Organization informing me that I was one of the 2010 Green Card winners I did not believe it at all. The reason I felt this way had nothing to do with Dotan Cohen Law Offices, but because I had been passed on wrong information on the onset when I was first notified as one of the winners. When Dotan Cohen along with the U.S embassy in Gaborone, Botswana explained to me that if I was actually a winner I would receive official written notification from the U.S government notifying me that I was indeed one of the winners and not through a telephone call or email, and until I received that particular notification I was NOT going to believe anything I had been advised of. Those official documents eventually arrived in the post after 3 months of original issue and that is when I pursued services rigorously with Dotan Cohen. On June 17th 2009 I was welcomed by Attorney, Michael Rosenthal who became my personal Attorney when I took up the Law firm’s services and became a client. I found Attorney Rosenthal extremely professional and knowledgeable. His warm and articulate guidance throughout my Green Card process was delivered with utmost dedication and personal enthusiasm for my aspirations which for me, was a Godsend and truly appreciated. When my interview date was confirmed by the Kentucky Consular Centre (KCC) I was experiencing some problems where, due to personal circumstances I had to return to my home country – Zimbabwe, and soon after Attorney Rosenthal notified me that I was successful in securing my visa interview. With my change of circumstances I requested a file transfer and at this point Dotan Cohen Law offices very efficiently and timeously arranged for this to happen. Attorney Rosenthal continuously provided me with updates throughout the weeks, displaying his proficiency and complete personal interest in my endeavours and service requirements. Without that file transfer, which was successful, I would NOT be in this position today. Without the warm assistance of Attorney Rosenthal at that very crucial point in the process I most certainly would not have attained my Visa. My re scheduled visa interview took place 20th January 2010. I owe the efforts of Attorney Rosenthal in complete honesty that I could not have done it without him and the combined services of Dotan Cohen Law Offices. Taking up their services is definitely worth it! I would like to extend a personal big thank you to Michael Rosenthal for everything he has done for me! His dedication and interest is to be admired. I would not hesitate to recommend the services of Dotan Cohen unreservedly to anyone seeking professional assistance and guidance as a Green Card Lottery Winner. I feel that without them there is a very slim chance one can follow the process successfully on their own. Dotan Cohen is a world class Law firm providing a very much needed brilliant personalized U.S Immigration and Relocation service to many who, without their help, can only continue to dream! Regards and in thanks!

Ms Anastasia Vasanjee


Sothy H./ DV-2010/ August 5th, 2009
“Hello, I am Sothy. I am from Cambodia. I am really excited to USA. Nowadays, I am staying at the United States, but I would like to let you know that I am here because behind of this situation the DC Law office and the staffs help me a lot to arrange every thing for me till the end. I can tell that I never know all of them but I was keeping and trust them to work for me. I just relax and let them doing their job for me. No, worries! Keeping and trust DC Law office and staffs”


Christopher Tamia/ DV-2015/ 23rd of July 2015/ Cameroon

The Dotan Cohen law office is where I did process my DV lottery. This law office is good because they keep to their appointment. Once you pay for their services. Immediately your payment is done and your information is given correctly  the processing of your documents is done and well done. I did work on my own part with Attorney  Abou. What I like about him is the way he keep and respect time and appointment. He is always prepare to help at any time you call or send him a mail. I was thinking that in the State, I will like him to be our family lawyer. For me he is a very good Attorney.

Cyrille B./ DV-2010/ 23rd of November 2009/ Cameroon
“I really am extremely grateful to you for helping me during my green card process application. Your height professionalism turned an unknown process into a simple routine.”


Carl Gernandt/DV-2017/May 30th, 2017/Canada

“I commend your team at DC law office on your professionalism and the way you’ve kept me abreast on the application progress. I’ll definitely liaise with you in the future on additional immigration issues.

I’ll be planning my landing in the US in September, beginning October and can’t wait to hear from you once you’ve received my official green card.

Thanks again for all your support!

Carl Gernandt “

Central African Republic


Dear Aaron,
Please accept my thanks to you and your office for this opportunity. I would like to say the following. When we were delcared winners of the lottery of the American Government Green Card, we understood the that the help of a lawyer was going to be very important to complete the rest of the processes to obtain the card. There are many difficulties for each step of the process, even for those that understand English, and for those that don’t understand English very well, it is even more difficult. It is because of this it is very desirable to have a lawyer. The role of a lawyer is to counsel, to explain the formula and manner for preparing and correcting the documents. Only a lawyer can help you to get through these difficulties and to help you prepare for the interview at the American Consulate. Without the help of a lawyer, I would never have been able to succeed to this level. I am a franco-phone, but we were able to understand our lawyer, and there were no language barriers between us. I emphasize that it is very important to accept the work of a lawyer in the process of obtaining the Green Card. Dotan Cohen Law Offices was very helpful to us and I recommend them to you as a good source of help. We are counting on your office to send us the green cards upon our arrival to New York in the month of November. Thank you again for all your help.
Yamba Poungault Quentin Paulin


Jose Villegas & Ines Romero/DV-2017/March 2nd, 2017

“Since I began to work with Nathaniel was outstanding. He sent me a few emails to detail all steps that i will need to go across and all the documents i must gather.

He kindly answer all my questions by email or phone and help me to prepared my case.

Finaly, we (my wife and i) got ours visas

I highly recommed Nathaniel and DC-Law for your DV case. They are experts, serious and specialist in immigration cases.

We are so happy!!!

Thanks a lot, Nathaniel


Jose & Ines”



Carlos Álvarez Cantillana/ DV 2010/ October 11th, 2010

Después de tanto luchar y recorrer un proceso que tome muy encima del tiempo límite, he logrado obtener mi soñada “Green Card” Ahora puedo decir con orgullo, que estoy en condiciones legales de entrar a Estados Unidos para trabajar, estudiar, hacer negocios, etc. Los éxitos en la vida, jamás son por dependencia de una sola persona, sino que es una concertación de varias personas que por diversas razones se cruzan en nuestro camino o destino. A esta principal fuerza movedora que logró juntar a las personas necesarias, yo le llamo “la voluntad de Dios“. Gracias a Dios, entonces por poner en mi camino al Bufete Jurídico de Dotan Cohen Law. Sin la asesoria legal de ellos, no lo logro. Y con la ayuda de otros abogados, creo que tengo mis dudas si también lo hubiera podido lograr… Los profesionales de Dotan Cohen Law Offices, marcan una gran diferencia del resto de los otros bufetes, ya que ellos poseen dos cualidades fundamentales en su gestión: 1. Experiencia cabal del tema que tratan y 2. Gran voluntad y disposición para luchar hasta el final por sus representados. Ante las cualidades antes descritas, las posibilidades de fracaso son reducidas al máximo y el éxito siempre será más esperanzador. Yo lo experimente personalmente y por eso puedo dar fe de lo en esta carta comento. Finalmente, me despido agradeciendo Al Dr. Dotan Cohen, por permitir que tomaran mi caso a tan encima del tiempo y comprometerse en mi causa de forma especial. Doy Gracias a la Ms. Michal Moskovich, quien tomara la primera parte de mi proceso con tanta vocación. También agradezco profundamente al abogado Michael Rosenthal, quien tuvo que luchar hasta el final y en circunstancias casi épicas, jamás bajó los brazos ni en el momento más critico del proceso. Finalmente mis ultimas palabras de agradecimiento las entrego al Mr. Darío Pereira, sin su ayuda, comprensión y aliento, no hubiera podido mantenerme ni lograrlo, mi éxito hoy, es por todo lo que él me ayudo ayer. Gracias, amigo Darío, gracias a Dotan Cohen Law Offices. A los futuros soñadores de una green card, ya saben con quien pueden contar…
Carlos Álvarez Cantillana


Omar Guevara/DV- 2017/ March 24th, 2017/ Colombia

“Hi Nathaniel,

We are satisfied with the work you did.

We are very grateful for the help of Nathaniel in the green card process. He is a very receptive and professional and kept us informed of all updates and steps that we should completed.

Thanks a lot.

Best Regards.”



Caroline Pizzinato de Gosewinkel/ DV-2016/ April 4th, 2016/ Colombia

“Estimada Sra. Tamara Berman.

Escribo para agradecerle mucho, su gran colaboración a través de éste exitoso proceso.

Mi esposo y yo, estamos muy satisfechos con los resultados obtenidos, y esto se debe a la calidad del servicio prestado por sus oficinas (Dotan Cohen Law Offices).

A pesar de la dificultad de vivir en países distintos, ustedes siempre fueron diligentes y expeditos ante cualquier inquietud o dificultad que se presentara, detallados, precisos y concisos con toda la información brindada y además siempre muy amables con el trato.

Es por esto que espero no tener que despedirnos de ustedes, sino continuar manteniendo la relación, ya que para cualquier documentación que deba realizar a futuro en Los Estados Unidos, nos gustaría contar con su asesoría. Esto nos daría la tranquilidad y seguridad, de que todo se efectuaría forma correcta, legal y en los plazos requeridos.

Me despido felicitándolos nuevamente.


Caroline Pizzinato.”


Francois Kanam/ DV 2017/ May 23rd, 2017

“Dear Caroline,

Today we have reached the end of our efforts and of the stress. My family and I won at the American lottery. We are grateful to the Lord for His grace. We owe this success to Caroline Iris Dory of the DC Law Offices who spared no efforts to accompany us in this application. She has oriented us to the smallest details from the beginning to the end both on the phone and by email. And even after we obtain the visas, she stayed available to help us. Thank you very much Caroline. Therefore I strongly recommend Caroline and the DC Law Offices to all those who would be retained for the DV Lottery, because their coaching is effective and the risk of not getting the visa is almost zero.”


Jean Kadima/DV 2010/January 24th, 2011

Bonjour Michael et Bonne Année 2011.

Tout en m’excusant pour ce courrier tardif, je tiens à vous remercier pour votre bienveillance et surtout pour votre patience durant toute la période de la constitution de mon dossier en vue de l’obtention de ma Carte Verte. Il est certain que si je n’avais pas recouru à vos services je n’aurai pas atteint le but poursuivi. Aujourd’hui ma famille et moi-même sommes heureux de vivre aux Etats-Unis. Je recommande vivement à tous les candidats de faire recours aux services de Dotan Cohen Law Offices dont les conseilles dans la façon de remplir les formulaires et la préparation des dossiers sont d’un professionnalisme sans précédent.

A toute l’équipe du Cabinet Dotan Cohen Law Offices je présente merci beaucoup et bonne continuation dans ce que vous faites.


Eugene N./ DV-2010/ November 23rd, 2009

“Winning the Diversity Visa lottery is one thing but going through the process is stressfully long and painful. With the assistance of DOTAN COHEN LAW OFFICE things became easier. This specialized law office has good expertise in immigration law and they helped in the process. I was allocated experienced lawyers who, one after the other took me through the maze of the process. I personally considered my case a very complex one. Not only I had travelled to many countries and needed to collect documentation from each of them but my family members were also scattered around the world, thus making the situation look more complicated. Experienced lawyers from DOTAN COHEN LAW OFFICES provided me with advice at each step of the process not only in gathering the documentation for the interview with consular officer but also on how to keep up the pace when I was discouraged and ready to give up.

I do not regret having used the services of DOTAN COHEN LAW OFFICE and would recommend it to anyon”


Eddy Borges Gonzalez/May 31st, 2017/DV-2017/Cuba

“Hola, mi nombre es Eddy soy de Cuba, quisiera dejar mi opinión de agradecimiento a Dotan Cohen Law Office y en especial con la abogada Tamara Berman por su trabajo profesional, para con nosotros en la ayuda para obtener la Green Card, la cual próximamente tendré en mi poder, reciban de mi parte el testimonio de mi mas alta consideración.

Muchas Gracias.”


Ana Papkyriacou/ DV-2015/ 21st September 2015/ Cyprus

“DC LAW OFFICES  have really helped me with my visa process. My attorney Khaled Abou Kaoud was very prompt in replying to me and extremely thorough and helpful when it came to explaining the process and taking me through it step by step.All in all I received an excellent service and I highly recommend their services.”

Czech Republic

Martin Litvan/dv 2011/ July 3rd, 2011

In the proces of getting a green card, I was represented by New York Doten Cohen, Law Offices, especially by the specialist in relocation law – Dr. Mike Rosenthal and his team. From the beginning of or cooperation I have aprecciated highly qualified and professional approach of the specialists of this Law Office to my matter, the whole thing was dealt with very quickly and profesionally. I would aprecciate especially highly qualified, fast and efficent way of communication and precise managment of all the questions this process rises. I can as well say I could ask these professionals anytime on the solutions of any questions regarding this proces. After excellent experience, I can honestly recommend this Law Offices for solving similiar law questions.


Fathi El Sawi/REP/ May 7th, 2017/ Egypt

” I would like to thank DC Law Offices particularly Nathaniel for their guidance and help for me and my family to get the Reentry Permits, as we have still some obligations that will delay our settlement in the US, I had discussed the situation with DC Law office and they immediately started planning for us what kind of documents to prepare and the proper time to travel and to submit for the Reentry permits. We went together through the process with all the obstacles and time constrains , they never let me down. I do appreciate their continuous support for me and my family till we settle down in the US”


Emad Hashem/ DV-2016/ March 19th, 2016/ Egypt

“Dear Caroline,

It was also my pleasure working with you and your precious colleague on the Diversity Visa program application, and I am glad we got it.

Of course i’m very happy, my experience with the office was great starting from reviewing my primary application then following the process of my application passing by the preparation of documents email and finally the phone call regarding the embassy interview as all were very useful and strait to the point with appropriate notice period and if you follow these instructions carefully, so you are definitely in.

Best Regards,

Emad Hashem”


Hussein Moustafa/ Family Based Green Card/ March 22nd, 2016/ Egypt

“Dear Nathaniel,

It was a pleasure working with you and your DC Law Offices.

I was lucky enough to reach out to your office at the right time. Even though, I had a difficult case, you were able to conclude it successfully.

Your professional, accuracy, clear communication, and experience enabled me to secure my Wife’s Immigrant Visa on the expected time.

You were reachable all the time, welling to listen, focus, and address all my concerns and guide me through the process very positively.

Thank you for all the good and professional work. I will not hesitate to refer any of my friends or relatives to your office for service.


Best wishes and good luck”


Khaled Omar/ Reentry Permit/ March 1st, 2016/ Egypt

Dear Mr. Nate,

I hope my e-mail finds you well. First of all, on behalf of my family, we would like to thank you for all the efforts that you exerted with us and all the assistance that you provided to us during our procedures to finish the Green Cards and the White Passports. The dealing with you and your office was very honest and fair. Meanwhile, I would recommend any one who would like to obtain Green Cards or any other documents to deal with your prestigious office.


Khaled Omar

Mohamed El Hakeem/ DV-2015/ October 8th 2015/ Egypt

“Thank you very much for your email also I would like to express my great thanks and appreciation to Assem and KHALED for their support and assistance all over the process which have darken time. Their support on each step was valuable and essential.

Regards to all the helpful and professional team of DC.



Dr. Safwat Aziz Tawfik Tadros/ DV-2015/ June 17th 2015/ Egypt

Dear Mr. Yehonatan Madai, Atty.DC Law Office.


Greetings  And   All My Deepest  Respect !

It was My greatest pleasure  as well working with you and all respectable  DC,Law Office staff through all  the process of our Diversity Visa application until  we  Finally, reach our goal by a highly successful and  a smooth way.


* I couldn’t deny and ignore,  your kind  help , your prompt reply, your fast response, your valuable advises,,and effective instructions.

* I couldn’t  forget your lovely phone call when I was there in US after landing and  activation of our immigration visa, to give us more support, more encouragement  and more and more  satisfaction .

*Also , I couldn’t  forget your lovely phone call 15 days before the embassy interview , pre- interview preparation, which take more than one hour duration,  Really it helped me  a lot  to pass and  success .


Dear Mr. Madai, Really all above simple words are coming from my deep heart, and you deserve more and more and I couldn’t find  the right words to express my feelings toward  you and the excellent job which had been don very successfully.


Finally,  I appreciate all the effort and the job done from your side  to let me and my family achieve our  long -term dream, to live and work in USA.


Thanks  and Kind  Regards
Dr.Safwat Aziz Tawfik Tadros 



Sameh Nashed/ DV-2015/ June 12th 2015/ Egypt

Dear Khaled:

first of all i would like to thank all the team were involved for my case , and special thanks for Khaled , who was very professional and cooperate with me during the past 8 months since October 2014 .

Finally ;yesterday  we  received our passport stamped with the Visa , for all the family , kindly attached  scanned copy for your references .

thanks for God .

once again ,  big thanks for  Khaled ; really i  am very satisfied to deal with you and your office ;  although  at the beginning  since summer 2012 ;  my feeling was it is not seriously .

yesterday evening we did a small  celebration with our relatives and friends in Dubai  , all the time we spent is talking about your office and what did to support us till getting the visa .

i am expecting some of them will start the same process as i did , and hopefully they will get it , if God willing .



Khaled Omar/ DV-2014/ February 22nd 2015/ Egypt

“My experience with DC-Law Office to Obtain the Green Card

When I know that there is an opportunity to obtain a Green Card for me and my family. I thought what can I do and I knew that I should contact a lawyer Office and I was advised to refer to DC- Law Offices which was highly recommended.

Meanwhile, when I started dealing with the office, I found the lawyers in the office are very organized and helpful without their help I was not able to continue in the required steps to obtain the Green Card

They first prepared with me the required papers and documents for me and my family and reviewed all of them. Then they sent an interview appointment for us in the American Embassy and thanks to their guidance and instructions, we were eligible to obtain the Green Card

The lawyers are very honest, professional and offer any required assistance to finish all the procedures and follow with me what is the next step and how to prepare for it. I really appreciate all their efforts and time.



عندما علمت أن هناك فرصه للحصول علي جرين كارت لي و لاسرتي  كان من اللازم الاستعانه بمكتب محاماه  و تم ترشيح مكتب محاماه  DC- Law Offices   لي

عندما بدأت في التعامل مع المكتب وجدت ان المحاميين العاملين بالمكتب منظمين جدا و يقدمون كل سبل المساعده الممكنه لديهم و بدون مساعدتهم لم استطع تكمله الخطوات الازمه للحصول علي الجرين كارت

في البدايه اعدوا الاوراق و المستندات المطلوبه لي و لاسرتي و تم مراجعتها كلها و تم تحديد موعد المقابله الشخصيه في السفاره الامريكيه و بفضل مجهوداتهم و تعليماتهم تم الموافقه علي حصولنا علي الجرين كارت

و الجدير بالذكر أن هؤلاء المحامين امناء جدا و محترفين و يبذلون قصاري جهدهم لانهاء جميع الاجراءات المطلوبه و متابعه الخطوات القادمه اللازمه و كيفيه التجهيز لها و انا في غايه الامتنان و التقدير لهم و لمجهوداتهم


Khaled Omar ”

Sherine Elsaadany & Alaaeldin Hussein/ DV-2011/ June 21st 2011/ Egypt

To whom it may concern,

We have had the pleasure of knowing about your law firm and communicating with you to get our green card in the best possible easiest way. I received the first contact from Mr. Asem Elshk which is very useful his discussions and then with Mr. Rosenthal because he was responsible for our case and was guiding us through the whole process. We had several conference calls discussing winning the lottery, preparing all the papers needed, the interview and finally what to do in the United States.

In the last couple of months, Mr. Rosenthal provided us with all the information and requirements needed to prepare before our interview. The type of service that your firm offers was beneficial to us and helped us to understand more about the green card advantages. Whenever we wanted to know about something, we used to send an e-mail asking about some information and he replied quickly and answering all our questions. In fact, Mr. Rosenthal assisted us and his advice has been great help to us. Not only do your services stop here, but also we found everything going smoothly when we went to the American embassy and every single information he provided us with was right until we finally got accepted. Overall, I strongly recommend anyone who got the opportunity of having the green card to work with your firm and get all the helpful information needed from you.


Alaaeldin Hussein

Tamae H. El-Attar/ DV-2011/ December 25th 2011/ Egypt

“With no words to describe and smile on my face forever, please accept thankfulness from me and my family for your great help. I am confident that the Dotan Cohen, Law Offices will remain as being “as pinnacle of the profession” forever.

I am writing to express my deep appreciation for Mr. Michael Rosental, (attorney), Mr. Harris Feder, (legal assistant), and Mr. Asem Elshekh, (Client Care Coordinating Manager) with the Law Offices of Dotan Cohen.

They were always courteous and attentive, making me feel that my case was the only one being handled by the firm, when in reality I was likely one of hundreds of clients.

I already thanked Mr. Michael Rosental, but I just want to let you know that he was amazing during this time. He was always available and very prompt in addressing my concerns and questions. His genuine warmth and kindness make it near impossible not to become his friend. Thank you Michael.”


Tamer H. El-Attar



Hesham Ezzat Ramadan/ DV-2012/ July 1st 2012/ Egypt

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته،

“بداية أود أن أعرفكم بنفسي / هشام عزت رمضان / مصري الجنسية / 46 سنه / متزوج وأعول طفلين / مغترب بدولة الإمارات العربية المتحدة / وأعمل بوظيفة مترجم طبي .

أود أن أعرب لكل من يقرأ رسالتي عن مدي إمتناني لكافة العاملين بمكتب Dotan Cohen Law Offices الذي ساعدني فى الحصول على الجرين كارد، من الناحية التنظيمية فكل فرد يعرف إختصاصاته وحدوده، ومن الناحية المهنية كل من تشرفت بالتحدث معهم كانوا في غاية الكفاءة والخبرة، ومن الناحية الخلقية فالكل كان علي أعلي درجة من اللياقة والتهذيب والتعاون.

إنني أعتبر نفسي محظوظا لتعرفي على هؤلاء الأشخاص فمن أول شخص تعرفت عليه السيد / Asem Shehk, Senior Department Manager الذي كان واضحاً وصادقاُ معنا ( أنا والعائلة) وأوجز لنا الإجراءات وووعدنا بتقديم المساعدة أثناء اتمام الإجراءات وحتي بعد الحصول علي الجرين كارد، وكلمة حق لوجه الله تعالي لم أقصد الرجل فى أي إستفسار إلا وبادر هو بالإتصال وتوضيح ما ينبغى إيضاحه حتى وهو في ما كان يعانيه من الأم المرض بالمستشفي جزاه الله خيراُ.

أما ثاني من تشرفت بهم Tali N. Orner, Attorney والتي كانت تراجع معنا الإستمارات والمستندات بكل دقه لم نلاحظها نحن أصحاب الشأن وكانت مثلا فى المهنية عندما أرسلت بأنها سوف تغادر المكتب ويحل محلها السيد / Michael Rosenthal, Attorney والذي تحدث معنا قبل الموعد بالسفارة الأمريكية بأبو ظبي وتأكد من وجدود كافة المستندات بحوزتنا وكان كلامه مطابقاٌ حرفياٌ لموظف السفارة أثناء المقابلة.”


وقد تشرفت بالتعامل مع السيد / Harris Feder, Legal Assistanوالسيدة / Erica Schain, Legal Assistant والذان كانا في غاية اللطف الإحترام.

أود أن أشكرهم جميعا لما بذلوه معنا وأود أن أعبر لهم عن أن مجهودهم لا يقدر بثمن وأخيراً تحياتي للأستاذ / عاصم الذي أرجو من الله أن أقابله شخصيا.



هشام رمضان


“I am Hesham Ezzat Ramadan /Egyptian / 46 years / Married with 2 kids / working in United Arab Emirates as a Medical Translator. I want to express to all the receipt how I am grateful for all the Dotan Cohen Law Offices staff, they are so organized – everybody knows his duties and limit, so professional –all expert and qualified, so well behavior – smart, polite and Co-operative.

I consider myself lucky to deal with them from the first person Mr. Asem Shehk, Senior Department Manager, he gives us a brief honest and clear information. He offers the help any time even after getting the green card ( I am so thankful to this guy, he was answering me back even he was admitted in the hospital, god bless and save him).

Then I deal with Miss. / Tali N. Orner, Attorney she was so clever reviewing all our documents and forms as she recognize all the missing and mistakes that we cannot notice it, also she was so professional while leaving the office by informing me that Mr. / Michael Rosenthal, Attorney will follow up my case. he talk to us thru the phone for more than 2 hours reviewing all our documents before the USA Embassy interview, i wondered that the comments exactly he mentioned it to me I heard it from the embassy staff I also deal with Mr. /Harris Feder, Legal Assistant and Miss /Erica Schain, Legal Assistant who was so kind and Respectful.

I want to thank them all and I believe that there work is precious not equal any expenses, finally my respect to Mr./ Asem Shehk, that I pray to meet him personally one day.


Hesham Ramadan


Helene L./ Reentry Permit/November 13th 2017/French Polynesia

“l am  delighted with this news. I am very very happy.
l Will finally be able to live my american dream.
Thank you very much and the whole team for the wonderful work you have done.
At each stage of the procédure l found the help and explanations l needed.
I think you are real professionals and l would recommend to my friends to use your services when they need.
Thanks again for your help.
We keep in touch,  sincerely

Richard Ferretti/ DV-2016/ July 7th 2016/ France


Of course we were really pleased to work with you. it has been a pleasure for us. We ended up with a good result, even though Enzo did not get his visa, but we were prepared for this and we knew that he only had little chance to get it.

You have been really helpful, and always available when we needed some help.

Thanks again for everything and all your help.


Best Regards



Christian Lemaire/ DV-2016/ April 3rd 2016/ France

“First I spoke a few moments this morning with Asem.

Second this is my experience with DC Law Offices specially with you Tamara and Asem too.

During these last months I received e-mail with clear explanations for steps to process to obtain the Green card. And some scheduled calls from the US (phone call and Skype).

Very professional attorney and very kind help me during these 9 or 10 last months specially to prepare the interview in US Embassy in Paris in last may. Very impressive experience.

All was perfect and if I had some doubt and any question the attorney stay by my side with professionalism, attention and trying to cheer me up.


It was a good experience. I dont think it will be possible to prepare the status of permanent resident without help.

Because when you discover the first time the documents to be supplied and the all process in english of course, it seems so difficult ! So one help is very precious. Best regards

Christian Lemaire”


Hervet Family/ DV-2014/ March 9th 2015/ France

“Message de la famille HERVET de Savigny-sur-Orge (91)

Maintenant à ROCHESTER, NY, USA depuis le 08 décembre 2014


Nous y avons cru, nous n’avons pas baissé les bras.  Chaque année, nous avons candidaté en payant les frais associés à notre demande. Cela a pris plus de 10 ans mais notre attente a enfin été récompensée.

Grâce à la préparation et aux conseils de notre avocat de DC-Law Offices, notre interview à l’Ambassade des Etats-Unis à Paris n’a été qu’une formalité.

Nous vous disons simplement de ne rien négliger, de bien vous préparer en suivant à la lettre ce qui vous est demandé, de prévoir la journée lors des rendez-vous programmés. Surtout, lorsque vous serez amené à passer l’examen médical, faites bien les vaccins à l’avance, les radios, etc. pour ne pas perdre votre temps et celui des autres.

Maintenant, nous sommes aux USA et nous sommes ravis… c’est super !

Encore un grand MERCI à toute l’équipe de DC-Law Offices pour leur aide et leur soutien.

Pascal, Geneviève et Kylian HERVET”

Beatrice Gaillot/ DV-2014/ February 24th 2015/ France

“Obtenir la fameuse « green card » est un rêve que j’ai réalisé récemment. Je me suis inscrite à la loterie organisée par le gouvernement américain et ma candidature a été tirée au sort. L’aventure commence là car le résultat final est connu seulement plusieurs mois après, à l’issue d’un entretien « clé » avec un agent de l’immigration à l’ambassade des US. Cet entretien doit être préparé et c’est la raison pour laquelle j’ai fait appel au Cabinet DC Law de New York, afin de m’aider tout au long de cette préparation.


Le cabinet DC law m’a clairement expliqué la marche à suivre, accompagnée dans ma collecte de documents et donné des réponses à mes questions. Le processus de constitution du dossier en vue de l’entretien est très long et parfois, j’ai même eu des angoisses en me disant que je n’arriverai jamais à remplir tous les critères, mais le cabinet m’a beaucoup rassurée et nous avons fait des points réguliers tout au long du processus jusqu’à réception de la convocation à l’entretien. Nous avons aussi fait une simulation d’entretien avec un avocat du Cabinet peu de temps avant la date de rendez vous à l’ambassade et c’est vraiment grâce à tout ce soutien que j’ai pu passer avec succès l’entretien réel.


Aujourd’hui, j’ai encore recours au cabinet pour des questions administratives liées à l’obtention de ma « green card » et je remercie particulièrement les équipes du cabinet DC law à New York pour leur disponibilité et leur gentillesse.


Beatrice Gaillot

Paris, le 24 février 2015”

Anthony Michel/ DV-2010/ August 13th 2010/ France

“Chanceux gagnant de la lotterie avec l’organisme USAFIS, j’ai suivi leurs conseils et decidé de faire appel au cabinet d’avocat Dotan Cohen Law Offices afin de maximiser mes chances d’obtenir la green card. Depuis le début de la procedure jusqu’à l’obtention de ma Green Card DCLO a toujours fait un travail d’asistance et d’aide exceptionnel, en répondant à toutes mes interrogations, en étudiant de manière personalisé mon profil pour constituer mon dossier, en corrigeant mes erreurs par le biais de divers moyens de communication: mail, telephone, video-conférence (skype) etc.. Il est certain que si je n’avais pas fait appel à Dotan Cohen Law Offices je n’aurais jamais atteint la fin de la procédure et donc jamais obtenu ma green card. Je tiens à remercier trés sincèrement toute l’équipe et particulièrement Michael pour la qualité d leur travail. Fait pour valoir ce que de droit,

A Nouméa, le 5 Août 2010”

Francie B./ DV-2010/ May 26th 2010/ France

“Bonjour Maître,

Par ce courrier, je tiens à vous remercier de votre gentillesse et de votre patience dans l’aide que vous m’avez apportèe tout au long de la constitution de mon dossier pour obtenir ma Carte Verte. Vos explications ont ètè très claires et votre soutien m’a ètè prècieux, et le rèsultat positif. Je n’ai eu aucune apprèhension pour me rendre au rendez-vous de l’ambassade et suis heureuse d’avoir rèussi et de pouvoir maintenant vivre aux Etats-Unis.

Espèrant que votre aide apportera autant de rèussite à d’autres candidats, veuillez recevoir, Maître, à nouveau mes remerciements et mes respectueuses salutations.

Francie Bouchet”

Brunno L./ DV-2010/ March 23rd 2010/ France

“To whom it may concern,

This is to thank Dotan & Cohen law offices for the rigor and professionalism in the processing of our dossier for which at first we haven’t believed in our chances for the green card lottery but that finally, of course, pleasantly surprised us in the result of the draw for the winner. We’ve been impressed by the way things have fitted into each other all along the application; like a well lubricated machinery.

Despite fears from our side on its achievement, the full process, all well considered, from the first step to the obtaining of the resident’s permit hasn’t taken much time.

At last, the trip to USA for finalizing the process has also been useful to collect pieces of information that all new comer has to get for his family and him before the immigration.

We would like to express our particular thanks to our lawyer, Mrs. Tamara J.B, for her good will and patience in answering us in all our questions.”

Jonathan D./ DV-2008/ August 26th 2008/ France

“After being notified as a winner of DV-2008, and further to their advertising on the net, I’ve been contacted by the “Dotan Cohen Law Offices” Lawyers , even though I was a little suspicious, to get more information about the process I have to go through in order to obtain my Green Card.


Our first phone contact impressed me : the kindly way they answered to all my question, their professional knowledge, and their care ; and in fact during al the period of the process, I received from them directly to France where I lived, all documents, and information I needed, al the answers to any question I could have and all that through a contact office speaking my own language so all was surely clear for me.


The last step to obtain my immigrant visa was an interview at the US embassy, to show all the required documents which I had prepared together with the lawyers office.

They train me so well that even at the embassy they were surprised by the professionalism and the perfection.


So I definitely recommend “Dotan Cohen Law Offices” services : it’s a success guarantee!”

Xavier Fevrett/ DV-2011/ August 12th 2011/ France

“L’aide apportée par Mr. Rosenthal, ainsi que ses assistants m’a été précieuse pour obtenir ma carte verte. Malgré la distance, vivant en france, j’étais parfaitement bien encadré. Leur professionnalisme et leur rigueur sont remarquables. Mr. Rosenthal a su répondre à mes questions en me donnant de bons conseils, ce qui me permis de me rendre à l’entretien, à l’ambassade, sans appréhension. Je remercie encore sincèrement, Mr. Rosenthal et ses collègues. Xavier Fevrett.”


Bruno Buch/ DV-2011/ July 7th 2011/ France

“My family would like to say a special thank at all the Dotan Cohen Dclaw Office for the great job realized in our case. The professionalism and the seriousness of all the team allowed us to obtain our green card.

Cordiales Salutations.


Thank you very much , Best regards ,BUCH Family”

Jean-Charles Lopez/ DV-2012/ May 22nd 2011/ France

Dear Madam, Dear Sir,

“I would like to thank you for the quality of the assistance Dotan Cohen Law Offices Provided me with through the help of Tali and Michael specifically. The different emails as well as the conference calls we had helped me not only to be ready Administratively (forms, format, appointment, embassy details, …), an important matter indeed, but also to gain confidence through the quality of the work that we put together in Order to prepare the best file possible.


I hereby address my warmest thanks to your team and wish that many others can benefit Your extraordinary skill set”


Ivo Vocko/DV 2011/ January 14th, 2011

Hi, in the first place I would like to thank you for your help, especially appreciate the documenttion preparation and personal approach.

At the Embassy there were about 150-200 people, for every type of Visas, By the Entrance control, only hand watches and car keys from electronic devices allowed, then in main building after the number i did get at the entrance was called, first controll of my passport, photos, appointment letter, medicals. Then paying the fee (820 usd), 4,25 euro stamp (which you can buy in the building), afterthat control of my diploma, birth certif., police credent., fin. support, then after my number call interview with the consular, questions like present and future job, education, exams to pass to be approved to work in US as a Dr., it took no more than 3-5 mins I think, all together 3 hours. At the end I did become a good luck wish, what really makes me happy. I have to wait for my passport and couple of documents, that should be sent in about a week, and I need really to look at a way how I could realize all the things about my transfer.

So thank you very much ones more,

with best wishes,


FRANK VON B./ DV-2009/ May 17th, 2009

“It is my great pleasure to recommend Dotan Cohen, Law Offices. After several months of cooperative and intensive work from both sides I finally attained the Green Card despite thousands of applicants yearly, who also seek for opportunities to reside thus to further better one’s life in the states. I would like to show my sincere and immense gratitude to Dotan Cohen, Law Offices and its employees especially to Miss Tamara for making it possible for me to accomplish the application and successfully attaining it. She has been in a close contact with me these few months in order to help, to guide and to provide all the required information for the application.

I have been receiving a very warm and friendly service from the firm which made me feel comfortable and convinced to continue applying with their help. The staffs have been very dedicated in doing their job that frequent contacts were made by phones and emails. As someone who lives in Germany and having German as first language, a constructive communication and simple but clear instructions are privileges, and those are what were provided by Dotan Cohen.

Honestly, I happened to know this firm by chance and was initially in doubt of their capability. However after several times of contacts and conversations were made between both parties I became more convinced. From that point I knew I made the right decision and am now really happy with the result. With solid backgrounds in this field and impressive cooperation, I shall never find any better solution other than this firm.

Finally and one more time I would like to express my greatest gratitude to those in the firm who , directly or indirectly, made my application a success, because this might just be another important turning point in my life.

Dotan Cohen, Law Offices; a firm you can trust!”


Frank and Doris O./ DV-2009/ November 25th, 2009
“For a moment we thought we had prepared our documents and ourselves after we had won the lottery, until we met Dotan Cohen, Law Offices, who helped us through to get a date for our interview. It was then that we realized some of our documents were out of contest.
Dotan Cohen, Law Offices went all out to even prepare us for the interview. They assisted us even through to the deadline, “that is the last minute”.
Guess what! We got our visas on September 30th 09, which is exactly the last date. What a moment!! This couldn’t have happened without the wonderful support from the Dotan Law offices. They assisted us to acquire all we needed whenever the consular requested for them, even when we had lost hope; they proved to us that we would make it.
Their staffs are wonderful, and their services are excellent. If you ever thought you knew it all, please pause for a moment and try Dotan Cohen, Law Offices and you will realize the “loopholes” you have and the assistance they can offer you.
Dotan Cohen Lawyers, we are glad to have you as my lawyers and wouldn’t mind to use your services through any case that I may encounter. My confidence in you is very much boosted.”


Carlos, Verónica, Karla y Giancarlo Martínez/DV 2011/May 29th, 2011

Mr. Michael Rosenthal,

Por medio de la presente, quiero agradecer todo el apoyo recibido durante los meses que duro los tramites, la guia adecuada para la busqueda de los papeles necesarios para la entrevista, la manera adecuada de el llenado de las formas, concejos idóneos para el día de la entrevista de acuerdo al caso, etc., su trato respetuoso y asertivo; durante el tiempo que duro mi proceso de la Green card, tanto por la via de mensajeria y mas durante las entrevistas por Skype, estamos muy complacidos tanto mi persona como mi esposa, especialmente por el manejo de nuestro caso por lo particular que fue, debido a mi nacionalidad tuve que continuar mi proceso con la de mi esposa, pero de igual manera, se enfocaron en buscar la mejor solucion y gracias a esa oportuna manera de gestión de Dotan Cohen Law Offices, Logramos obtenerla y pronto estaremos empezando una nueva vida, trabajando, estudiando nuestros hijos y lo mejor de Todo Cumpliendo nuestro Gran Sueño de vivir en los Estados Unidos.

Gracias por todo…. Atte.,


Carlos Martnez/ DV2011/ May 26th 2011/ Guatemala

Mr. Michael Rosenthal.

“Por medio de la presente, quiero agradecer todo el apoyo recibido durante los meses que duro los tramites, la guia adecuada para la busqueda de los papeles necesarios para la entrevista, la manera adecuada de el llenado de las formas, concejos idóneos para el día de la entrevista de acuerdo al caso, etc., su trato respetuoso y asertivo; durante el tiempo que duro mi proceso de la Green card, tanto por la via de mensajeria y mas durante las entrevistas por Skype, estamos muy complacidos tanto mi persona como mi esposa, especialmente por el manejo de nuestro caso por lo particular que fue, debido a mi nacionalidad tuve que continuar mi proceso con la de mi esposa, pero de igual manera, se enfocaron en buscar la mejor solucion y gracias a esa oportuna manera de gestión de Dotan Cohen Law Offices, Logramos obtenerla y pronto estaremos empezando una nueva vida, trabajando, estudiando nuestros hijos y lo mejor de Todo Cumpliendo nuestro Gran Sueño de vivir en los Estados Unidos. Gracias por todo…. Atte.”


Carlos, Verónica, Karla y Giancarlo Martínez.

Hong Kong

L.V.S./ DV-2009/ May 25th, 2009
“I won the US Green Card Lottery and decided to use the Law Firm Dotan Cohen to assist me with my application for the Green Card.
It was the best thing I did because the filling out and checking of the multiple forms was an important part of the application process and any errors would have cost me dearly.
I could honestly say that the attention to detail, the kindness, patience and professionalism of the Lawyer assigned to me was well worth every penny spent. She even phoned me to give me tips and advice regarding the interview.
I would highly recommend this Law firm to anyone applying for a Green card. You will not be disappointed.”


Reka Sepsy/ DV-2017/ April 5th, 2017/ Hungary

“I would highly recommend working with DC Law Offices for obtaining an immigrant visa. From the beginning I have worked with Caroline Iris Dory, who is highly qualified and thorough. She was very prompt in advising and following up, and always maintained a professional decorum. I am very satisfied with the service provided by the law office.


Reka “


KRISHAN AWASTHI/Work Visa In Israel for Foreign Experts/March 11th, 2011/India

Shalom !
I would like to inform you that today my visa is cleared. It could be made possible only because of your help and step by step guidance.
Thank you very much indeed.
Here in embassy Ms Kavita and Ms Irit were very co-oprative and kind to me and needless to say it was all because you. Please convey my thanks and regards when you happen to talk to them.
Looking forward to see you soon in Israel


Afan Omar/ DV-2017/3rd of March 2017/Iraq

“It’s my pleasure to know you and work with you , I can confirm work with Mr. Nathaniel is my pleasure and I can tell that he make a very good job for us and he is experts in his job and we are so lucky that work with him , he understands us as always online with us patiently , I suggested him to everyone if they want to win , thanks Nathaniel again god bless you.

Best regards 

Afan Omar”


Dr. Amer Albadry & Dr. Heba/ Reentry Permit/ 26th of August 2015/ Iraq

“Dear Mr. Dotan and Mr. Nathaniel,

I would like to thank you both for all the help and support you have provided in regard to the re-entry permits, as I checked online the status of my REP application yesterday, it mentioned “travel docmuent was sent”. it would have been impossible to achieve that without your help, i really appreciate all your help and support, I hope to meet you both in person to say thank you, kindly extend my thanks to Mr. Louis too for his exceptional contribution and advice to the case. Once again on behalf of myself and family many thanks.

Kind Regards

Dr. Amer Albadry and Dr. Heba”

Mahmmod Hassin/DV-2011/25th of April, 2011/ Iraq

في البداية احب ان ارسل تحياتي الحارة الى كل العاملين في المكتب لما ابدوه من مساعدة وتعاون وبشكل خاص الى السيد عاصم والسيد مايكل ان حصولي على الجرين كارت مع خلأل التعاون الجيد والرائع لمكتب دوتان كوهين يدل على حصانة وجيدية ومصداقية هذا المكتب-لقد لمست كل هذا من خلأل تعاملي مع العاملين في المكتب هذا بالأضافة للخبرة الجيدة الذي يمتليكها العاملين حيث كان لهم الدور الفعال والأيجابي في تدقيق وتصحيح كافة الأستمارات المطلوبة وكذلك ابداء النصيحة والمشورة في كل مراحل القضية منذ البداية وحتى النهاية لكم خالص الشكر والتقدير على مابذلتوا من جهد محمود حسن



Ann T./ DV-2008/ August 31st, 2008/ Ireland
“Without the help and guidance of Dotan Cohen Law Offices, I doubt if our son would have been successful in obtaining his Green Card. We found their knowledge and experience invaluable in filling out the, often tricky, forms. Also the phone conversation in guiding him prior to the interview at the American Embassy was fantastic. I would have no hesitation in recommending to anyone who has been lucky enough to get through the initial draw for a Green Card to use their services.”

Harris Momodu and Luna Pennisi/ Reentry Permit Renewal/ 9th of June 2015/ Ireland

“Complements from Ahamed Harris Momodu and Luna Pennisi for the wonderful service by Khaled Abou Kaoud and DC Law Offices

Dear Khaled, This is to thank you for your time and effort during this experience and to say that you have provided an attentive and wonderful service for us, we look forward to continuing our relationship and to say the least we have also recommended your office to our Uncle and Auntie within similar situations for your good service, guidance and help. They will be in contact once they are ready.

Kind Regards

Harris and Luna”



Ronen Rick/E-1 Work Visa/March 2nd, 2017/Israel

“I would like to thank you for your great professional work.

The papers whom I carried to the interview were impressive and I felt confident that this process will be approved for sure.


Ronen Rick”


Boaz Mizrahi/ DV-2014/ March 18 2015/ Israel

DC LAW OFFICES לכבוד משרד עורכי דין

אני מבקש להודות לכם על הליווי המדהים שלכם בתהליך קבלת הגרין קארד. הייתם מצויינים.

הרגשתי שהיה לי על מי לסמוך בכל נושא לאורך הדרך, איסוף הנתונים, הכנת התיק לשגרירות,

לראיון האישי וההתמודדות עם גורמי ראשויות החוק האמריקאים. הייעוץ והיחס היה חם לכל אורך

הדרך. המענה שלכם לכל בקשה שלי היה מהיר ועינייני.

לכל מי שמצויי בתהליך בקשת גרין קארד או כל התנהלות מול ממשלת ארצות הברית (או

ממשלה אחרת) אמליץ בחום על משרד עורכי הדין שלכם.

תודה רבה,

דר בעז מזרחי

Shaul & Esty S./ DV-2009/ November 23rd 2009/ Israel

“This letter is our personal recommendation for Dotan Cohen, Law Offices.

In the last year they took care of our Green Card application. We found Dotan and his team very cooperative and very helpful they are professional, we got very detailed answers to our concerns and primarily they are consistently pleasant to work with.

We defiantly can say that without the escort we got from Dotan and his team throughout the application process we would never got our Green Card.

From our experience we would like to recommend to all the GC applicants if you really want to be a green card holders do not save the cost of a lawyer and hire Dotan Cohen, Law Offices.”

Amit M./ DV-2009/ July 28th 2009/ Israel

“Thanks very much for your help with my application. The interview was successful and everything ran very smoothly. Your input was very valuable, both while filling the forms and while preparing for the interview. You were thorough, responsive to my many questions, and most importantly, supportive.

Thanks again,”

Yossi C./ DV-2008/ August 31st 2008/ Israel

“I would like to thank the staff at Dotan Cohen Offices for all their efforts in assisting me to achieve my Green Card.

In my case, I needed help in defining my occupation so that I can get my Green Card. If it wasn’t for the experienced lawyers at Dotan Cohen Law Offices, I would not have received my Green Card.”


Viswaraj Bahadoor/ DV-2016/ May 1st 2016/ Italy

“To whom it may concern

I Bahadoor Viswaraj,hereby state that the DC law Offices submitted my application form on my behalf to the US Diversity Visa Lottery,which is conducted by the US State Department.

I thank the DCLO for the exceptional service that I have received and hereby authorize them to use my name and photo to help promote their professional services

I can say that they were with me during the whole process and, specially Atty Caroline Iris Dory who has always been in contact.

They are really professional

I would recommend them to any person who need their services without hesitation.”



Antonio Brunetti/ DV-2015/ September 6th 2015/ Italy

“We would like to thank the Dotan Cohen Law Offices for the outstanding service provided with our recent application regarding the 2015 green card lottery. I would highly recommend the DCLO to any future clients wishing to obtain a green card and to live and work in the US. We would like to express a special and personal thank to Ms Tamara Berman, Atty DCLO, for her professional help and detailed explanations. It was a pleasure for all of us to interact with her! Everything was ready and in time, and this made things easier. This experience has been very positive, in both professional and personal aspects, and we will be always grateful to her.


Thanks a lot is not enough!!


Daniela, Antonio e Mattia”


Giuseppina Bruschi/ Reentry Permit/ April 11th 2015/ Italy

“During the entire process from the moment I won the Green Card to just a few months ago where I had to apply for my White Passport, I have always had a great and constant professional help from DC Law Office. In particular Nathaniel Sugarman has been helpful during the process, in particular when I made a little mistake with the payment of the government fee.  Thank you very much Nathaniel for your help, efficiency and kindness.

Durante l’intero iter burocratico dal momento in cui ho vinto la Green card al momento solo pochi mesi fa,in cui ho dovuto richiedere il White Passport, sono stata costantemente assistita  dalla professionalita’ del DC LAW Office. In particolare Nathaniel Sugarman mi ha aiutata, soprattutto dopo aver commesso un errore nel pagamento della tassa governativa. Uno speciale ringraziamento va a Nathaniel per il suo aiuto, efficienza e gentilezza.

Giuseppina Bruschi”

Giovanni Bruschi/ Reentry Permit/ April 1st 2015/ Italy

It was my pleasure to work with you.

Your ability to communicate at all hours in different time zones was nothing short of spectacular. We were very happy with your service and would recommend
you and also DC Law without hesitation.”

Giovanni Felice Boneddu/ DV-2014/ September 10th 2014/ Italy

“Hello Mr. Gordon,

With a big pleasure I would like to thank you for the professional and kind assistant offered to me and my family on all the steps of the Green Card Lottery. We were luckily sorted and right now we are between the lottery’s winners. Actually we are preparing for the first entry to the US as immigrant and looking this like a new perspective for our future.

Thank you and thanks at all your great team.

Kind Regards

Felice Boneddu”

Calogero Ricotta/DV-2011/February 21st 2011/Italy

“Salve a tutti

Sono uno dei vincitori della DV 2011 lottery.

Dopo avere ricevuto la comunicazione di essere uno dei 100.000 selezionati su 6.000.000 di domande. Ho accettato la proposta di assistenza del ‘DCLO law offices’ per portare a termine tutta la procedura e raggiungere l’obbiettivo dell’intervista e l’ottenimento del visto per gli states.

Grazie alla professionalità ed alla capacità comunicativa dello staff DCLO,per la compilazione dei moduli, la preparazione all’intervista etc… il tutto è andato per il meglio ogni dubbio mi è stato via via chiarito grazie alla loro disponibilità .

Credo che senza la loro asistenza le probabilità di riuscita sarebbero state minime. Un grazie di cuore a tutto lo staff.

Calogero Ricotta

Guido Caponetto/ DV-2010/ November 16th 2010/ Italy

“I BIG thank to Dotan Cohen Law Offices, to their passion and commitment in their work, they really gave me all the important informations and the strategies to manage the green card process without worries! Thanks to the best lawyers i ever met


Gian Franco Pes & Family /DV-2010/October 24th 2010/ Italy

“I would like to thank very much the Dotan Cohen Low Office in New York City for all the great support that was given to me and my family in order to easily obtain all the proper paperwork necessary for the Green Card Lottery documentation, both with KCC and the US Consulate General in Naples, Italy. We would like to express a special and personal thank to Ms Michael Moskovich for the prompt, timely and professional help and manners while she has supported us for about a year. We are now waiting to receive our family Green Cards and our US Social Security number to our address in the US, meanwhile we are working hard on planning all the details for moving and start a new life with all the family in America. Thank you again for your kindness and competence.

Very truly Yours

Gian Franco Pes & Family”

Giorgio R. /DV-2010/ June 6th 2010/ Italy

“I would like to thank both Mike and all the DC Law Office stuff for the support in having my Green Card issued and for being always at my disposal for any queries. In particular I would like to thank Mike for being my day to day contact, for helping me in complete all the forms and to set the appointment in a short time. The prompt response, the valued advice, the detailed instructions and info provided were really appreciated. Usually an immigration process could be quite difficult and long but thanks to them mine was really easy.

Thanks again Mike!

In witness.

Giorgio Rosati”

Maria and Marco C./ DV-2009/ November 23rd 2009/ Italy

“We won the lottery for the green card 2 years ago, we enjoyed for the result and we thought most of the work was over. Wrong, definitely wrong. We were terribly confused about the whole procedure, paperwork, documents, which may look very simple for those who are in the business, but which may represent a serious obstacle for people like us. And I should confess that we were about to give up.

Then, we have been suggested to approach DC Law Offices for an advice and suggestion; and immediately the music changed. The firm showed us a high grade of professionalism; the person in charge of our case, Mrs. Tamara, was able to manage all the procedure on our behalf; she gave us all the information required, corrected all our mistakes and lead us up to the final interview with the US Consulate. The interview was successful, and I believe the success was in a good part due to the help and the patience showed by Mrs. Tamara.

For that reason, and happy for the results we obtained, we strongly recommend the services of DC Law Offices for immigration purposes. And we wish everybody the success and the same luck we had.”


Sumi Tanigawa/ DV-2017/ April 12th, 2017/ Japan

  • “A visa applicant may always be uncertain when he/ she tries to immigrate to U.S., however, DC will help with both of his/ her professional knowledge and many experiences in many scenes.  The applicant can ask DC clarification and/ or explanations on his/ her questions, that is, the applicant will have a co-worker on his/ her trial of immigration.
  • Necessary information is provided on every applicable timing and the applicant is always updated properly.
  • It is really helpful to prepare for the worst case at every step of visa acquisition.  If the applicant follows instructions given by DC, he/ she can certainly be prepared for the worst.
  • Quite good response to documents which were submitted and also enquiries.  The applicant almost doesn’t have to wait for it.
  • The applicant doesn’t have to care about his/ her English.  DC is familiar with English spoken by a foreign guy.
  • The time zone gap with the U.S. will also not be in scope of consideration by the applicant.   DC always kindly takes care of it.
  • In my idea, it looks certain if everything throughout the procedure is carried out by a person who is located in the U.S.  DC fulfils that requirement with information which is kept current.
  • DC can correspond and deal with flexibly the fluctuating situations which have originally emerged from the U.S. government/ administration itself.
  • Mr. Nathaniel Sugarman is especially kind and friendly.”


Mazhar Aljazirah/ Reentry Permit/ June 22nd 2016/ Jordan

“Good morning Mathew,

I was very pleased to deal with your office specially with Asem and Tamara. Asem started the process and was very helpful and courteous, Tamara took over and was very patient and punctual.

I have recommended your office to some of my friends who are going through the same process we went through. I hope some have already contacted you.

I wish to thank you all for the support and the excellent service your office has provided us.


Mazhar Aljazirah”


Mohammad Al Akhras/ DV-2015/ August 8th 2015/ Jordan

Dear Khaled, 
Finally we reach to the final stage after all the process we went through during the last 3 months for our immigration process (relocate to USA), our schedule to flight on September .
I would like to express my appreciation and grateful to all team in dotan cohen law offices who was in contact with me from day one till the end of the process.
Special thank and appreciation to you khaled for all the efforts , support and excellent response every time i need it from you.
Wish Dotan Cohen law offices all the best and more success in future .
Mohammad Al Akhras



Amin Jarar/ DV-2010/March 25th, 2010/ Jordan

Hello people,

At the first after I got the news that I’m DV lottery winner, I was happy and confused don’t know what to do, I was confused because I don’t know if I need attorney or not, but after days of thinking I took the decision to deal with DCLO, because I don’t want to make any mistake, And I was right in my choice, I believe if I did it alone I’ll make mistakes small mistakes I can’t see it, which will lose me my chance to get my green card. Anyway, while KCC processing my applications, DCLO prepared me to arrange all of my documents as well, after that, when KCC sent the date of interview, DCLO also prepared me for interview, anyway that took a time, KCC processing will take a time, and that make me crazy, but Michael helped me to ease the tension many times, and he was helpful and great. Finally,

With Michael Rosenthal the best attorney in DCLO, I did not face difficulties, my interview was easy and smooth, and just for 15 minutes at all, And Michael did not leave me till the end of processing, till I get my Immigrant VISA Actually I got my visa with mistake In itself , print mistake, but Michael helped me to correct the mistake, he did not leave me, and everything is great now. Many thanks to everyone in DCLO, Asem, Aaron, and the best of the best Michael Rosenthal

Best Regards,




Rami Tabbalat/ DV2011/ September 27 2011/ Jordan

“I would like to take this opportunity me and my family to express our sincere thanks for your professional services & assistant .We would really appreciate your help in assisting us in getting through the process of diversity visa.I believe that you have gained us as a client once we settle in the states, and I’m sure you will always exceed our expectations.Thank you for assisting me & my family to get the chance to liver the American dream.”


Yours Truly Rami Tabbalat


Dina Shaikenova/ DV 2010/October 9th, 2010

I want to say thank you to Michael & Galina of DC Law Offices. They’ve been helpful in the process from the start when I got the notification that I won the Green Card in 2009 right up until 2010 when I got the letter of the appointment to go to US Embassy to apply for a visa.


Nimet Kanji/ DV-2017/ May 9th, 2017/ Kenya

“I am very pleased with the services that DC Law offices provided me.  In particular, Ms. Caroline Iris Dory.  Ms. Dory was exemplary in preparing me with all the information I needed to successfully receive my Green Card.  She is extremely knowledgeable and professional in her services.  I was also very impressed by her promptness when replying to correspondence and phone calls.  Ms. Dory guided me every step of the way to ensure that I received every opportunity to successfully complete my Green Card application.  I could not have done it without her.  I am now the proud recipient of my Green Card!

I highly recommend the services of DC Law offices”.

Justice Koskei/ Reentry Permit/ 25th of October, 2015/ Kenya

“Dear Tamara,

It is a great pleasure to have had an opportunity to work with you! I sincerely have appreciated the work you did right from the time we started off together! You displayed an unparalleled professional devotion to my Re-entry permit from the start to the finish when I received it. You made me feel like I was the only customer you were serving because you gave me quick responses and answered all my questions without a trace of doubt!

In fact you present an excellent advocate with experience, honesty, thoughtful agility, patience, friendliness and all the good tidings that go with that. Keep up the good work.

I have no reservations in vouching for you in this issue and I have recommended a few of my friends with similar needs to use Dotan Cohen Law Firm, especially while you are still there.

Remain blessed, ”


Jacob M./ DV-2010/ February 4th, 2010/ Kenya

“What can I say!!! Thank you very much indeed for your tireless review and submission of my application. I can sincerely say that it was the best decision to have your Law Firm involved in this process. As we worked through these forms, I learned many things – and in fact realized how important it is to have the right documents at all times. I also learned that it is critically important to be careful when entering names or completing any forms. I think this has been a very good lesson to me because in many cases we tend to be careless as human beings. I take taken note of your comments on possible questions during the interview period and I think I can adequately work on them.

Thanks again Michael for your patience with me; form making sure that I understand that this may take some time. I am looking forward to hear from you as we wait for my case number to come up”

Mahmoud Barajaa/ DV-2011/ August 2nd 2011/ Kenya

“I would like to thank all of you for your wonderful and professional support, At DCLO I was treated like VIP I appreciated the prompt replies I got from Michael, he was a wonderful to talk to and get advise throughout the whole process of my application.I truly value and respect the wonderful service I got from DCLO, till the last day Michael was on my side, I recommend anyone who won the green card lottery to appoint a lawyer from DCLO,Any client who needs my direct recommendation can contact me any if need be.Thank you Michael and the entire team at DCLO.”


Regards, Mahmoud Barajaa


Hussein Ghaddar/ DV-2017/September 17th, 2017/Kuwait

“Dear Mr. Sugarman,

I would like to take this opportunity in thanking for the kind cooperation and support you have given me all this time. Your support was very much helpful to me in understanding the various procedures and your instructions and guidelines were very easy to understand and follow.

Thanking you once again for your valuable support and cooperation.

With Best Regards,

Hussein Ghaddar”


Bechara Imad/ Reentry Permit/ July 17th, 2016/ Kuwait

“Hello Nathaniel

Good hearing from you! thank you for the good news updates and the important notes.

Been 5 years and always glad and satisfied dealing with you, thank you for being professional and supportive.


Best Regards”


Mohamed Suleiman/ DV-2016/ June 29th, 2016/ Kuwait

“Dear Mr. Sugarman







DV-2016/ March 31st, 2016/ Kuwait

“Dear Caroline

When I was told that I won the DV green card after long 6 years of repeated trials I wanted everything to go smoothly, the process of applying may seem straight forward however it is tied to strict schedule and many questions associated to your particular case. I was approached by DC law office through USAFIS and explained in details what will happen and the process, payment and assurance of quality of service. When I was assigned Caroline Dory as the attorney for my case and after few days of scheduled communications by phone and emails, I knew that my case is in the right hands, she was professional, prompt, proactive, and had an answer for all my questions. Although it may seems a lot of money for such service, I thought it was worth it during my interview when I was (honestly) confidant and positively over prepared, the counselor at the embassy complemented me and I quote “ It has been a very long time since I processed a complete DV application… Congratulations” I believe that I owe this complement to DC law office in general and Caroline in particular.

Many Thanks”


مفخرة الولايات المتحدة


الأمريكية منذ تقديمنا لبرنامج اللوتر للحصول على الغرين كارد لم نكن نتصور أن تكون العملية سهلة وكان ذلك في سنة 2008 حتى تم ابلاغنا بأننا قد تم ترشيحنا للحصول عليها وكانت مفاجأة كبرى، ولكن المسألة ليست بهذه السهولة كما يعتقد البعض إذ أن لابد من اتمام اجراءات متعددة منها املاء بعض النماذج الخاصة للتأشيرة، وتحديد موعد للمقابلة مع السفارة الأمريكية في بلدك وان مثل تلك الاجراءات تحتاج الى مهارات خاصة لا يملكها إلا مكتب محاماة عريق ومتمكن، وتم ذلك من خلال USAFIS وبتوجيه منهم كلفنا مكتب DC LAW OFFICES وكان نعم الاختيار ومنذ الاتصال الأول بالسيد/ مايكل، المحامي العريق المتمرس ، وكذلك الاستاذ / عاصم الشيخ، لم يألوا جهداً في متابعة تعبئة النماذج الخاصة بنا فنحن أسرة مكونه من زوج وزوجة وخمسة أبناء وكانت النماذج كثيرة ولا بد من تعبئتها بالشكل الصحيح فإنها بحاجة إلى المراجعة والتدقيق، وإن أي خطأ سوف يكون له وقع سيء عند المقابلة نعم يجب أن تصدقوا ذلك، وبعد تحديد المقابلة الأولى لم نكن على استعداد لذلك فقد حدث أمر طارئ استدعى تأجيله، فقد كان الدور الكبير لمكتب المحاماة شيء لا يصدق في اجراءات الاتصال والاهتمام وتحديد موعد آخر في أقرب وقت، ولكن لم تعرفوا أن المفاجأة لقد كانت يوم المقابلة وسوف أذكر ما حصل وهو كالآتي مع موظف السفارة الذي حاورنا بشكل لا يصدق:

1- أيها السيد أن جميع البيانات التي تم تقديمها دقيقة جداً واضحة ونحن نشكر لكم ذلك.

2- ثم أقسمنا بناءً على طلبهم بأن البيانات كلها صحيحة وهي كذلك ومطابقة للمستندات المقدمة.

3- أين تعمل وهل أنت تحب أمريكا وهل زرتها سابقاً. نعم فقد هذه الأسئلة وتم تهنئتنا بالحصول على الغرين كارد ولكن هذا إن دل فإنما يدل على براعة مكتب DC LAW OFFICES والمتابعة المستمرة على هذا الانجاز المتقن ونحن نشيد بالدور الرائع وننصح كل من تم ترشيحهم للحصول على الغرين كارد عليهم بحسن الاختيار لمكتب المحاماة وذوو خبرة وممارسة لمثل تلك الأعمال وعليكم بمكتب DC LAW OFFICES ، فكما أقسمت لدى موظف السفارة بأننا صادقون فإنني أقسم هنا بأنه سوف يرسم الابتسامة على شفاهكم. سعد سعد حاصل على الغرين كارد


Akram AlJazara, Muna Amarah & Mondana Aljazara/ DV 2011/ May 29 2011/ Kuwait

Dear Mr. Michael,

“This is a small note to express our appreciation to you and your firm for the services rendered in processing our US Immigration papers. We sincerely appreciate the time you spent reviewing our detailed records and our complete individual case and recommending strategies for achieving them. Your legal recommendations were very helpful and gave us a new perspective on easing the process of filling our papers at the Embassy of United Stated of America, Kuwait. Specifically, we also appreciate your suggestions to collect records, data, and list of enclosures to be done etc… This really helped us to be so systematic that it was highly appreciated personally by the U.S. Embassy consular staff. Your firm gave us a detailed plan in advance of the complete steps while going to the US Embassy which gave us the complete idea and we were prepared of the next step and it went on exactly as the ways you specified in the plan, this was such a professional approach to prepare us to face the situation. Again, thank you so much for your help. I greatly appreciate the assistance you have provided me and would conclude that your firm has been the most professional agency to deal with and any individual wanting to take expertise on US immigration paper processing, I would suggest your firm as an A Grade one with my personal experience. Wish you a good luck.”


Best regards, Akram AlJazara, Muna Amarah Mondana AlJazara


Chadi Sinno/ DV-2016/ July 14th 2016/ Lebanon

“Dear Caroline,

Hope this email finds you well.

Just wanted to update you that we took the interview you today & glad to inform you that our visas were approved & we are expecting to have our passports back shortly.

Having said that, we would like to extend our thanks & gratitude to you, Miss Tamara for the support & guidance you provided us making the whole process as easy & straight forward as possible.

Thanks again & best regards

Chadi & Nayla”


Haisam E. /DV-2010/ May 31st, 2010/ Lebanon
“Hi this is Haisam El Labban.
I would like to thank Mr Doten Cohen and the staff for helping me and my
family for getting the green card.”

Norma K. /DV-2010/ May 12th 2010/ Lebanon

“Dear Michael,

It was by pure chance that I applied to the USAFIS DV program, not knowing that it will lead me to apply through your law office.

Then when I was advised to use your services to take in charge preparing the documents for our files, after that my wife’s name Norma was selected and a letter from the US department of state was received.

At first I was not fully convinced why should we use a law firm to fill the applications? Then and after we went through all aspects of the complicated list of documentation stated in the files, and the required amount of work your law office and yourself have done for completing the preparation of our files, and the simple and clear questionnaires you sent us to prepare us for the interview at the American Embassy last April. We were pleased that we ought the use of this option.

What we experienced using the quality of services provided by Dotan Cohen, Law Offices through yourself, was without any doubt one of the best service we have ever experienced.

Thank you again dear Michael for your efforts, and the only thing we regret, was not having the opportunity to be able to meet you in person to thank you “de vive voix” during our short visit to NY last April, because you were absent for holidays.


Dany Y./ DV-2009/ July 12th, 2009/ Lebanon

“I would like to thank you for your great services and for the time that you were willing to take to provide us with all the help possible and to answer all our questions. You are honest and trustworthy, and do your very best to make your client comfortable. It is always a pleasure to be able to deal with a law office as helpful as yours. Thanks to all your colleagues and especially for you Tamara for working on my case and giving me and my family this wonderful opportunity. We are all very thankful.”

Sireen H./ DV-2008/ July 5th, 2009/ Lebanon

“As I have now my immigrant visa to the USA that I have won through the lottery,
I would like to take this opportunity to personally, deeply recommend Dotan & Cohen Law firm in writing for the wonderful legal counsel, personal advice, and friendly relation in going through each detail in all required forms to fill in perfectly & correctly from A to Z and follow up regarding the required documentation attestation, translation etc… I’d also like to thank your lawyers who provided me with sound advice, strong legal representation at the embassy and for the outstanding legal support and service they have provided without believing in it but YOU MADE IT REAL! And because of you now one of my dreams which are to be in the USA has become true!
Over the past several months your team of paralegals showed that they are knowledgeable, professional, and personable and work hard for each of their clients with their outstanding communication.
Please accept my sincere thanks for your advice effort & follow up regarding my case in order to obtain the visas for me and my husband.
I look forward to continuing our relation when I get to the US, about the American legal System and I will definitely stay in touch.”

Bilal Marwan El D./ DV-2008/ May 9th, 2009/ Lebanon

“I would like to thanks Dotan Cohen Law Offices, low offices for the carful way of holding my Green Card process from the time I had been selected, all the way, to the U.S. consul interview. Dotan Cohen Law Offices, low offices break the geographic distance in between from the first phone call they made to me, by giving me the priority, showing a very high level of professionalism and care. It was enough for me to feel that I am in good hands especially that I had a serious problem by not updating my original entry application, after having a new baby born. Dotan Cohen’s lawyer fined for me a solution for and solve it , and I had an excellent and a magnificent preparation for the consular interview, where I was very relax , having a feeling as if my lawyer was with me during the interview at the U.S. embassy . Now, my wife Hoda 30 yrs., my daughter Haya 7 yrs., my two sons Karim 4 yrs. & Ahmad 2 yrs . (the new baby born) and I, got the green card approval. At the end, thanks Dotan Cohen for what you have done to my Family and I, by making our dreams come true.”

Mohammad Ali M./ DV-2008/ August 26th, 2008/ Lebanon

“I would like to sincerely thank you for the time that you spent with me. From the bottom of my heart, for making the green card. Dotan Cohen Law Offices were simply incredible: incredibly inspiring, incredibly energizing and incredibly empowering!
So thank you, thank you, thank you all for the long hours, the hard work, and the persevering vision that resulted in Dotan Cohen Law Offices, the most amazing thing of my life. You’ve given me all a priceless gift, and for that, I will be forever grateful.”


Ala J./ DV-2009/ November 23rd, 2009

“I would like to thank you so much for the extra effort & non-limited support I got forms your office, during my process of the Green Card Program.

My story with your office started since I get selected for the DV-2009 program, I have done a big mistake in my application (I have written my name in the application with wrong spilling & I didn’t write my middle name as well.

You office & your very qualified stuff were supporting me to the end & always they find a legal solution to each problem I faced during the process of the DV program, therefore I highly recommend this office to anyone, who wants to ensure getting the Green card”


Oleg B. /DV-2010/May 31st, 2010
“Having found myself with the opportunity to live as a permanent resident in the USA my first port of call was to contact Dotan Cohen Law Offices.
Straight From the beginning they showed tremendous support and commitment to my needs and requirements. The long, complex and daunting road ahead of me was made attainable with their ongoing support.
Dotan Cohen Law Office endeavored to maintain consistent contact with myself in the UK, communication in the most concise and clear manner. I was appointed Michel Rosenthal Atty. to guide me through the interview processes and relevant paperwork. The professional and friendly service he offered was not only speedy but also encouraging and accurate. I feel honored to have worked with them and thank them dearly for helping me to secure a brighter and better future.”


Vladimir Y./ DV-2009/ November 23rd, 2009
“Generally we received all data and info needed to accomplish the Green Card getting procedure. There were some inadvertences and misunderstandings during the process but stuff we deals with tried to help us and did their best to solve any bureaucracy catch. The procedure stages were explained us clearly. Document check was very careful.
Heartfelt gratitude to Hagar for her warm relations and professionalism!
We can recommend the law firm to each one which looking for fair and reliable partner to solve all issues during the Green Card getting procedure.
Special thanks to all stuff for its excellent work!”


Hind Alami Drissi/ DV-2015/ 21 September 2015/ Morocco

“Dear Dotan Cohen Law Offices,

I would like to thank you for your help and support during my Diversity visa program. My application process was very successful! I couldn’t have done it without you and specially without the assistance of my lawyer Ms Tamara Berman who was very efficient and very helpful. She always answered my questions at anytime and it was really a pleasure working with her. She prepared me very well to gather all the required documents and gave me advises for the interview at the US Embassy.
To become a US legal permanent resident will definitely change my life and having chosen DC Law offices is the best thing I have ever done!!

Thank you very very much!

Kind regards,
Hind Alami”



Nour Eddine Ouzahim/ Reentry Permit/ July 28th 2015/ Morocco

“Ayant pris comme représentant votre bureau d’avocat, j’étais bien traité et sur tout bien suivi durant toute la procédure.

L’efficacité du travail et le suivi rigoureux de mon dossier était tellement exemplaire à tel point que je n’ai pas à me soucier des rendez vous important et les étapes à franchir.

Je n’oublierait jamais le premier contact avec Mr Assem Shehk qui sans lui je n’aurais pas la chance de vivre cette merveilleuse expérience.


N. Ouzahim”


Jacques van Liempt/ DV 2010/August 11th, 2010


Dear Sirs/Madam,

It is with great pleasure to recommend above mentioned Law Office and Mr. Michael Rosenthal for their superb help and assistance towards me in obtaining my greencard through the lottery system. I have been seen to, dealt with and helped with, with the greatest care and professionalism that people do expect from a Law Office! It is therefore with please to recommended above mentioned office and Mr. Michael Rosenthal for their outstanding service. I personally like to thank Michael for his personal idea to give the Republic of South Africa a call to be able to obtain the most wanted and missing Police Certificate by the Embassy of the United States in Amsterdam. Michael, thank you so very much! Looking forward to personally meet Mr. Michael Rosenthal when I am collecting my greencard. I wish the company all the best in the future! I truly believe you will stay successful

With kind regards,

Jacques van Liempt


Dolf & Carla I./ DV-2009/ Feb 10th, 2010
“We are most obliged to your services in getting us to our Immigrant-visa-interview and helping out with all the paperwork. It was thanks to your optimism and professionalism that we made it, since the procedures and paperwork became sometimes so overwhelming!
We are recommending your services to anybody who needs an Immigration-lawyer!”

New Zealand

Michael Smeaton/ DV-2015/ 19th of August 2015/ New Zealand

“August 19, 2015

Re: Khaled Abou Kaoud, Atty.!

Dotan Cohen Law Offices

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter to thank Khaled Abou Kaoud for all of his help in the matter of me securing my US Green Card in August 2015.

He guided me patiently and accurately through out the whole Diversity Visa process

and I am extremely happy with his thoroughness and ability to answer my questions in a succinct and clear way.

I would definitely highly recommend Khaled for any services relating to US immigration matters.


mike smeaton”

Sarah Walker/ DV-2015/ 3rd of August 2015/ New Zealand

“I used the services of Dotan Cohen Law Offices to assist me with my Diversity Visa application and I was very pleased with the high level of service I received.  All the staff are extremely professional and helpful and I always felt I could ask them for assistance with any question that I might have had.  They made the process so much simpler and easier for me and I don’t know how I would have done it (and been successful in getting my visa) without their help.  I would highly recommend Dotan Cohen Law Offices to any one seeking immigration assistance for the wonderful service that they offer.

All the best,

Sarah Walker”



Joy N./DV-2010/May 25th 2010

“Hello Michal,
It is with great pleasure and feeling of fulfillment that am writing to say a big thanks to you and all the attorneys at DCLO. We are indeed very grateful. It was quite obvious that without your guidance very step of the way we would not have been able to secure the DV visa.

Going down memory lane, when the call came through from USAFIS that my entry was one of the winning entries, I was naturally elated but a little bit skeptical since it was just a phone call. I demanded to see a proof and within days Carl sent a scanned copy of the notification letter from KCC long before I received the “big white envelope” from them in my post office box. That alone was enough conviction and my husband and I never hesitated in dealing with you.

You supported us from the moment we started completing the forms up to the eve of the interview at the US embassy by way of e-mails and telephone calls. Though, it was not for free it was worth every dime spent as the six of us have been granted visa.
I would therefore recommend your firm to anyone who would require such services. As far as am concerned, you are simply the best.

Let me acknowledge the roles played by some of your very efficient attorneys – Carl, Michael, Coby and you Michal. Thanks once again.
We shall look forward to using your services where necessary as we prepare to settle down in the US.

Best regards,
Joy O. Nimiworio”


Ajit Thomas/ DV 2010/ August 9th, 2010

DC law offices was really an helpfull option on to choose if you really have no idea on how to go further with the paper works required for migration purposes. I have finally achieved my immigration visa with their help and support. I was kind of confused with the whole thing at the beginning but the results have proved it all.”
Ajit and Ciji


Christina G./ DV-2009/ November 28th, 2009
“My name is Christina G., I am from Pakistan. I was born in Sweden and lived there as a student some years back. I was introduced to DC Law Offices by my father in 2007 who applied for DV 2009 Diversity Immigrant Program on my behalf from Sweden. Having born in Pakistan, he could himself not apply for DV2009 program.
I was in Pakistan when I in April 2007 randomly got selected out of thousand other applicants, the interview place however was US embassy, Stockholm since entry application was sent from Sweden. I had little hope to have the place of interview changed to US embassy Islamabad, Pakistan. But I thank DC Law Offices for their continuous coordination over emails and for having faith in getting my interview place changed to my home country as I did not at that time had the possibility to obtain Swedish visiting visa and appear in the interview in Stockholm. It is all due to the strong follow up of DC Law Offices in convincing me to proceed with my case; I started to prepare for my visa supporting documents in January, 2009. The timely support of my attorney in preparing a strong visa case and direction in preparing the supporting documents from my home country and other countries visited, I got US Green card in August, 2009.
I found my attorney, Michael very cooperative and perceptive who always patiently/optimistically answered frequent questions of mine and encouraged me in preparing my Visa Supporting documents in such a short period of time.
I would definitely recommend the services of DC Law Offices.”


Elvia Jonas / DV 2010/ August 3rd, 2010

Hi Mr. Michael
First at all we thank you for your help and guidance in all of this process. I had to do this letter before but i could not yet believe that everything came out good. Thanks to the Almighty God. At the present moment we are in New York City. Elvia and my daughter are experiencing the new yorkers style of lives. In other words America style. It is quite different from our country. We hope to have your assistance when ever need it in the future. One more time thanks for your help. Hope have news from you soon.
My best regards , Mr. Javier j. Jonas. W.


Telmo Gurreiro/ DV-2015/ August 9th 2015/ Portugal

“Winning the ‘Green Card lottery’ is something that happens once in a lifetime and that changes your life forever. When it happened to me I was too excited to realize what I had ahead. When DC Law Offices contacted me to offer their services I thought I could handle it myself and I didn’t need a law firm. Well, I was wrong.

I am a busy person and I don’t have the experience of dealing with this kind of process. The moment when I better realized the work this company had done was at my interview when I saw how well prepared I was for the final interview.

It’s a very important moment to take a risk or chance that something might be missing.


Best regards,


Telmo Guerreiro”


Faten Ahmed/ DV-2017/ August 7th, 2017/ Qatar

“Dear Caroline,

It gives me great pleasure to tell you that I am very satisfied about my experience with your DC law Offices and with you Ms. caroline especially as my attorney.

” I wanted to thank you all for your kind help to made my dream came true,

Since my first visit to USA in 1993, I dreamed to live and work in this country, and every time I visit USA this dream grow up and grow up,

When my wife won the DV lottery in 2016, I did not believe that my dream will start to be a real after all this years, So I decided to ask for assistance, Your Office was the one who been chosen from USAFIS.

I searched on the internet about DC Law Offices, and to be honest I searched about you too Ms. Caroline,

I found that your good reputation and your professionalism is ahead of you all in your carrier.

They were all as good as i thought,

You bore me when i was under pressure, Your fast reply to my questions and my mails,

Even there are a miles away between us, I never felt that i am alone in this case.

Thank you all for let my dream came true,

Thank you for your kind assistance Caroline.”

Looking forward to continue what we started untill I get my US Passport.

Thank you for your kind attention and concern.

Best Regards,

Sherif Lotfy M.


Ala Nabih Mohamed/ DV-2017/ March 16th, 2017/ Qatar

“Hi Nathaniel,

Appreciated all kind of support and cooperation to complete the visa process. In entire process of communication, support provided by DC Law offices is flawless and commendable. I will refer this flawless services to concern known personnel  and will continue this relationship henceforth with all kind of services.


Ala ”


Khudsia Begum/ Reentry Permit/ May 27th 2016/ Qatar

“Thank you so much for all your help Mr Nathaniel it was truly great dealing with you. Your professionalism and prompt reply to all our problems was really appreciated.

Thank You Khudsia”


Said Dimashkieh/ DV-2016/ May 2nd 2016/ Qatar

“Dear Mrs. Caroline,

It was a pleasure meeting you too and you were a huge supporter and played a huge role in making our success possible and I can’t thank you enough.

Best Regards,

Said A. Dimashkieh”


Samer Ali El Ali & Abeer Abdulkader/ DV-2015/ August 8th 2015/ Qatar

“Dear Mr. Khaled

How are you? Hope this email finds you well.

 Please send my regards with many thanks  to your company and also to  your kind because you are doing your best to try and expedite the process for me.

I am really appreciated and i am going to continue with you until i get the american nationality (passport) for me and my family if you don’t mind.

Thanks Again and i hope to be in touch with you Mr. khaled and your company.”



Gabriel Copacea/DV 2011/June10th,2011

I m delighted that I optated for DC Law Office services in front against the development of procedures for obtaining the Green Card Visa.
In finally I realized that if I had going on my own I would have been much more difficult and therefore less chances.
But following ,step by step the instructions give by DC Law Office Team,increased my chances with one hundred percent and I also rellased a lot of time.
Thanks Team
Sunt incantat c-am optat pentru serviciile DC Law Office,in ceea ce priveste derularea procedurilor pentru obtinerea Gree Card-ului.
La sfarsit am realizat ca mergand pe cont propriu ar fi fost mult mai greu si implicit sansele mai mici.
Dar urmand pas cu pas indicatiile date de echipa DC Law Office sansele mi-au crescut cu suta la suta si deasemenea am scutit o gramada de timp.
Multumesc Echipei,
Gabriel Copacea


Anna Grodskaya/ DV-2015/ 31st of August 2015/ Russia

“Hi, Khaled,

As I ‘ve got the approval for green card I wanted to say thank you for great job that made your team and you especially, helping me with application and interview.

I had all documents perfectly prepared and I was absolutely ready for all questions by embassy stuff. That gave me a lot confidence and helped me on interview. I really appreciate it.

I would recommend you for several of my friends who are going to go through the same procedure with green card.

One more thanks for a great job you made.

Best regards,



Michael Potapenko/ DV-2015/ 4th of August 2015/ Russia

“DC Law offices was crucial in achieving our green cards. The attorney who worked with us was extremely professional and helpful. He answered questions promptly and often checked on the progress of obtaining certain documents. Moreover, he focused on the potential issues our family could have  and suggested ways of tackling them. We are very satisfied with the provided service and grateful for the success that we have attained.

Mike  Potapenko”

Stanislav Dudko / DV-2012 / December 12th 2011/ Russia

“Хотел бы выразить благодарность за помощь, оказанную мне и моей семье компанией Dotan Cohen Law Offices в подготовке к интервью в посольстве США по грин-карте. Я выиграл в лотерее, проводимой правительством США возможность подготовиться и придти на собеседование в посольстве для решения вопроса об иммиграции в США и изначально планировал пройти весь процесс по подготовке и подаче документов и подготовке к интервью самостоятельно. К сожалению, различные ресурсы (официальные сайты правительства США, русскоязычные форумы), к которым я обратился за информацией не смогли дать мне необходимую помощь ввиду противоречивости информации, несмотря на чрезмерное её количество. Процесс сбора и подготовки документов оказался весьма трудоёмким и непростым и риск подготовить неполный или некорректный комплект документов оказался весьма велик. К счастью для меня мой друг, который также выиграл в этой же лотерее годом ранее, пользовался услугами Dotan Cohen Law Offices и, несмотря на непростую ситуацию с его документами, успешно прошел интервью, порекомендовал мне обратиться в эту компанию. Такую же рекомендацию я получил от компании USAFIS, помогавшей мне в заполнении анкеты для участия в лотерее. Я заключил контракт с Dotan Cohen Law Offices и получил всю необходимую помощь в течении всего процесса подготовки и проверки документов, а также необходимые рекомендации по всем интересующим меня вопросам, даже выходящим за рамки прямых обязанностей Dotan Cohen Law Offices по контракту. Кроме того, я был избавлен от необходимости лично общаться с администрацией правительства США и с посольством США в России и даже отправлять документы. Всё это, а также многое другое сделали специалисты Dotan Cohen Law Offices, мне же оставалось следовать полученным инструкциям. В результате я получил комплексное полноценное профессиональное обслуживание и подготовил исчерпывающий пакет документов, а также получил устные инструкции о прохождении интервью. Моё интервью длилось 3 минуты и было пройдено успешно. Я искренне благодарен компании Dotan Cohen Law Offices за оказанную помощь и рекомендую всем моим знакомым, принимающим участие в лотерее грин карт воспользоваться её услугами. Особенную благодарность я хотел бы выразить следующим сотрудникам Dotan Cohen Law Offices:

Michael Rosental

Катерина Закликовская

Harris Feder


С уважением и благодарностью,

Станислав Дудко”


Konstantin N. / DV-2010 / September 30th 2010/ Russia

“It was a long and hard process for me to get my green card. Dotan Cohen Law Offices helped me all the way. And although I was asking them questions every other day, the patiently answered all of them. DC law offices provided me with all the important information I needed. Thanks to them i’m in the USA right now. I would definately recommend this law firm to everyone, who is interested in getting the US green card.

Special thanks to Michael Rosenthal, who assisted me.”



Daniel Levtov/ DV2011/ April 12 2011/ Russia

“I want to express huge gratitude to Michael Rosenthal, Atty. and Dotan Cohen Law Offices for the help in reception of our Green Cards. Especially I want to note high professionalism and Michael’s competence in immigration questions. Thanks to his cooperation, I had no problems with official registration of papers and I received the full and necessary information in regards to the interview process. All has been made professionally and in due time. On all my questions, I received full and irrefragable answers.

Also I want to notice that personal contact with Michael Rosenthal has given huge pleasure. After our dialogues always there was a confidence of successful end of business. Separate thanks for patience and understanding of my not absolutely competent English language.

I am completely satisfied by our cooperation and good luck to you.”


Daniel Levtov, Saint – Petersburg, Russia


Valentina Gubanova/ DV2012/ May 17th 2012/ Russia


“Настоящим письмом мы хотим выразить искреннюю благодарность компании DCLAW за ее помощь в получении нашей семьей Грин Карты. Особое спасибо хочется сказать Кате и Майкл, с которыми у нас был основное общение. Они подошли к нашему вопросу очень профессионально, системно и в итоге результативно. Мы остались очень довольны всем процессом. В процессе подготовки документов, выявились определенные сложности в наших данных, и профессиональные указания этих людей, мы считаем, во многом разрешили эти моменты. Так сложилось, что наша семья достаточно осторожно относится к любым компаниям предлагающим различные услуги. К этому, к сожалению, привел наш жизненный опыт. И мы очень рады, что смогли поверить и стали работать с компанией DCLAW. Хотя, если признаться, то особенного риска в нашей ситуации не было. Компания DC LAW достаточно давно на рынке и помогла уже многим нашим соотечествинникам. Мой муж встретился с одним из них, выслушал его отзывы и уже на следующий день мы подписали с DCLAW договор и перевели аванс. Мы искренне советуем всем, кто окажется счастливчиком и кому повезет стать претендентом на GREEN CARD, обязательно воспользоваться возможностью довериться профессионалам, чтобы они успешно завершили весь этот процесс.


С наилучшими пожеланиями, Валентина.

Saudi Arabia

Mohamed Elghawalby/ DV-2017/ June 16th, 2017/ Saudi Arabia

“I really  would like to appriate the work with caroline and Dotan Cohen Law Offices,

It  is a good experience that shows the professional way of communication , updated knowledge and  information regarding my immigration as well as friendly and family essence of communication .

I extremely will recommend you and your office to all my friends here at Saudi Arabia and Egypt to deal with  your office.”


Saied Alhamwi/ DV-2017/April 15th, 2017/ Saudi Arabia

“My experience with DC law firm was very satisfactory. After I got notified to be randomly selected as a green card winner, the firm guided me step-by-step to complete and submit the application, prepare the necessary documents and get ready for the interview.

Their quick response and friendly approach was very helpful. Their professionality was reflected in many aspects, they are will prepared to different situations, considering the minor detail, and acting according to the changing conditions. With them I got the confidence that my application is complete enough to be accepted, and yes, I’m here in the united state.

Saied Alhamwi”

Souha Saeed / DV-2017/April 12th, 2017/ Saudi Arabia

“Dear Caroline ,

Thanks for your quick respond , and Realy I don’t have the words to thank you for your step by step helping us to achieve our target

Thanks a lot”

Waleed Hussanin/ Reentry Permit/ February 7th, 2017/ Saudi Arabia

“Dear Nathaniel,

Thank you very much for all what you did, sure I am very satisfied with the work you did. My experience with you now almost two years everything was going smoothly and very good arrangements, thank you very much.



Waleed Hussanin”


Ahmed Attia/Reentry Permit/October 27th, 2016/Saudi Arabia

“I appreciated your help from first day you assigned to my case me first day we talked. Our email exchange, and more effectively the few long phone calls we had helped my wife and I, I would say over-prepared for what is coming. We walked the other day to the Green Card interview in the US Embassy in Riyadh with great confident. The interview was much easier than what you have prepared us for, resulting in successful Green Card approval. When my wife and I decided to apply for re-entry permit and family green card for our son, we insisted to continue dealing with you. Your great service continued until we now know that our re-entry permits applications were approved. We are happy to continue use your services for our son family green card. We would like to thank you very much for all your help and support throughout the entire process.”


Ahmed Abdul Moniem/DV-2016/August 24th, 2016/ Saudi Arabia

“Hello Nathaniel,

I would like to thank you, your team and your office for the effort done to get my USA immigration visa & my family visas as well.

Your strict follow up and timely feedback make things happened, and without your help & advice we couldn’t get it at all.  

So, thanks again for your usual support

Thanks and best regards

Ahmed Abdul Moniem”


Ahed Al Hajrasi /DV-2016/July 31st, 2016/ Saudi Arabia

“Dear Caroline

I would like to thank you a lot for all the effort you made to help me get the visa.

I wish you all the best




Rashed Khalifa/ Reentry Permit/ April 26th, 2016/ Saudi Arabia

“Thank you for being my attorney. You have handled my case along with my family in an extremely competent and professional manner. Your efforts to reach a prompt and successful results have certainly also had a positive effect on me & my family .

really I felt very supported by your work, your guidance , your prompts response and understanding.

You demonstrated  honesty & professionally during this period.

Once again thanks for your services & we wish you a great career .



Rashed khalifa”


Dr. Salaheldin H. Hassan- FRCSEd/ Reentry Permit/ March 6th, 2016/ Saudi Arabia

شهادة تقدير وامتنان”


باسمى ونيابة عن أفراد أسرتى (زوجتى وثلاث من بناتى) أتقدم بأحر تحياتى وتقديرى وامتنانى لطاقم مكتب داتون كوهن – 315 بشارع ماديسون –مانهاتن – مدينة نيويورك والذين تولوا مهمة تقديم كل المعاملات الحكوميه للجرين كارد منذ عامين دون أن يتركوا أى ثغره قد تؤدى الى فشل هذه المعامله .

وأخص بالشكر مستر/عاصم شيخ – المدير الادارى للمكتب- والذى اقنعنا الى عدم ترك هذه الفرصه الفريده وذلك بعد ان تعرضنا الى عملية احتيال من احدى المكاتب ببانكوك – تايلند وأحد المكاتب بكانتكى أدت الى خسارتنا ثمانية الف دولار دون فائده .

ولقد قدم لنا مسترعاصم الدليل على صحة حصولنا على اللوترى بالموقع الحكومى….ولحسن حظنا أن حضر الى عيادتى أحد المرضى الذىن حصلوا على الجرين كارد بواسطة هذا المكتب وأكد لى مصداقية العاملين بها. وعليه قررنا أن نباشر المعامله والتى تمت بنجاح ودون أى أخطاء فى وقت وجيز وبأسعار مقبوله . 

فالشكر والامتنان لكل الطاقم المحترم واوصى بشده على كل حاصل لوترى أن لا يضيع وقته وجهده وماله مع جهات غير محترفه وأن يتوجه الى هذا المكتب لتحقيق حلمه للحصول على الجرين كارد .

د. صلاح الدين حامد حسن

استشارى جراحة المسالك البوليه

وزميل كلية الجراحين الملكيه –ادنبرا- المملكه المتحده


Dr. Salaheldin H. Hassan – FRCSEd/ Reentry Permit/ March 4th, 2016/ Saudi Arabia

“Thank you very much for the good news .I am very grateful to all of you in making this reentery visa come true .I am sure that would not be accepted without having  competent Atty. like you.

It was our pleasure to have to have an experienced atty. during that period and we will definitely need your service and help in the future till we obtain our citizenship , Thanks again

Regards to Mr . Asem and yourself,

Dr. Salaheldin H Hassan-FRCSEd ”


Khemais El Gazzah/ DV-2015/ August 26th 2015/ Saudi Arabia

“I would like to thank DCLO team for their dedication and valuable help to me and my family during the process of getting the immigrant visa to US, it was a very pleasant experience, we’ve been interacting with each other like a family, they are very kind people but they are very professional too they’ve been following our case very closely, and they advised  in some situations which has help us to get the visa for the whole family ….I am very thankful to them”

Hisham Youness/ DV-2015/ August 6th 2015/ Saudi Arabia

“It was a pleasure working with DC Law offices as they were very honest with me since I signed a contract with them regarding my Immigrant Diversity Visa till the end .

They were always ready to reply and send me immediate response to my e.mails and never delay to give all advises and instructions needed to get the perfect result an end with my dream immigrant visa.

Thank you so much to all the team of     Dotan Cohen Law Offices.

It was pleasure working with you.



Hani Idrees/ DV-2014/ July 27th 2015/ Saudi Arabia

كان خياري بالتعامل مع مكتب محاماة DC من أفضل الخيارات التي اتخذتها بعد فوزي في اللوتري، حيث أن
خدماتهم وتعاملهم كان أكثر من رائع ويتمتع بحرفية عالية تضمن لك بنسبة عالية حصولك
على الجرين كارد وأنصح الجميع بالتعامل معهم بلا تردد وبكل ثقة.


Hassan M. El Kott / DV-2013/ November 18th, 2013/ Saudi Arabia

It is a personal pleasure to write this note of thanks and appreciation to Ms. DC Law Offices, for the assistance they rendered me during the entire process of my green card.

Upon receipt of my winning notification of the Green Card Lottery beginning of May 2002, I did my search and identified DC Law Office as my partner to finalize the procedures.

At the beginning I was a little bit suspicious about all the promises and assurances that I received from the DC Law Office, however all my suspicions proved to be wrong. They were in constant contact with me during the entire process for more than a year until I finally got my Green Card visa stamped on Sept. 2013.

The DC Law office was of great help during the process of preparing my documents. They followed up with me a step by a step until they insured that all my documents were set right. They also spent over an hour with me on the phone, prior to my final interview at the embassy, giving me all the instructions, advice, tips and information necessary to pass the interview successfully.

Even though, when I lost my every hope to receive the immigration visa, due to the approach of the expiry date, I informed the office and they didn’t let me down and went out of their way to contact the Embassy to request the speedy delivery of the visa. I was thrilled to receive an e-mail from the DC Law office confirming my appointment to proceed to the Embassy to receive my immigration visa.

I have found the staff at DC Law Office, Asem Shehk, Erica Shahin, Zoe Buffery, Matthew Hoffmann and of course Michael Rosenthal very friendly, courteous and more so professional. They did not spare any effort to help me when I needed.

I am glad that I’ve selected The DC Law Office as my partner during this journey, and I recommend others to try their services, I’m certain they will not regret that choice.

Thank you guys for all the help that made my dream come true ….


Akram M. Al Sheikh/DV 2011/March 20th,2011/ Saudi Arabia

It is my pleasure to recommend Dotan Cohen Law Offices for immigration application to United States of America. I have known Dotan Cohen Law Offices for nearly one year and I can honestly say that I have not known any other firm for nearly as long. My immigration process with the firm ended amicably and by mutual agreement between both parties.

During my immigration process tenure with Dotan Cohen Law Offices , I have found that the firm is so professional and is very eager to willingly help you in all he means they can. While it would be an exaggeration to say that the firm performed all his duties, and equally well.

The law firm guided me from the beginning of the application until i receive the visa for USA. When my interview date was fixed with US embassy, I was called by the consultants and they made me to prepare for the interview and also notified the precautionary steps to be taken while attending the interview. I would personally recommend and assure to one all the immigrant applicants about the services provided by the Dotan Cohen Law Offices.

Best Regards.

Akram M. Al Sheikh


Saleem M./ DV- 2010/ April 6th, 2010/ Saudi Arabia

“I would like to thank you for your help and support. If receiving the approval for our visa was smooth and easy because your help and the information you provided us with. Your knowledge and your visions are appreciated.

It was really a pleasure to deal with you. I am thankful for everything.

The experience of dealing with you to represent us as our lawyer was great, full of simplicity.

I am sure that every member in your office is great.”


Iyad S./ DV-2009/ January 1st, 2009/ Saudi Arabia

“We have registered on line for the Diversity visa lottery program (DV-2009) & we were lucky to be randomly chosen as eligible to apply for the US Green Card for the fiscal year 2008 ( October, 1,2007 to September 30, 2009).

We have received through mail a file that include all forms, documentation, applications & instructions to complete than return back to the Kentucky Consular Center (KCC). Although we are familiar with various procedures and forms these were not easy to handle.

Subsequently, we were contacted by Dotan Cohen Law Offices a law firm in the US specialized in assisting immigration applicants and drive them through the whole process step by step, we were hesitant at first however, as we continuously communicated with their experienced staff we took a decision to assign them for assistance & we are so glad that we did, With their assistance and guidance we immediately embarked on gathering all the required documentation in preparation to be sent for the proper bodies and obtaining our consulate interview.

Once we chose Daton Cohen Law offices for assistance & became their clients they immediately assigned our own American Lawyer to answer any and all our questions as well as to carefully examine every document before it’s submitted to ensure its accuracy and completeness.

As such we were provided with a complete manual detailing every step we need to take to gather all needed documentation and to perfectly complete all paperwork, in addition to this, our assigned lawyer completely prepared us and made sure we were absolutely ready for our deciding interview with the consulate.

Now that we have obtained our green cards I take this opportunity to thank Dotan Cohen Law offices for their prompt follow-ups we do appreciate their assistance & advise each and every step we were fortunate & glad to have displayed a positive interest towards assigning them to carry forward what they do best & would not hesitate to recommend them to any winner for similar tasks.”

Orabi Mohamed/ DV2011/ October 16 2011/ Saudi Arabia

“When I have signed a contract with DCLO, I was very worry due to several reasons, but I have found some credibility with the first step in my file processing which obtained me the enough confidence and push me to complete my case through DCLO safely. Very simply I can say that the DCLO is a group of accuracy, Professionalism, credibility, leadership and experience. Strongly I can recommend DCLO to anyone who likes to reach successful with the very short and smart way. I never hear about DCLO before, but now it is the top in my favorites.”


Sincerely, Orabi Mohamed Lottery 2011 Winner.


Serbia & Montenegro

Slavica Parlic / DV-2009/ June 16th, 2009
“I have been contacted by DC Law Office seven months ago, and I can say all the best about DC Law Office. This is a really good and safe way to go through this process of getting the Green Card. Last year at this time we were preparing our applications and it was rather challenging job. But, throughout the process, after the application was filed by ourselves, we decided to pay service fee to DC to help us prepare for the interview. The DC office was a tremendous help and support and we are so grateful to them”

Sierra Leone

Michael Dassama/ DV-2015/ 14th July 2015/ Sierra Leone

“It was at that time when, every options were opened to me for selection as to which of the legal organizations in the US, could be trusted in providing legal assistance to enhancing my Green Card Visa aspiration prior to winning the D V Lottery on the basis of random selection that, DC Law was recommended to me by the organization which actually represented my interested( usafis.org) at the lottery bid.With a mixed apprehension, based on absolute doubts as to whether DC Law could measured to proficient expectations, honesty, dedication, patience, prudent and above all empathy a trial was accepted.To my greatest shuck and bewilderment, when DC Law began the protracted and highly complex journey with me which unquestionably, ended with success in acquiring the VISA every negativity and held view about the organization, took a different trustworthy dimension.In view of this, DC Law is not only a Legal Organization for the interpretation of the law for the purpose of justice but also, a legal entity with moral obligations that it tend to adumbrate at best to which my name and signature, could be appended to its accreditation as a special recommendation to all and sundry, who would like to enjoy the happiness of Green Card Lottery win.




Rita Haque/Reentry Permit/ January 6th 2015/ Singapore

To whom it may concern .

When I was told that I had to have a re-entry visa at immigration when I arrived at the end if August 2015 I was taken by surprise as I was advised in my last interview at the USCIS here in Singapore that I could stay away for a year .

I immediately contacted DCLaw Offices and was given instructions on the requirements necessary to apply for it . In normal circumstances it would have been straight forward . However for someone like me on a visit to the US it was a little challenging as the necessary papers were not at my disposal as they were in Singapore .The advice given to me by DC Law Offices supported by Asem was prompt and professional . I appreciate their patience, understanding , detailed instructions and guidance throughout  . I had to delay my departure and had ti return to Singapore  by a specific date . This was a little unnerving as I had no official date for the biometrics . However I was assured by the attorney to approach the relevant officers with my request to complete my biometrics in order to return to Singapore as planned . It all went well and I was able to return a five days later . It was a little harrowing but I appreciated the support and encouragement that was given to me . I would also like to thank Asem for his help in the earlier part of the process .

Many thanks to DCLaw Offices for their prompt professional service in all immigration matters.


Rita Haque

Rita Haque/ DV-2014/ September 14th 2014/ Singapore

“I had three lawyers and three legal admin personnel deal with my case . I am grateful for all the help and detailed guidance that was given to me by the last two lawyers . If not for them I would probably have lost the opportunity to receive the GREEN CARD .”

South Africa

Peter Alberts/DV-2017/September 12th, 2017/ South Africa

“Good Day Caroline,

I would really like to thank you and the process followed with DC Law Offices in the handling of my families visa applications.

Your services is impeccable and even when I was worried and concerned your diligent process assisted me to be comfortable throughout the process.

The cost associated with this process was my big concern as I did not know you, Asem Shehk or the DC Law Offices.

All the work and explaining the process to me assisted greatly to calm my concerns and the end result was a very good, and successful application process.

I commend your services and would like to tell anyone being fortunate enough that you handle their case that you have their best interest at heart.

Again, many thanks


Peter Alberts”

Leonard Berger/ DV-2017/ June 30th, 2017/ South Africa

We wish to thank you most sincerely for successfully guiding us through the  process of securing permanent residence in the United States after our win in the DV lottery.

 You have been exceptionally attentive and meticulous in assisting us to complete the application documentation and the subsequent preparation for our interview at the US Consulate

and always addressed our numerous queries promptly and efficiently.

 We would unhesitatingly recommend the services of DC Law to others seeking immigration opportunities.

 With kind regards

 Leora & Len Berger”

Albert La Grange/ DV-2017/ May 23rd, 2017/ South Africa

“Thank you so much. We are extremely happy to have received our visas. It has been a great pleasure working with you and your company. I never felt uninformed and you always were quick to reply to any questions I had. I will certainly recommend you to my family and friends. You guys are the best.”

Matthew Hofmeyr/ DV-2017/June 6th, 2017/ South Africa

I wanted to thank you for your assistance during this process, you have been a pleasure to deal with, professional at all times, and have calmly guided us through a stressful path to our new chapter.  We are so grateful for you and for USAFIS.  We are putting a blog together to share our experience with everyone.  There is so much negative publicity around USAFIS, we’d like to add a positive experience to that, and to you! I’ll send you the link to that as soon as it up and running, for you to share too…☺

Albert La Grange/DV-2017/May 23rd 2017/South Africa

“Thank you so much. We are extremely happy to have received our visas. It has been a great pleasure working with you and your company. I never felt uninformed and you always were quick to reply to any questions I had. I will certainly recommend you to my family and friends. You guys are the best.”

Rene Truter/Reentry Permit/ February 1st 2016/ South Africa

Dear Nate,

I cannot thank you enough  for your highly professional behavior and conduct, above all your friendliness. It feels that I  know you for years and with I could meet you one day.

Warmest wishes Rene  and also Marlene and Anel

Edwina Grossi/ DV-2015/ June 10th 2015/ South Africa

“Dear Khaled,

I would like to highly commend you and your organisation with the manner in which you handled my Green Card application and submission to the USA.

It was always such a pleasure speaking to you on the phone – you came across as efficient and trustworthy. However, what I most appreciated was that, although you always conducted yourself in a highly professional manner, you made me feel at ease in the friendly manner in which you conducted our conversations. This was what I greatly valued.

I appreciate the many hours you must have spent re-drafting our papers and our success in obtaining the Green Card is surely the result. I will have no hesitation in recommending you and your firm to anyone seeking immigration status. Once again, thank you for a life-changing result!


Dr. Edwina Grossi”

Bennie, Riekie and Berend van Dijk/ DV-2012/June 2012/ South Africa

“We would just like to thank Michael Rosenthal and his team at DC Law Offices for what you did for us to help us with getting our Green cards. Everything that you did for us was very professional and all information on what to do and what to bring with, was absolutely spot on. We had it very easy with all the information given to us and step by step guidance from filling in the forms, waiting periods between steps taken, the documents we needed and any questions that we had along the way! We always knew what was happening next! It was always very pleasant to speak to any of you and we would not be able to get our Greencards so smoothly easy if it wasn’t for the information and help we had from you! Thank you very much and be blessed.We would just like to thank Michael Rosenthal and his team at DC Law Offices for what you did for us to help us with getting our Green cards. Everything that you did for us was very professional and all information on what to do and what to bring with, was absolutely spot on. We had it very easy with all the information given to us and step by step guidance from filling in the forms, waiting periods between steps taken, the documents we needed and any questions that we had along the way! We always knew what was happening next! It was always very pleasant to speak to any of you and we would not be able to get our Greencards so smoothly easy if it wasn’t for the information and help we had from you! Thank you very much and be blessed.”


From: Bennie, Riekie and Berend van Dijk. South Africa.


Carol Beneke and Family/DV 2010/ October 9th, 2010

“I would like to recommend Dotan Cohen and their excellent staff to anyone who is lucky enough to be a winner in the Green Card Lottery like we were. If it wasn’t for our personal lawyer Michael Rosenthal who was there for us every step of the way we would never have succeeded on our own. Nothing was too much trouble for him and always replied promptly and reassuringly to any e-mail or problem we were facing. He went the extra mile for us by writing a letter to the South Africa Police Clearance department to expediate our certificates and we managed to get them within 10 days and not 6 weeks like they had told us and then we would of been too late to submit our application to the US Embassy.

The process to get our Green Cards was made much easier by having such professional people on hand to go through the documents with you stage by stage and the pre- Interview Skype calls were invaluable. I would recommend Dotan Cohen to anyone who was attempting the move to America and we the Beneke’s would like to thank Michael Rosenthal for all his help for making our dream come true.”


Carol Beneke and Family


Neil Reid / DV 2010/ August 12th, 2010

I wish to thank DC Law Offices for their professional assistance during our application. It was easy to see the difference between the applicants who used DC Law Offices and those who tried it alone at the Embassy.


Brandon H. / DV-2010/ May 17th, 2010


“Hi Michael,

To whom it may concern

I would like to express my appreciation for the fantastic service and help I received from the Dotan Cohen Law offices .A process that I anticipated being very stressful and involved was made extremely easy and uncomplicated by the professional and thorough approach by Dotan Cohen Law office. It is with no hesitation that I will recommend your services to anyone seeking assistance with the green card application.

Thanks so much”


Vanishree Kathuria/DC 2010/ March 2nd, 2010


Hi Michael

It was breathtaking going through the entire process, but without your professional advice and guidance we wouldn’t have gotten the Green card, now that we finally have the Green card, it is really exciting. We must compliment you and Dotan Cohen for prompt, professional and extremely efficient service. Once again Thank you for your help

I can now see you on the website.

Kind regards




Jauque B./ DV-2008/ August 26th, 2008

“It is with much gratitude that we write this letter. As the Broadbent family we would like to commend all at Dotan Cohen Law Offices who helped us through the Green Card process. There is no doubt that your input contributed to the success of our application and the issuing of our Green Cards. It is without any hesitation that we recommend all your services offered both before, during and after the Green Card process.”


Katiana D./ DV-2008/ August 24th, 2008

“When you think about immigrating to the USA immediately you think about the PROCESS and how difficult it is for you and your family to be able to enter. The choices you have are limited and so for us the first step was to enter the green card lottery. Once having won it Dotan Cohen Law Offices stepped in for advice and assistance.

From the start Dotan Cohen informed us of the process and what the requirements were, they were always available for discussions, to answer questions and assisted every step of the way. Who could have imagined we were accepted in less than one year? And all with the assistance and professionalism of Dotan Cohen Law Offices. We recommend their professional services and competent staff and would like to say THANK YOU for making this happen!”



André S./ DV-2008/ July 28th, 2008

“We want to take this opportunity to thank Dotan Cohen Law Offices for superb service in handling our immigration (diversity visa) application to the US. The visas were granted in April this year, and we visited the USA to activate our Green cards in earlier this month.

From the word go we had excellent advice support from your firm. We were referred by USAFIS, the agency through which we registered for the diversity visa program. I would like to thank some of your staff by name: Sarah, who was our first contact at Dotan Cohen Law Offices and who provided all the initial information. Sharon, who took over when we started filling out the forms and who initially, coordinated the process of completing the application. Most of all, we would like to thank Reyna Yaniv, who must have spent hours answering frantic emails, following up and getting us ready for the interview.

We have already recommended your professional and affordable services to many people, not just in South Africa but also on Internet forums to people elsewhere in the world.

If all goes well, we will be relocating in 6 months.”

George Spencer/ DV2011/ August 10 2011/ South Africa

“I would like to thank DCLO for their courteous and professional support in the preparation of all supporting documentation for my green card application. As a lottery winner, it is quite a daunting task when confronted with the bureaucracy associated with such an application. DCLO were always available, either telephonically, via Skype or email to answer my questions and assist me to navigate the process. Michael Rosenthal should be commended for his efforts, as they culminated in my wife and me securing our Green Card.”


Kind regards, George Spencer



Wouter and Martie de Waal/DV 2011/August 2012/ South Africa

“I want to thank you and your team at DCLO for your help in the application of our DV Visa. It was with the advise from you that our application was successful. Trough your understanding of the immigration law you has helped us a lot in getting the visa. Through prompt and thorough answers to our questions and coaching us and explaining in detail through various communication methods like Skype and emails, we did not have any knowledge of how the process worked or what documents to fill in, but you guided as through this whole process step by step. Your answers to our questions was clear and to the point And helped us to complete everything on time and getting all the relevant documents ready for our interview at the US Embassy in South Africa. We would really recommend all future applicants to use your company to procure their visas, if at all possible the KCC should recommend you as the number one and only company to help candidates in procuring their visas. Thank you once again and I would certainly recommend your company for the professional and experienced personnel that has helped us, I don’t think that we would have been able to do this on our own. We would answer any question that anybody might have about your services and you can use us as a referral if anybody has any doubts or questions. Certainly a job well done!!!”


Thank you and Kind Regards Wouter and Martie de Waal, South Africa


Mark Gelderblom/ DV2011/ October 17/ South Africa

“This is just a quick email to say thank you for all your help in helping me obtain my US Diversity Visa (Green Card). I was one of the very fortunate entries in the Green Card Lottery to have been selected for further application of the US Green Card and without your expertise and professional knowledge, I doubt that my application or US Consulate interview would have been successful (A special thank you to Mr. Michael Rosenthal for all his help in this regard). I will definitely recommend Dotan Cohen Law Offices to anyone going through the same process or looking to immigrate to the USA.”


Best regards, Mark Gelderblom South Africa


Kathie Aldum/ DV 2011/ July 21 2011/ South Africa

Dear Michael and the Team at D C Law Office,

“On the 9th May 2010, (my 48th birthday) a Sunday morning at 9am South African time, I was working at a horse show, scoring, when a strange number came up on my cell phone, and I excused myself and answered the call. There was a lady from USAFIS congratulating me on winning a Green Card in the US Diversity lottery. I still scoffed at the call and it took them 3 more calls and a pile of paperwork to arrive on my desk to convince me that the call had been genuine. We as a family looked at all this paperwork and wondered where to begin. This paperwork was, after all, giving us a one time opportunity and we could not afford to mess up and the amount of work to be done was a completely daunting task.

A day or two later, DC Law Offices called to offer their services, followed by an email detailing the fees and the process and we decided to use your company to assist us with this one time opportunity.

I would like to thank you for the service you offered. It was professional and informative, it prepared us very well and I know that I would never have got the information together without your constant assistance and expertise guiding us along the way. We were confident at the Embassy, well prepared and organized. We would never have been able to do this without your expert service.

When we stood waiting for our interview, I saw many people turned away with incorrect paperwork and missing documents, and once again I was so grateful to DCLO for being there for us every step of the way.

On the 13th July 2011, we left the Consulate offices with our Immigrant Visas stamped in our passport and we were even more confident that it was the correct decision to use DCLO to assist us along this important path.

Michael Rosenthal, Harris Feder and the rest of the team, a big thank you. You have given us an opportunity for a new life for our family and we are honored to recommend your services. ”



Kind regards, Kathie Aldum

On behalf of the Aldum Family

Stellenbosch, South Africa


Sagree Naidoo/ DV2012/ May 30 2012/ South Africa

“I would just like to place on record my pleasure in dealing with you Law Firm for my Diversity Visa. I had help all the time, forms were filled out accurately by Michael and assistant. I was prepared for the interview and given advice whenever needed. I never thought it would be so easy to get my documentations done. I think the reason my interview was so quick and easy is that I had your Law company doing all the things needed.

Michael was ever willing, pleasant and professional in every way possible. I also had a friendly Lawyer who gave me advice when in doubt. I would definitely recommend you to anyone relocating to the US.

Once again thank you for all the help.”


Thanks Sagree Naidoo



Naomi Esterhuizen/ DV2012/ July 2012/ South Africa

“My sincere thanks to the team at DC Law for guiding me through the process of receiving my Green card. Without their guidance and step by step support this would not have been possible. I won the Green Card Lottery in July of 2011 and realized that I would not be able to complete the process without professional assistance and I was not disappointed.

Now a new beginning awaits me in the USA and I am ready for the adventure. I am still in contact with the team at DC Law and know that they will be there for me whenever I need them.”


Naomi Esterhuizen


Jose Lamo de Espinosa/ DV-2015/ 12th of July 2015/ Spain

“Quiero agradecer, una vez concluida favorablemente la tramitación y obtención de la green card mía y de mi familia, la atención, disponibilidad, eficacia, precisión en el trabajo, calidad en la dirección y gestión y la comprensión de las inquietudes, dudas y preocupaciones que nos han surgido durante estos largos meses. Sus indicaciones y consejos han resultado de la máxima utilidad.

La profesionalidad de DOTHAN COHEN LAW OFFICES, de Tamara Berman ha sido máxima, y excelente en lo personal.

Cuento con ellos profesionalmente en mi estancia en USA para las cuestiones jurídicas que nos surgirán en el futuro.

Gracias a todo el equipo y en especial a Tamara. Saludos sinceros a todos.”


Beatriz Urzaiz/ DV-2015/ May 26th 2015/ Spain

La experiencia con DC Law Offices ha sido muy positiva. En todo momento hemos sido atendidos con gran eficacia, brevedad y sobre todo, mucha amabilidad. Hemos acertado al depositar nuestra confianza en DC Law Offices. Nos han aportado seguridad en unos trámites en el que el mínimo error puede dar al traste con nuestras expectativas.Gracias a ellos ya podemos disfrutar de nuestros visados. Muchas gracias por todo.

Beatriz y Francisco.



Libia and Ulises Brito de Colina /DV-2011/ 27th January 2011/ Spain

“In behalf of my family: Libia, Ulises Aaron and Ulises Augusto, I will to give my word of gratitude to our Attorney Michael Rosenthal, acting like Dotan Cohen legal office representative, for his human and highly professional advisory in our path to obtain a Green Card through US Diversity Visa Lottery, from the first contact with him, he gave to us clearly and precise instructions and advice to fill the applications, reviewing our files completely, identifying the possible issues to solve, follow up entire process and informing to us in real time, in any moment, with confidence and high sense of responsibility for us, like his customers.”

“We hope to count with him and Dotan Cohen in other opportunity!. You are the best!”.

Regards, Ulises.

Ulises Antonio Colina




Jorge Lucas Olmedo Nieto/ DV-2010/ 31st August 2010/ Spain

Hola, hace un año apliqué para la green card, y salí ganador, asi que tenía que completar los formularios para aplicar por la green card, intenté hacerlo por mi cuenta, investigué para rellenarlos bien, pero al final decidí contratar los servicios de Dotan Cohen Law Offices porque no me la quería jugar, era una oportunidad de obtener la Green Card que nunca había tenido, asi que quise aprovecharla al máximo. Rellenaba los formularios, me los corregían y al fina se lo mandaba todo bien, las fotos y todo. Después me informaron de que habia sido aceptado y me dieron cita en la embajada. Antes de la entrevista de la embajada, hicimos Michal, Dario y yo una preentrevista y tengo que decir que fue mucho mas dura la que hicimos que lo que tuve que hacer en la embajada. Si realmente os interesa y quereis obtener la Green Card os los recomiendo al 100%. Y si, si me admitieron, ya tengo la Green Card!!



Cristina B./ DV-2010/ June 18th, 2010/ Spain

“Hola,mi nobre es Cristina soy rumana y hace mas de 8 años que vivo en España .El año pasado me llamaron de USAFIS diciendome que fui elegida como posible ganadora de la Green Card. Junto con los formularios que tenia que cumplimentar recibi tambien informacioin sobre el Buffete de abogados de imigracion Dottan Cohen Law Office. Me costo mucho confiar en ellos y sus servicios debido a que todo se

hacia desde el otro lado del telefono,ademas que mis familiares no confiaban y me querian echar para atras ;pero tenia una corazonada y desde entonces decidi no hacerle caso mas que a mi misma. Los servicios prestados han sido en todo momento completos ,de calidad y sin duda el dinero que pague fue muy bien empleado hasta el momento de la entrevista que nos hizo a mi y a mi familia ganadores

absolutos de los visados que en pocos meses nos convertiran en residentes legales de Estados Unidos de America.Recomiendo a todos los participantes Green Card los servicos de Dotan Cohen Law Office y quero dar gracias a la señora Michal, al señor Dario y al señor Aaron por toda su ayuda y por la manera tan brillante que tienen

para trabajar con la gente.”



Guillermo M. /DV-2010/ May 26th, 2010/ Spain

“When I first had the option of getting my Green Card I did not really know what to do. DC Law Offices informed me of the process, and requirements needed to obtain it. I hired their services, and from that point on, they guided me precisely through each and one of the steps required. Their staff, always very polite and professional, provided me a personal advice adjusting to my particular case.

Very few people actually complete the process successfully due to its difficulty. Therefore I sincerely recommend their services to anyone who is currently involved on the Green Card process.”




Maria R. /DV-2010/May 15th, 2010/ Spain

“Hi, Michal. Anexamos Testimonio.

Recomendamos altamente los servicios de Dotan Cohen Law , por su asesoría y

oportuna orientación para la obtención de la Green Cards, Nosotros nos inscribimos con USAFIS por 10 años en Diciembre del 2006, ya hasta nos habíamos olvidado de todo, cual fue nuestra sorpresa que en Agosto del 2009 recibimos un correo de Dotan Cohen Law, informándonos que habíamos sido seleccionados en la Lotería de Visas y que USAFIS no había podido contactarnos, en la página de USAFIS todos nuestros datos estaban desactualizados y los correos no lo revisábamos, Gracias a la firma Dotan Cohen Law por un correo oportuno que llegamos a ver fue que nos enteramos,

no lo podíamos creer, Luego Dotan Cohen Law nos asesoro en todo, nos brindo la mayor colaboración de una manera excelente, incluso dándonos todos los detalles de que y como el proceso se estaría desarrollando, por lo tanto estamos muy agradecidos con sus servicios.


Maria G / Elvis Lopez”


Oriol Sanchez/ DV 2010/ March 3rd, 2010/ Spain

Recommendation to Dotan Cohen, Law Offices

“My name is Oriol Sanchez, I’m from Barcelona and this 2010 I have obtained the Green Card thanks to the great services given by the Dotan Cohen Team. Specially, I want to be grateful for the human, nearby and very decisive treatment that I have received on the part of the Dotan Cohen Team every moment and every contact with me”. Thanks for all

Oriol Sánchez


De Arriba I./ DV-2009/ December 7th, 2009/ Spain

“Hello comienzo el testimonio sobre mi experiencia con Dotan Cohen, Law Offices

con los cuales me puse en contacto tras recibir la noticia del United States Department of State de haber sido agraciado con la Loteria DV-2009 habiendo sido recomendados por la organización Usafis que me ayudo a presentar mi candidatura en dicho sorteo.

El proceso para obtener la Green Card es complejo con muchos formularios que rellenar sin poder fallar en ningun apartado bajo el riesgo de ser descalificado por la falta de algun documento y veia muy complicado el poder realizarlo solo.

El idioma es una barrera cuando no se domina el ingles pues hay detalles que no son faciles de entender y en Dotan Cohen dominan varios idiomas que vale de mucho.

Acudi a Dotan Cohen, Law Offices para que me ayudaran a seguir con el proceso y a dia de hoy puedo decir que he obtenido la Green Card gracias a la asesoria y ayuda recibida.

Durante el proceso de preparacion de los formularios y documentos a presentar la comunicación fue muy fluida tanto por email como por telefono para aclarar ciertas dudas.

Desde luego que el dinero que se paga por ello esta muy bien empleado y siempre estare agradecido por la colaboracion y ayuda recibida.

Muchas gracias por el trabajo que os habeis tomado y espero que en un futuro podamos estar en contacto pues es posible que primero vaya a vivir a NY.

Felicita a Tamara si te es posible que me asesoro muy bien aunque en algun momento no estuvimos de acuerdo.”



Ulises Augusto / DV2011/ May 26th 2011/ Spain

“In behalf of my family: Libia, Ulises Aaron and Ulises Augusto, I will to give my word of gratitude to our Attorney Michael Rosenthal, acting like Dotan Cohen legal office representative, for his human and highly professional advisory in our path to obtain a Green Card through US Diversity Visa Lottery, from the first contact with him, he gave to us clearly and precise instructions and advice to fill the applications, reviewing our files completely, identifying the possible issues to solve, follow up entire process and informing to us in real time, in any moment, with confidence and high sense of responsibility for us, like his customers.” “We hope to count with him and Dotan Cohen in other opportunity!. You are the best!”.


Regards, Ulises

Sri Lanka

Lakshman Saliyaraja Amaratunga/ DV 2010/ September 13th, 2010

This is to certify that I, Lakshman Saliyaraja Amaratunga of Sri Lanka, a US DV Lottery 2010 Winner wishes to testimony the following; It is with great pleasure I write that, I was lucky enough to win the DV lottery 2010 and also fortunate to receive the professional service of Dotan Cohen Law Offices to win the US Green Card for my family. It was due to careful and systematic approach, taken throughout the application and interview process by DCLO attorney. I received the wining notification as late as in September 2009 whilst the letter had been issued by KCC in May 2009; I had no time to waste but to contact Dotan Cohen Law Offices under the wise recommendation by the USAFIS. As soon as I made the payment by the directions of Client coordinator, an attorney was appointed to handle my case.
It was my attorney who made the difference between the time and task of submitting the application. His professional approach and cordial relationship made me confident and feel really comfortable up to the great success at the visa interview. There were no issues or ambiguities of the information submitted due to the careful verification and compilation of application to KCC by the able attorney of DCLO who did perfect job to make me well prepared for the visa interview. I was working in Dubai where I needed to know the interview date well in advance to make my leave plan from the Dubai employer. My attorney was able enough to use his contacts to inform me the interview date two weeks in advance than the usual 4-6 weeks time period prior to interview date, that was really convenient to me. Above all what I mentioned earlier, the reason I was impressed most is the trusted and cordial relationship maintained by my attorney of DCLO. I sincerely thank and appreciate the good, professional service done by Mr. Michael Rosenthal, Attorney; Coby Coriat, Client Coordinator and the DCLO staff who made our dream of US Green Card a reality by the 02nd September 2010.
I have already recommended DCLO to my friends in Sri Lanka and Dubai for trusted and results orented service.
I wish DCLO good luck in its future endeavours.
Lakshman Saliyaraja Amaratunga of Sri Lanka
DV Lottery 2010 Winner and Green Card Recipient

St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Douglas De Freitas/ Reentry Permit/ 27th April, 2016/ St. Vincent & the Grenadines

“Good day thanks you very much as a matter of fact I am definitely satisfied with the efficiency of your organization. I have already recommended you all to four persons who are the the process of applying for status.”


Mohamed Abdalla Taha/ DV-2014/ February 18th 2015/ Sudan

بعد فوزى وزوجتى فى قرعة البطاقة الزرقاء للإقامة الدائمة بالولايات الامريكية المتحدة وذلك فى قرعة سنة ٢٠١٤ حيث اخترتهم كمستشارين لى فى إكمال الإجراءات وتعبئة النماذج وفقا لمتطلبات إدارة الهجرة والجنسية الامريكية .”

فى تقديرى ان الاستعانة بمستشارين قانونيين من امريكا أمر له أهميته ، خاصة بعد الفوز بالقرعة وذلك من باب التحوط من الوقوع فى خطأ قد يتسبب فى فقدان الفرصة وذلك نسبة للإجراءات الدقيقة والمتشددة من قبل إدارة الهجرة والجنسية الامريكية .

قام السادة/  بمراجعة وتعديل وتصحيح البيانات المتعلقة بى وبزوجتى فى جميع النماذج وهى الفورم    والفورم      والفورم     ، كما قاموا بإرسالها       للجهة المعنية فى ولاية كنتاكي وضمن الوقت المحدد، من ثم كانت هنالك متابعة مستمرة لإرشادنا الى كيفية التعامل مع المراحل الأربعة بما فيها مرحلة المعاينة فى السفارة فى ابوظبى وهى المرحلة الحرجة .

كانت ارشادات السادة / DC- Law Offices  بالنسبة للمعاينة والمقابلة ( the interview ) بمثابة بروفة (Rehersal ) وبالتالي كانت المعاينة ناجحة وبذلك حصلنا على الGreen Card وقمنا بأول دخول لنا خلال شهر سبتمبر ٢٠١٤.

المهندس/ محمد عبدالله طه

الامارات العربية المتحدة “

Best regards”

Kawther A. Berima/ DV-2010/ November 27th 2010/ Sudan

“When I’ve been notified that I won the Green Card Lottery, I took my application seriously and I hired DCLO because there was a mistake made by me inadvertently in my entry information, my family name written as my first name & vise versa. But thanks a million for A’ lawyer and his team at DCLO he managed to verify my correct name , he assisted me in a professional way and enabled me to be qualified for the Green Card. Currently, I am in the process of moving to US and get my dream real to study my higher education.”


William Stein/ DV-2014, Reentry Permit/ February 17th 2015/ Swaziland

“Our family won green cards in the diversity lottery.  As business owners in our own country, we had a lot of commitments drawing on our time.  The team at DC Law offices were great at breaking down all the information and assisting us in completing the necessary paperwork to complete our application.  They made time to have conversations via Skype across the time zones, and explained to us, every step of the way, what we had to do next to meet all the necessary requirements to proceed with the application.

Upon receiving our Green Cards we needed a little extra time to relocate.  We have a son in his final year of IGCSE’s, and business assets to dispose of in the most financially prudent manner.  DC Law offices helped us to apply for a re-entry permit, which meant we could honor our commitment to doing things the right way and not jeopardize our Resident Status.

Kind Regards

William Stein”


Johan Svensson/ DV-2015/ June 10th, 2015/ Sweden


“DC law firm were very professional and helpful during the process of my green card application! 

Response to emails and phone calls were very fast and extremely helpful.

It was thanks to your professionalism that i made it, since the procedures and paperwork became so overwhelming sometimes! 

Thank you all once again for your assistance!

Recommending your services to anybody who needs an Immigration-lawyer!


Johan Svensson”

Alexandra G./ DV-2008/ May 17th, 2009
“After getting the news that I won a Green Card I decided to get the help from Dotan Cohen, Law offices. I figured they would give me all the help I needed to fill out all forms and then finally receiving my Green Card.
The process takes some time and there are a lot of forms to be filled out properly. I don’t think I could have done it by myself, not without the help from the lawyer Dotan Cohen assigned for me. They always gave me all the help I needed and answered all questions I had.
They helped me getting all papers ready that I had to send in with my application, such as high school diplomas, work experience, birth certificate and police records. Letting me know that it’s important that all documents are correct and what they need to say.
There are so many reasons why you might not get the Green Card in the end so it’s so important that you have the right help to get you through it. Just a small mistake in your papers can make you not ineligible for a Green Card. That’s why I’m so glad I had a lawyer helping me and reading through all my papers and telling me my mistakes so I could correct them before sending them in.
When you have sent in all forms to the KCC, you are just waiting to get an interview at the embassy. In the meantime your lawyer will tell what forms you need to get ready before going to the interview. I thought that was a big help for me, having everything ready as fast as possible so you don’t have to worry about it. A week before my interview my lawyer called me and prepared me for the interview. I had the chance to ask all the questions that were on my mind and also get to know what I needed to bring.
For me it was the best thing getting the help from Dotan Cohen Law offices, I truly believe I wouldn’t have received my Green Card without their help.

Maria Hammarlund/ DV2011/ June 5th 2011/ Sweden

“I got in contact with DC Law Offices in June 2010 shortly after I had received the call from USAFIS announcing the news that I was one of the lucky winners in the DVD lottery. A package of documents was sent to me by DHL. The shipment arrived during a busy time so I quickly read through the documents, including information on the DC Law Office, and left it on my table.I’m glad DC Law offices contacted me personally by phone. Then the work began preparing all the information required, to fill out the forms etc. I have always appreciated the high level of service provided by the staff I have been in contact with either by e-mail or by telephone. I e-mailed any questions or clarifications I required on something and usually received the answer the next day.The counseling I received from my attorney has been valuable in order to facilitate my application for a Green Card. The process which took about a year has been easy. I can highly recommend the DC Law Offices. They have a nice, knowledgeable staff and high a service level. If required for any reason I will use them again. And I will myself recommend them to whomever may be in need of the services they are providing.”

Maria, Sweden


Hassan Dalati/ Reentry Permit/ 26th of July 2015/ Switzerland

“Dear Nathaniel,

I would like to thank Mr. Asem, Ronisky and Nathaniel and all DC Law team. They accompanied me all along Green-Card process. They were of a great help and comfort.

Consequently I was trustful and lucid in my steps. and thanks to these marvellous Sirs, I could achieve my youth dream.


I felt a generosity of assistance and support. If that can be everywhere in this world. I think our efforts will be decorated success.

Sincerely yours, and have a wonderful day Sir.”


Peter R. /DV-2010/ May 27, 2010/ Switzerland
“My name is Peter Russ and I am a Swiss citison living in Valais, Switzerland. June 2009 I have been informed that I was one of the lucky ones picked by the Green card lottery. As promised by USAFIS I decided to retain the service of Dotan Cohen, Law Offices to handle my case from the starting point and onwards throughout the entire process. Carl Sperber from DC Law Offices informed me on phone how to start the process. Later on Michael Rosenthal was assigned to my case. As instructed I filled out all the documents mailed them to Dotan Cohen office and afterwards reviewed all my writing on phone with Michael. It was a real pleasure for me to clear all the questions. I signed the empty forms which were correctly filled out by Dotan Cohen law office and mailed to USAFIS. In the mean time I prepared and ordered all my documents and had them translated in English where necessary. In February 2010 I was informed that my Interview at the US Embassy has been dated for the 21st April at 9:00h. Two weeks ahead of this date Michael arranged another telephone conversation to prepare me for the interview. With all the documents I showed up at the US Embassy and was easily served by two ladies. The consul lady mentioned the perfect work Dotan Cohan Law office made by filling out all the documents. I was lucky and could pick up my Immigrant Visa at 16:00 h same day. With the assistances of Dotan Cohan law office and Michael Rosenthal it was a real easy task for me and helped to make the process a success.”


Amer Issa Amer/ DV-2016/ July 17th 2016/ Syria

“Dear Mrs. Caroline,

I would like to thank you sincerely for all your help and support regarding our greencard case, today 17 july 2016 we recieved our visas from the American Embassy, and again i would like to thank you for your co-opertion and help.

Best Regard,

Amer Issa Amer”


Ahmad L./ DV-2010/ February 10th, 2010/ Syria

“First I want to thank DC Law Offices for their help, Supporting and providing me with important information that make the interview so easy.

If it hadn’t been for your help I wouldn’t be one of the people who will travel to America.

PS: Special thanks for my Atty. Michael and Mr. Asem who are the best dealers I’ve ever seen because they did as best as they could to make me win the Green Card.”


Hossam Gerges A./ DV-2009/ December 3rd, 2009/ Syria

“Thanks for all services which I get it from dotan Cohen, law offices.

Without these services I could not do anything by myself.

They help me to complete my documents without any mistake, at anytime I ask them, they answer me to be on a right way.

So without them I can’t get any visa to travel to U.S.A

thanks again for all staff who worked in Dotan Cohen, law offices.”


Paul Nantulya and Family DV 2011/June 17th, 2011

Isn’t it interesting how despite the fact that it takes almost a WHOLE YEAR from the time a winning notification arrives from KCC to the actual interview there is almost always a MAD SCRAMBLE when the interview date is set!
Well, we were one of those on whom the tire fell hard and heavy after a whole year, catching us quite literally unprepared to the extent that we wanted to change our interview date. However, DCLO was at hand to calm our fears and help us focus on what we had to do to prepare ourselves and understand our case. Our family situation is rather complicated because all four of us (me, my wife and 2 children) hold different nationality passports; we have lived in several countries and all documents needed translating in more than one language! Getting all the police records for all the countries and other documentation was a real hassle. As late as two days before our interview we still had some “missing paperwork” and we again wanted to change our interview date but DCLO advised us to “stay the course” and “respect the date” and they continued to work with us very intensively. We agreed to “stay the course” rather hesitantly but to our surprise all went well on D DAY simply because of the level at which DCLO prepared us. I want to single out Michael Rosenthal. He was absolutely superb. Very meticulous, cool headed, methodical and extremely detail – oriented; Michael prepared us thoroughly for our interview and monitored our case closely right up to D-DAY and even beyond. Our interview came and went in a flash and we are now preparing to relocate to the US to contribute our enormous skills, contacts and professional experience to the US economy. I strongly recommend the services of DCLO to other potential fellow immigrants. We will definitely continue to use their services as we go about settling in the US. To call DCLO super, is an complete understatement! It is an excellent firm and the folks there are an excellent bunch!

Trinidad & Tobago

Rajesh Boodoo/ Reentry Permit/ April 21st, 2016/ Trinidad and Tobago

“Regarding my experience with your firm, this has been a great one. It is nice to be able to go through this process feeling relaxed and confident that the people that are guiding you are professional at what they do. It is also a reassuring feeling to know that someone that is intimately familiar with this process is rechecking all your documentation and guiding your every step. Thank you for this support!!”


Angela Nelson Lyimo/DV 2010/ February 24th, 2011/Trinidad And Tobago


Usafis Greencard Program,

Thank you for the fantastic job that you and your staff did to get through our Greencard in September 2010.We are now permanent Amercan Residence and already received our Green cards from December 2010.

We are delighted to have choosen Usafis Greencard Program exceeded our expectations. On behalf of my family,we are strongly reccomended your program to anyone who wish to work and live permanent to USA.

Mr.Carl and Michael Rosenthal(Attorneys-Dotan Cohen,Law offices)provided us more Nuts and Bolt information during the period of an Interview to Amercan Embassy in Port of Spain-Trinidad&Tobago)and we had also received a valuable wealth information in areas had not anticipated to get through our Greencards.

I was personally and Proffessionally inspired by the program. I don’t have to tell how this made me feel, the program hit on all cylinders and encouragement and follow up have mean a great deal to us. What a success story and how gratifying to have chosen a perfect program.

Thank you again for a job well done,


Dr.Angela Nelson Lyimo.


Heather Paul/DV 2011/February 23rd, 2011/Trinidad And Tobago

I received a call in May 2010 that, I had won the Diversity Visa 2011 lottery. At first I was surprised and then I was in utter shock, the gentleman at the other end on the line was so excited and was rattling off so many instructions at once, my head started to spin. This was a journey that I was not prepared for. I was told that I would receive a package in the mail within four working days, truth be told I did. In that package I got my winning letter, other documents, and a booklet with a law firm, which was Dotan Cohen Law Office. There were a lot of information and instructions but, the one that caught my attention the most was the booklet with this firm’s information. My fiancée told me that we were going to use this firm because; he did not want anything to hinder me from getting the Green Card. Here began our travels.

After our initial payment we were told that, we would be contacted by someone at the firm who would be handling my case, sure enough we were contacted by one of the lawyers Michael Rosenthal, who would take me through the process of obtaining my Green Card. I must say that, it was a long road and sometimes a bit frustrating, but Michael help me through it all. I was and still am very much impressed with the service I received from Dotan Cohen Law Offices, I would recommend them to everyone I know. I was well prepared for the interview and Michael help calm my nerves and put me in a very comfortable place prior to my interview. Even though it was a business transaction, I felt it was a personable relationship.

I was successful in obtaining my Green Card in January 2011, and although it is done Michael and his team at Dotan Cohen Law Office still gives me support and advice, I would recommend Dotan Cohen Law Office to anyone who needs the advice and service of a Law firm. Thank you, Michael and Dotan Cohen Law Office for all your support and help during this process and seeing me through to the end.



Carmen and Samuel Belmar/ DV 2010/August 12th, 2010

My wife and I are professional Educators – Carmen is in possession of a Masters in Counseling and I have a PHD in Education. When we were informed about our successful attempt to obtain a US Green Card and the law firm was recommended to assist in processing our document, we thought that it was not necessary as we consider that we are more than capable of doing this by ourselves. We, however, decided to get the opinion of Dotan Cohen Law Offices. The first conversation and subsequent correspondences convinced us that these were professionals who were experienced and more so knew what they were doing and their services can make a difference to our application. Our assigned attorney, Michael Rosenthal, then contacted us and his professionalism, dedication, expertise; mode of communication (oral and written) must be highly commended and recommended by us. The preparation and repreparation (where necessary) was skillfully done and we must add – with some tact and precision. The proper completion of the prescribed forms and the accuracy of information supplied – as we discovered during the interview at the Embassy- are crucial to the success of applicants. Professionals at Dotan Cohen are experts in these areas. We are grateful that we agreed to and allowed them to guide and prepare us at each stage of the process – their guidance and expertise lead to the ultimate goal – we have our Green Cards. Thank you and best wishes.

Carmen and Samuel Belmar (Trinidad and Tobago).


Amit M./ DV-2008/ May 31st, 2009

“I was so overwhelmed on learning I was won the Green Card Lottery. There are no words to describe this amazing feeling. It was too good to be true. Dotan Cohen Law Offices made my dream come true. I did not have to do anything. They did all the work which saved me a lot of time. It was easy as that. The entire process was done so quickly and without any hiccups. My preparation for the interview was excellent and I am very confident Dotan Cohen Law offices are definitely the right choice for you. Now I can make all my dreams come true.”

Back to top


Kouadio K./ DV-2009/ January 6th, 2010
“I am coming through this e-mail to inform u that the USA Immigration Visa has been granted to us today after our yesterday interview in the USA embassy in Tunis.
In line with this good news, my family and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you first and all of you at Dotan Cohen Law Offices who made a lot effort to help us during this exercise.
Once again thank very much for your help. I will never forget Dotan Cohen Law Offices for the good job they made for us.
Happy New year and send my regards to all the staff of DC Law Offices.”


Ahmet Zeki Isik/Reentry Permit/February 16th, 2017/Turkey

Thank you very much for the good news.

We finally achieved to conclude this complicated process by the aid your successful management.

During our relation with you and your office we have always felt ourselves secure and comfortable.  I believe that you are providing a high standart service with reasonable prices. I am advising you and your office to future clients without any reservation.

We are now waiting the news from your administrator and will act accordingly.

Some of my friends and specifically my elder daughter “I” and her husband want to make contact with you and I gave your e-mail to them to get information about your services by the first hand.

Thank you again and hope to see you in USA.

Best regards,


Ahmet Zeki Isik, M.D. Prof Ob/Gyn”


Serdar Keser/ Reentry Permit/  November 15th 2016/ Turkey

“Thank you for your professional services.

We – Keser’s Family – won The Green Card Lottery in 2015, but not ready to settle down in USA at least in next 2 years. We didn’t know what to do and how to do. While I was even considering to give up settling down in USA option. But that time , you called me and persuaded me to continue the processes about Reentry Permits. I didn’t think that I could manage to continue the processes by myself even if My English was good enough. It was impossible for me to conduct the processes.

So , I got your professional services and felt myself in safe. At last, Our Reentry Permits are approved. We got The Reentry Permits cards last week. We are so happy not to lose our rights to settle down in USA at least for 2 years.

I recommend for every DV Lottery Winner to work with Dotan Cohen Law Offices with all my heart

I definitely satisfied to do work with you and DC Law Offices. I felt that I was always in safe with the work you did.

We are gratefull to you for everything.


Kindest Regards.

Loves from Turkey

Serdar Keser”


Ahmet Zeki Isik/ DV-2016/ March 16th 2016/ Turkey

“On behalf of my family I want to thank you for your constructive, clear, practical and very helpful advices that you have given us during our family diversity visa process. I will strongly advice your company and particularly you to my friends who have interested in green card diversity visa application. I will continue to work with you for the rest of the process in order to get the green card and citizenship through the most appropriate way.


Ahmet Zeki Isik”


Ozer Akinci/ DV-2015/ October 9th 2015/ Turkey

“Thank you for your celebration. Yes I passed the DV-2015 DV program succesfully. In this period your team has many useful help to me at every step. Especially thanks to Mr. Khaled Abou Kaoud. He really got interested in my lottery program from filling out the forms, gathering the documents and getting ready for the conversation step.  After speaking with him on the phone, I went to the consulate for the conversation and passed succesfully.”


Orhan Alay/ Reentry Permit/ August 12th 2015/ Turkey

“Hello Nate

The process was totally to my satisfaction and I am glad I chose to work with you. I will definitely suggest you and your company to the people I know and if I need to prolong my re-entry permit I will definitely knock your door once again. Thanks for everything.




Serdar Keser/ DV-2015/ June 29th 2015/ Turkey

“Hi Mr. Kaoud ,

We are Turkish Family with 2 Children who won DV 2015.

First of All , I appreciate for You and DC Low Offices because of your First Class Services.

Especially , Khaled Abou Kaoud ( Attorney ) is very professional , kind , helpful and experienced enough.

During the all process I didn’t feel myself alone. I know You are always by me with your professional experiences. I think I couldn’t manage the process to apply for Green Card without DC Low Offices.

I always feel myself in safe at every step.

You called me on time that You say ,everytime.You explained enough , everything I ask. They were very important for me that You explain ,step by step, before Interview.

Thank You Mr. Kaoud for your Kinds.And Thank You , DC Law Offices.

We will turn our dreams into reality by You.

I definitely recommend DC Low Offices to every people who win The Green Card.There is nothing to hesitate to deal with Dotan Cohen Low Offices.


Kind Regards.

Serdar Keser , June 29, 2015 Turkey”


Murat Ulutas/ DV-2015/ June 17th 2015/ Turkey

“Dear Yehonatan,

I was pleased the work with you too.

The experince I had with you personally and DC Law Offices was a long one due to the nature of the process. Everytime I felt hopeless and despair, I had you calming me down to find an answer. I was very much satisfied with such an approach and I would admit that I felt comfortable just after I heard you voice. I goy confident over the time that You were the exepert to guide me and my family. I found answers to my questions correctly whenever I needed . I would recommend to anyone else to get in touch with You and DC Law Offices since I am totally satified with the services provided to me.

Once again, I thank you all on behalf of my family for making our dreams come true and supporting us with your deep expertise.

I hope we can meet sometime in the future too.

I wish you all the best my friend,



Adnan Dikicioglu/DV 2011/March 22nd, 2011/ Turkey

Her şeyden önce bu teşekkür mektubumu yazmakta geç kaldığım için özür diliyorum. Türkiye’de bir taraftan İstanbul Teknik Üniversitesi Makine Fakültesinde Profesör olarak çalışmaktayım.

USAFİS aracılığı ile uzun süreli olarak katılmış olduğum “Diversity Visa (Green Card) Lottery” sini “DV-2011” döneminde; ben, kızım Güniz (1994 doğumlu) ve oğlum Can (1999 doğumlu) kazanmış olduğumuzu öğrendiğim zaman çok heyecanlanmıştım. İşlemleri nasıl yapmam gerektiğini, formları hatasız nasıl dolduracağımı bilemiyordum. Hata yapacak olursam, şansımın devam etmeyeceğini ve başlayacak yeni bir yaşam ve umutların yok olacağından korkuyordum.

Ancak sizin ofisinizden ilk önce Sayın Julie Rofe hanımefendinin telefonu ve daha sonra Sayın Att. Michael Rosenthal’un neler yapmam gerektiğini telefon ve elektronik-posta (e-mail) yoluyla açıklaması beni çok rahatlattı. Nasıl doldurulması gerektiğini belirttiğiniz formları doldurdum. Ancak işin bu kadar olmadığını daha sonra anladım. Siz her bir anlaşılmayan veya yanlış işlemin, nasıl yapılması gerektiğini açıkladınız.

Özellikle kazandığımız müjdesini sizden aldığımız gün en mutlu günlerimizden biri oldu. Daha sonra Ankara’da Amerikan Büyükelçiliğinde mülakat yapılacağını belirttiniz ve gerekli açıklamaları yaptınız ve 2 gün içinde “Göçmen Vize”miz geldi.

Sizin önemli katkılarınızla büyük bir mutluluk yaşamaktayız. İşinizi ciddiye almanız, işinizde profesyonel yaklaşımınız için ayrıca ABD’deki yaşamımızda da gerektiğinde yanımızda olacağınız düşüncesi ile kendim ve çocuklarım adına teşekkürlerimizi sunarım.

İşlerinizde başarılar dilerim, Sevgilerimizle;







Kadir Orçun Altunel/ DV 2010/November 10th, 2010

I have always dreamt about going to the USA. I always wished that one day I could go there so I thought about joining green card lottery. I decided to become a member of DCLO. I’m so glad that I did. They helped me with every process in order to get my green card. They were always ready to answer my questions regarding green card lottery. Without their contribution, I could never win a green card. Now, my dream has come true thanks to DCLO. I can go to the USA and continue my education as well as get a job there. Thank you DCLO for making my dreams come true. I recommend DCLO for everyone who shares the same dream with me.

Kadir Orçun Altunel.



Cüneyt A./ DV-2009/ February 9, 2010

“I want to take this opportunity to thank you and your office for all the contribution throughout my green card application process. You have always offered valuable information, responsiveness; guidance and expertise on the subject making me feel comfortable and safe on my way to fulfill my dream.

Once again I am delighted that I have had the opportunity to know you, and I highly recommend Dotan Cohen to all who are looking for professionalism and value added service.

Thanks for your efforts and role in achieving this wonderful opportunity.”


Ikbal H./ DV-2008/ August 23rd, 2009

“My name is Ikbal and I am a green card winner thanks to Dotan Cohen Law Offices!

When I received a winner notification from them I thought it was a junk mail.

After sometime, I received another notification email and this time I called them and learned it was true!!!

From the first step to the last, I talked more than at least 5 attorneys for each step and all of them was so professional and very friendly to me, although I had a very tough times in my family as my mom was so sick at the hospital for couples of months.

Sometimes, I was late to prepare the paper work because of my excuse, but they all helped me like crazy almost 24 /7. This is a “once in a lifetime opportunity” and you don’t want to miss it, and that’s why I believe so, this process certainly needs a professional help!

I felt their support on my back even when I went for the interview to the Embassy and came out with a happy end.

When I gave them a call to tell the good news, they were as happy as my family and I really appreciate their help a lot.

So, thank very very much to you guys to make my American Dream come true …

God Bless You All!!!”


Can Hakguder / DV2011/ May 23 2011/ Turkey

“USAFIS araciligi ile baslayan greencard seruvenim Dotan Cohen low office yardimlari ile hic bir sorun ve geri cevirme yasamadan, tam bir yil gibi kisa bir surede gerceklesmis bulunmakta…Her konuda gostermis olduklari sicak ilgi,yardim ve samimi dostluklari icin tum ekibe sonsuz sevgi ve guzellikler diliyorum..Benim gibi hayalleri olanlara Dotan Cohen low office ile calismalarini sahsim adina tavsiye ederim. Zira,dolduracaginiz formlarda yapacaginiz kucuk bir yalnislik, size daha pahaliya mal olabilir . Herkeze hayatta bol sans diliyorum.Ayrica ben kendilerini sadece internet araciligi ve USAFIS den kazandigim konusunda bana gelen telefon sonrasinda ,Yine telefonla bana ulasan ofis yetkilisi araciligi ile tanidim. once guvenemedim. malum dolandiricilik cok. !!!! Lakin case number ve amerikan hukumetinin resmi sayfasindan yine kendilerinin yardimi ile kazandigimi ogrenince risk aldim ve avukatim olarak beni temsil etmelerini istedim…Hayat bazen kumardir. Ben kazandim…”


can hakguder


Ladymyr; IKP/Work Visa/December 25th, 2017

“I really enjoyed working with you, you are a great expert, your service is perfect! You might not know, but you really helped me very much with my project getting visas so quickly, that we were able to keep our schedule.

Should you have something in Ukraine, please do not hesitate to ask me if you need any assistance.”

Alexey R./ DV-2008/ June 14th, 2009
“My name’s Alexey and I’m from Ukraine. I’d won in Green Card Lottery DV2009 in 2008 and successfully obtained the Green Card in 2009 thanks to Dotan Cohen Law Offices.
I highly recommend to everybody who received the winning list from Kentucky Consulate Center apply to Dotan Cohen Law Offices for further execution of your case. Why? In my opinion the most important reason is a difference between businesses we have to deal with in our daily routine and Green Card procedure. There’s almost no second chance to correct any made mistakes. You must know and pass all procedures from the first attempt at once. If you made any mistake while you were filling out the forms you already wouldn’t have any chance to correct it later. Or maybe do you think the employees of KCC will be worrying because of the person who didn’t know how correctly to fill out the forms?
But of course the final proof that I had made the right step when applied to Dotan Cohen Law Offices, I received during the interview at the US consulate. I saw with my own eyes, how people were receiving refusals, because of not knowing the answers on simple questions enough, or they didn’t have or didn’t prepare the required documents. But, I understood that those questions became not difficult for me only after I’d known the right answers thanks to attorney. While I was hearing and looking at them I made sure that I would’ve had the same problems if I hadn’t applied to Dotan Cohen Law Offices. And secondly I thought: if even during the final procedure enough people receive refusal, therefore how many people had failed because of the forms filled out incorrectly?
So my experience showing that applying to attorney you buy confidence and assurance. In my opinion that’s the most reliable way to obtain the Green Card.
In conclusion I’d like to wish everybody who is taking part in the Green Card Lottery – good luck!”

United Arab Emirates

Ammar Saeb/ Reentry Permit/ 20th of March, 2017/ United Arab Emirates

“Thank you Asem for your wishes and was great pleasure working with you past 6 years and for sure I’ll proceed my citizenship file through you as well.

Thanks again and looking forward to hearing back from you when I become eligible.

Ammar Saeb”


 Khaled Ba Madhaf/ Reentry Permit/13th of March, 2017, United Arab Emirates

“I would like to thank you for your effort in getting the re-entry permit and I would like to thank you also for being very helpful and there for me when I needed information regarding the new regulations and the ban. The DC Law Offices have been professional in helping and guiding me through the process of getting my immigration visas as well as my family’s and my re-entry permit. I am very thankful and appreciative of your understanding and professionalism.

Best regards,

Khaled Ba Madhaf”


Rasha Elkahil/ Reentry Permit/ 7th of February, 2017/ United Arab Emirates

“In very short message….  I wanted to express my appreciation for your efforts and dedication for my case. Your faith, knowledge and determination were something that solves my worries.

Thank you,



Julien Attallah/Family Based Green Card/14th of November, 2016/United Arab Emirates

“DC law offices helped me obtain my immigrant visa. It was a smooth experience and uncomplicated process. They are very reliable and punctual, always keeping me updated and preparing me for the next step. I would highly recommend this trustworthy firm.”


Obaida Abou Nayef/Reentry Permit/22nd of August, 2016/ United Arab Emirates

“Excellent follow up with clear set up of expectations and time lines. Very good engagement and prompt response. Highly professional and knowledgeable with attention to details. I will definitely use your services when needed and recommend DCLO for my friends.

Wish you all the best.

Obaida Abou Nayef”


Khaled Bamadhaf/ Reentry Permit/ 31st of July, 2016/ United Arab Emirates

“I have dealt with different individuals in Dotan Cohen Law Offices and they all showed me professionalism, dedication and kindness, in addition they gave me advice and directed me not only as what documents I need to prepare, but also where to get those documents in the different countries where I once stayed. Miss Tamara, Mr. Sugarman, and Miss Carolyn Dory were all quick in their responses and accurate in their guidance. I do highly appreciate their assistance.

Kindest regards,

Khaled Bamadhaf”


Amal and Ramzi Akhras/ Family Based Green Card/ 9th of June, 2016/ United Arab Emirates

“I wanted to express my gratitude for your efforts and dedication for my case. It was quite a long and upsetting process, you were very generous regarding it. It was really hard to get my husband an immigration visa specially because we are out of state and we didn’t have a lot of documents also because the marriage was new.

I am grateful to you that you took all the stress and restored everything out for me and for my husband, Your faith, knowledge and determination were something that solves my case . Thank you.




Magdi Abdelsayed/ Reentry Permit/ 28th of April, 2016/ United Arab Emirates

“Thank you very much for the precious information contained in your mail and many thanks , in first place , for the help and support you did for our case of obtaining our white passports – this support which we appreciated too much during the last four months to obtain these documents. This help &support which we promise you to convey it to other immigrants which need such support to get their issues settled.


Yours faithfully;

Magdi M. Abdelsayed

Tararist  Zohra”


Jamila Ahmed/ DV-2016/ 21st of March, 2016/ United Arab Emirates

“Dear Caroline Iris Dory


Having achieved together what we planned for and got our immigrant visa with your help and guidance. It was your dedication, enthusiasm and persistance during the last few months that made our dream a fact and real

Thank you once again for your help, guidance and informative advices that made the success

At last the words can not explain of how thankful and respectful I fell towards you and your team in the Dotan Cohen law offices

In return I will recommend your firm for anybody who is planning to get immigrant visa advice and help

Best regards

DR Tarik S Khammas and Mrs jamila J Ahmed”


Basel Diab & Family/ DV-2015/ June 30th 2015/ United Arab Emirates

“Dear Mr. Dotan,

I am writing to express my gratitude to your esteemed company in general and to Mr. Khaled Abou Kaoud in particular for the support provided to me and my family throughout the process of USA Green Card.

I have now completed the process successfully and will be traveling to the USA shortly, The support I received from the the DC Law team, in terms of guidance and preparation has been good, especially when we were assigned Mr. Khaled, a noticeable change in our preparation took place, His attention to details, time spent answering our queries, not to mention the odd hours of work (due to time difference and recently during his off days) has been outstanding. I personally thank him for making this possible to reach.

Finally, I assure you that I have no hesitation in recommending your firm to several of my friends and wish you the best of success in all your endeavors.

Thank You

Sincerely Yours,

Basel and Family”


Wael Badran/ Reentry Permit Renewal/19th of April 2015 / United Arab Emirates

“My feedback regarding your service of helping me and my family to renew our Reentry Permits was excellent, especially at the time of preparing the documents. And, a noticeable follow up from the Atty.

Next time if I need a service for our immigration status I would be glad to call DCLAW office and ask for their services.


Wael Badran”


Yves Boukhaled/ DV-2014/ February 17th 2015/ United Arab Emirates

“Hello Asem! I wanted to write to you to let you know that without a doubt, the help and professional advise DC Law offices provided for  my wife and I, have created so much credibility in our candidacy for the US Green Card lottery program. Upon our interview with the US Embassy, all our paperwork was complete and ready, and the Interview went very well. Your people prepared us very thoroughly with all necessary paperwork and with possible Q&A’s for the interview and it all went very smoothly. The constant follow-up, and numerous phone calls of your team prior to interview date, were crucial in having everything ready for interview appointment.

Our applications for the Green Card were immediately approved, and today we are proud holders of the US Green Card.  Prior to having you handling our case, I honestly did not think pursuing this matter.

My wife and I both want to thank you for what you have done, and we want to continue using your services in the near future for any immigration related issue! I believe in your work 200% and will recommend you to everyone I know who is looking to have this type of service done. You are a company who is extremely knowledgeable and talented in what you do and you put it all out there for the benefit of others. I learned a lot from the communications and support you provided to me.  You were certainly a great wealth of knowledge for me and like I said, I have no doubt you had a large part to play in the outcome!

Again, thank you so much!  You had a HUGE part in helping us obtaining our Green Card!”


Magdi Abdelsayed/ DV-2014/ September 15th 2014/ United Arab Emirates

“It has been a really great pleasure and valuable chance to deal with such experienced law offices during the last eighteen months to put into fact the successful process of our application for ” Diversity Visa”. During this period and following the directions, guide lines and personal contacts with DC law’s experts we were be able to proceed successfully to be liable to our big aim ” The USA Green Card.”


Yamen Ramadan/ DV-2014/ September 12th 2014/ United Arab Emirates

“What first seemed to be a lucky chance, was then turned to be a very professional journey by DC Law offices who attended my case from A to Z untill I got my Green Card. These guys know exactly what needs to be done…”


Izzaddin Mohamed Abdulla/DV-2010/ October 20th 2010/ United Arab Emirates

I highly recommend the service of DC LAW OFFICE .After winning the green card lottery ,my family and I faced many problems getting all of the paperwork in proper order.DC LAW OFFICE stremlined the process for us via phone and email .When we had our interview at the U S embassy ,we finished in less than 30 minutes .When we arrived in the US few weeks later ,our paper work was inorder and we entered quickly and without any issues,My family now has the green cards.Thank you DC LAW OFFICE .

my best and warm regards to Mr.Asem and Mr.Michael.

thank you ,



Ayman & Teresita Hijazi/DV-2010/September 23rd 2010/ United Arab Emirates

I would like to commend the services of Mr Rosenthal and his support during the follow up for immigration application and status for myself and my wife as our efforts in obtaining immigration to the US has proven to be succesful. I would like to recommend Mr. Rosenthal law firm to all those who are willing to seek this adventure.

Thanks again for your efforts and wish you and your team all the best.

Ayman & Teresita Hijazi


Wajdi Zein Eddine/ DV-2010/August 4th 2010/ United Arab Emirates

Dear Mr Michael

Greetings !!

I hope you are fine !!

I shall be grateful to thank you, deeply from my heart, for this great fullfillment and achievment . Thank you for your continous support & follow-up —You proof that you really care for my green card. I consider you are a professional and a typical representative of Dotan Cohen Law Office.

Thanks too for Mr Asem Shehk , for he introduced me to this reputable law office.


Mohammed D./ DV- 2010/ April 9th 2010/ United Arab Emirates

“I just wanna thank you, you were a great help indeed, without you our dream wouldn’t come true… I wanna thak you for all the time you have spent, the dedication in your follow up and the patience you have shown everytime there was a query or clarification, with your skills and professionalism I don’t think anyone’s application will be rejected…

Now as you said we have 6 months to enter the US for landing and settling down… Wish us luck !!! It’s a big move, very worrying especially when you have family and kids…. But yahooo — WE GOT IT.

I would also like to take this opportunity and thank all the people from Dotan Cohan Law offices for all their support. especially Asem and Aaron — Thank you guys.”


Tarig Bakhiet/ DV2011/ September 7th 2011/UAE

“I cannot thank you enough for the help you have given me during this long process of getting my green card approved! Your expertise and simple way of doing things has really been a tremendous help to me during this long and tedious process. You told me exactly what i needed to do, and how to do it! I surely could not have done this on my own despite how simple the process looks from the initial stages. I will highly recommend Dotan Cohen Law Offices for anyone who will be going through this process, or anyone that has any legal questions!! Once again, thank you for changing my life and assisting me in moving my life to the US!”


Best regards,

Tarig Bakhiet

United Kingdom

Mary Joseph/ DV-2015/ 3rd of August, 2015/ United Kingdom

Dear Mr Kaoud,

I would like to use this time and thank you personaly together with your law firm (DC law services), for your good advice and guidence handed to me on my US green card application. your services have felt nothing but encouraging and caring.

It is my hope that in the future GOD willing as a US citizen, I get to use your law firm services regarding insurance issues and other matters.


Many thanks and kind regards,

Mary Joseph.


Hayat Nas/DV-2011/January 13th 2011/ UK

Dear Seth,
interveiw went very well, you and your Company where really very helpfull , i would strongly recomend you and your Company to anyone , even the queen of england lol. We our awaiting our Passports to be collected so they can be stamped, and then it Will be all systems go.
Many thanks for your help,
best wishes
Hayat Nas , Teresa Nas, James Nas.


Wendy Cardella/DV 2017/December 13th, 2017/ Venezuela

“Definitivamente la expectativa de muchas personas es vivir en los EEUU por las oportunidades que ofrece el país para nuestros hijos y hasta para los que somos papás. Es un compendio de circunstancias que cuando se juntan de manera positiva arrojan resultados como  los obtenidos por nosotros después de haber contratado los servicios de USAFIS. Lo tomamos como una inversión  desde la primera contratación  del sorteo de la visa permanente de manera que nuestros formularios fueran llenados de manera correcta para los sorteos; y luego  al haber ganado fue aún más inversión pagar los servicios para que pudiéramos llegar a un feliz término como de hecho fue en nuestro caso. Es increíble como los abogados que te asisten logran ver detalles que nosotros no logramos ver aunque sean sencillos y parezcan sin importancia alguna, pero que en definitiva afectan el resultado final.

Seguir los consejos de USAFIS de manera literal  les ayudara a obtener esa Green Card tan esperada por todos.”

Anibal Gomez Vera/ DV 2017/ August 2nd, 2017/ Venezuela

“Hola muy buenos días Tamara recibe un cordial saludo.

 En esta oportunidad quiero es manifestar lo agradecidos que estamos con todos tus servicios y asesorias recibidos durante todo el proceso migratorio de nuestro grupo familiar. Realmente sin dudas quedas altamente recomendada por nosotros para futuros clientes. Solo nos queda es darte las gracias y poder seguir contando contigo. Seguro estamos que tendrás mucho éxito por tu excelencia.

 Una vez mas mil gracias y mil bendiciones.

Anibal Gomez y Flia”

 Domenico Maestracci/ DV 2017/ July 25th, 2017/ Venezuela

“Buen dia, mediante la presente quiero agradecerle por todos los servicios prestados en el asesoramiento de todo el proceso de obtención de la Green Card una vez que salí sorteado en la lotería de visas de EEUU.

Doy fe del conocimiento que tienen en la materia y especialmente la asesora que llevo mi caso Sra. Tamara Berman, hoy tengo mi residencia americana permanente y el aporte del equipo de Dotan Cohen Law Offices fue vital en el éxito de este sueño, mi familia y yo comenzaremos una nueva vida llena de oportunidades y estamos felices por eso. 

Los recomiendo ampliamente.



Lissette Núñez/ DV-2017/20 de Julio 2017/Venezuela

 Estimados Dotan Cohen Law Offices.

 Queremos compartir la maravillosa experiencia que tuvimos con ustedes con motivo de la asesoría legal para la obtención de la Green Card. Participamos en la Green Card Lottery a través de USAFIS por varios años y al resultar ganadores USAFIS los seleccionó como los abogados que nos iban a asesorar durante todo el proceso de obtención de documentos y la entrevista consular. La asesoría prestada por Tamara Berman fue muy profesional, nos ayudó en todo, respondió todas nuestras preguntas y cuidó de todos los detalles. El resultado positivo en nuestro proceso tiene mucho que ver con ustedes y su eficiente labor. Estamos muy agradecidos y damos fe de que esto es real. Los recomendamos ampliamente.

 Saludos Cordiales!


Jorge Briceno/ DV-2017/ July 18th, 2017/ Venezuela

“As promised, I would like to share how was my experience with USAFIS, since the very beginning I felt very well treated and felt confident that this was a serious organization, I provided all required documents to start the process of participation in the lottery, and I received a lot of guidance from the consultant, after being selected we began working with you and honestly we felt safe and secure that you were properly handling our case, we had local issues with one of the passports and you were always pending on this issue until we finally obtained it, your commitment and follow up with our process was just outstanding, and thanks for being so patient with us.

I would like to thank you and USAFIS for guiding us through this process and getting the right results the right way!

We will gratefull for ever with all of you this was a life changing experience.


Jorge Briceno​”

Ricardo Perez Guadarrama/ DV-2017/ July 11th, 2017/ Venezuela

“Yo, Ricardo Pérez Guadarrama Venezolano titular de la Cedula de Identidad: 5.309.400 y mi esposa la Señora Mara Yépez Pacheco, Venezolana, titular de la Cedula de Identidad: 7.177.408. Damos hoy 11 de julio de 2017 testimonio de la agradable sorpresa de ser los flamantes ganadores de una Visa Green Card (DV1, DV2)(Diversity Visa) periodo 2017, en nuestro caso fue mi esposa la ganadora y yo ganador por ser su esposo, todo esto comenzó hace 4 años cuando me inscribí con la compañía Usafys la cual me ofrecía inscribirme consecutivamente durante 15 años, pero ellos me aseguraban, que por su experiencia, sus clientes quedaban a más tardar entre el 4to y 5to año cosa que sucedió así en efecto, cuando nos lo notificaron en el mes de Mayo, si mal no recuerdo que había sido seleccionados, la felicidad fue enorme y a la vez la incertidumbre de cómo íbamos a sortear los siguientes pasos, porque solo era una pre selección, toda nuestra angustia fue calmada cuando recibimos la llamada de la gente del Bufete “Dotan Cohen Law Offices” bajo el comando de la Dra. Tamara Berman, a quien quiero hacer un muy especial reconocimiento, por habernos dispensado su muy valioso tiempo en guiarnos, aconsejarnos, auparnos, siempre con su voz optimista de que todo los obstáculos lo íbamos a librar con bien, con mucha fe y en efecto, así fue, hoy en día tenemos nuestros pasaportes con la nueva Visa y nos queda solo viajar a USA a convalidar nuestro nuevo Estatus, los invito a acudir a USAFYS estas personas serias y muy conocedoras de todos estos trámites con lo que respecta a la consecución y seguimiento del sorteo anual de Visas Americanas.

Buena Suerte, Saludos a mi buena amiga Dra Berman, Gracias muchas Gracias

Dr. Ricardo Pérez Guadarrama”

Mario Volpe/ DV-2017/ July 18th, 2017/ Venezuela

Estimada Sra. Tamara Berman y   Sra.Caroline Iris Dory

Escribo para agradecerles su gran colaboración a lo largo de éste exitoso proceso. Quiero agradecerles todo el apoyo recibido durante estos meses de tramites complejos, la manera correcta de el llenado de las aplicaciones, la guía adecuada para la obtención de los documentos necesarios y la detallada preparación por Skype para la entrevista en la embajada Americana, llevaron tranquilidad y seguridad en ese momento crucial  y decisivo para la obtención de la Green Card; y gracias a la oportuna manera de gestión y profesionalismo de Dotan Cohen Law Offices logramos obtenerla y  ya estamos disfrutando del inicio de una nueva vida.

Le doy gracias a Dios por haberlos puesto en nuestro camino, fueron una luz que ilumino un camino lleno de dificultades gubernamentales, obstáculos legales y adversidades económicas, su ayuda  y asistencia nos colocó por encima de todo lo negativo y nos llevó al camino libre y legal de entrar permanentemente a los Estados Unidos , mil gracias.

Bendiciones para Ustedes.

Mario Volpe y familia…


Lisbeth Rodriguez/ DV-2017/ July 16th, 2017/ Venezuela

“Atravez de esta carta quisiéramos dejar constancia de nuestra experiencia con ustedes particularmente atravez de la Dra. Tamara Berman durante el proceso de nuestra aplicación para la green card.

El servicio y asesoramiento prestado por la Dra. Tamara Berman ,fue excelente, nos sentimos muy bien atendidos, seguros , y ella con mucha paciencia contesto todas nuestras dudas e interrogantes en este proceso.


Le estamos altamente agradecidos y tenemos muchos conocidos amigos y familiares que están intentando hacer lo mismo ,a los cuales les estamos recomendando sus servicios en este proceso.

Nuevamente les felicito y les dejo saber nuestra total satisfacción y  excelente experiencia con respecto a los servicios prestados por sus oficinas atravez de la Dra. Tamara Berman.

      Lisbeth Rodriguez.”


Anonymous/ DV-2017/June 29th, 2017/ Venezuela

“Estimado equipo de Dotan Cohen Law Offices:

Ante todo un cordial saludo, escribo la presente con el propósito de agradecerles por sus excelentes servicios durante nuestro proceso de obtención del Green Card. Estamos muy complacidos con el trabajo que realizaron desde el momento en que USAFIS nos recomendó contactarlos para ayudarnos con los procesos para completar las planillas y la recolección de documentos requeridos para el día de nuestra entrevista en La Embajada Americana de Caracas, Venezuela, hasta el momento en que se nos informó que nuestra solicitud había sido aprobada.

Durante este proceso tuvimos el placer de ser atendidos por la Abogada Tamara Berman, a quien le tenemos una muy alta estima gracias al indiscutible profesionalismo con el cual trabajó nuestro caso. Acudimos a Sra. Berman en múltiples ocasiones con dudas sobre los procedimientos que debíamos cumplir, dudas a las cuales ella respondió con rapidez y claridad cada una de las veces, demostrando esto que Dotan Cohen Law Offices cuenta con un servicio eficiente, amistoso y eficaz, sin contar con que mantienen precios justos y accesibles para todo el que solicite sus servicios.

En conclusión, estamos muy felices con sus servicios y muy complacidos con cómo nos guiaron por todo este proceso y sin duda alguna vamos a estar recomendando a Dotan Cohen Law Offices a quienes puedan llegar a necesitar un guía para su proceso migratorio. No obstante, no estamos cómodos con que nuestro nombre se encuentre al alcance del público en su página web, así que preferiríamos que no publiquen nuestra experiencia.”


Maria Capriles de Rodriquez/ DV-2017/ June 30th, 2017/ Venezuela

“Con mucho gusto, contacto con ustedes  para expresar mi reconocimiento a la excelente labor realizada en la tramitacion del Reentry Permit para mi esposo, Marcos Rodriguez, y para mi durante los meses de Marzo- Abril del presente año.

Todo se realizo via internet y el tramite fue aprobado.

Tamara Berman fue precisa y consecuente con todos los pasos a realizar, aspecto que nos dio mucha seguridad en  lo que se estaba gestionando.

Hemos trabajado con el bufete en otras oportunidades y seguiremos contactandolos en caso de ser necesario…

Gracias, de nuevo.

Maria Capriles de Rodriguez.”


Jonny Wilfredo Niera/ DV-2017/ June 18th, 2017/ Venezuela

“Buen día sra Tamara Berman, quiero en esta oportunidad expresar mi agradecimiento por todo el esfuerzo profesional con que se destaco  en nuestro caso, debo admitir que, desde que USAFIS me remitió al  Dotan Cohen Law Offices, de todos los abogados que me atendieron, por el tema del idioma, no nos entendíamos, jajjajaj, pero con su persona fue toda una agradable experiencia, en su trato y profesionalismo. quiero confesar que todo este proceso por lo rigoroso y exigente en requerimientos , llegue a ver el final lejos, pero no fue así!, fui sorprendido, cuando tenJungo en mi poder el DV1/DV2/DV3  de mi grupo familiar.”

DESEO COMPARTIR ESTE TESTIMONIO FIDEDIGNO DE LA SERIEDAD CONQUE ESTA ORGANIZACION USAFIS y su grupo de abogados Dotan Cohen Law Offices se destacan, los recomiendo. quien les saluda Sr Jonny W Neira.”


Carlos Pestana Farias/ DV-2017/ June 15th, 2017/ Venezuela

Me hace muy feliz escribirte en esta ocasión, ya que no es para tratar sobre alguno de los tantos trámites que conducen a la obtención de la Green Card, sino para agradecerte, en nombre de toda la familia, el apoyo recibido durante nuestro proceso.

Desde el inicio, tu profesional desempeño, que tan dignamente representó a la firma Dotan Cohen Law Offices, demostrando una correcta y oportuna asesoría y seguimiento, fue uno de los factores fundamentales de este éxito que hoy cambia nuestras vidas.

Tras esta grata experiencia, sin lugar a dudas, recomendaremos sus servicios de asistencia legal a quienes como nosotros aspiren llegar, con paso firme y seguro, a ver su sueño, de vivir legalmente en los Estados Unidos, hacerse realidad.

Nuestros mejores deseos porque cada vez sean muchas más las personas que puedan vivir esta experiencia, con la confianza y tranquilidad que brinda el saberse en manos de expertos como Dotan Cohen Law Offices.


Éxitos y, de nuevo, mil gracias por acompañarnos en el logro de esta meta.

Con gran aprecio,

Carlos J. Pestana y familia.”


Yamileth  Vasquez/  DV-2017/ May 9th, 2017/ Venezuela

La Felicidad nos cubre de alegría. Fuimos aprobados todo excelente. Tal cual como nos dijiste. Todo…
Un millón de bendiciones para ti y tú trabajo para que sigas orientando a tantas personas y familia que quieren un cambio para bien en su rumbo de vida.
Ahora a esperar las visas y ir acomodando las cosas para la partida.
Estaremos reportando como vayan aconteciendo las cosas.

Nuestro agradecimiento y saludos”


Alberto Pedro Boracchi Villa/ DV-2017/ May 26th, 2017/ Venezuela

“Habiendo, ya obtenido la aprobacion de nuestro proceso de Inmigracion a EE UU y por consiguiente, cercano el termino de nuestra actual relacion de contratación con usted y su empresa, es muy placentero para mi esposa Francia y para mi; comunicarle nuestra total satisfaccion respecto a su asesoria; la cual fue por demas oportuna y acertiva, para alcanzar el objetivo antes indicado.

Del servicio recibido, sólo se puede concluir que ustedes son una firma con destacados profesionales,  comprometidos con sus clientes, a fin de facilitar los procesos legales de Immigracion.

Reciban ustedes nuestro agradecimiento por todo lo recibido de ustedes y nuestro deseo que en una próxima oportunidad, podamos volver a contar con sus servicios.

Ing. Alberto Boracchi

Econ. Francia Guzman de Boracchi”


Rafael Freytes/ June 6th, 2017/ DV-2017/ Venezuela

“En nombre de la Familia Freytes Zannotti quiero agradecer a el Gran Equipo de Dotan Cohen Law Offices por el apoyo prestado durante todo el proceso para obtener nuestras Green Cards, gracias a la excelente asesoría de la Sra. Tamara Berman y la Sra. Caroline Iris Dori lo cual hizo que el proceso fuera muy sencillo, al principio teníamos muchas dudas las cuales nos fueron aclarando con profesionalismo a medida que avanzábamos, de manera  hoy podemos decir que estamos realmente agradecidos y felices ya que tenemos nuestras Green Cards y podemos emprender un nuevo rumbo en busca de un mejor Futuro en esta Gran Nación como lo es Estados Unidos. 



Rafael Freytes


Simon Elias Mora Amaro/June 1st, 2017/ DV-2017/ Venezuela

“Estimados Srs de Dotan Cohen Law Offices

Me dirijo a ustedes el día de hoy para agradecer su trabajo de asesoría y guía durante el proceso de obtener mi Diversity Visa, el camino ya es suficientemente pedregoso y complicado asi que tener el apoyo de un grupo de abogados tan dedicados y profesionales facilitó mucho todo, envío un agradecimiento especial a mi abogado Tamara Berman quien me dió información bastante específica del proceso de la entrevista, esto me ayudó a estar cómodo y preparado para cualquier pregunta o para suministrar cualquier documento que la embajada solicitara, vale la pena recalcar que estoy infinitamente satisfecho con el trabajo realizado y en lo personal recomendaré su firma a todo aquel que necesite consultoría del mismo tipo, mis mejores deseos.

Simon Elias Mora Amaro”


Alberto Pedro Boracchi Villa/May 31st, 2017/ DV-2017/Venezuela

“Estimada tamara: 
Habiendo, ya obtenido la aprobacion de nuestro proceso de Inmigracion a EE UU y por consiguiente, cercano el termino de nuestra actual relacion de contratación con usted y su empresa, es muy placentero para mi esposa Francia y para mi; comunicarle nuestra total satisfaccion respecto a su asesoria; la cual fue por demas oportuna y acertiva, para alcanzar el objetivo antes indicado.

Del servicio recibido, sólo se puede concluir que ustedes son una firma con destacados profesionales,  comprometidos con sus clientes, a fin de facilitar los procesos legales de Immigracion.

Reciban ustedes nuestro agradecimiento por todo lo recibido de ustedes y nuestro deseo que en una próxima oportunidad, podamos volver a contar con sus servicios.

Ing. Alberto Boracchi

Econ. Francia Guzman de Boracchi”

Ramon Acosta Gutierrez/DV-2017/May 20th, 2017/Venezuela
“Haber ganado la loteria de visas a sido una oportunidad unica en nuestras vidas, oportunidad que no debe ser tomada a la ligera debido a su importancia, y a todos los beneficios que eso conlleva, razon por la cual creimos desde un principio en DOTAN COHEN LAWYERS y a decir verdad su trabajo supero por mucho todas nuestras espectativas, desde el primer dia que nos atendieron hasta el dia de hoy que ya tenemos las visas aprobadas, ha sido una constante ayuda, su profesionalismo, eficiencia y la dedicacion de todo el equipo y muy especial el trato atento y oportuno de Tamara Berman al reponder a tiempo todas nuestras interrogantes, garantizan la tranquilidad de uno como aplicante, el saber que nuestro caso esta en manos de personas que verdaderamente saben de todo el proceso y que estan muy pendiente de todos los asuntos por muy minimo que parezcan genera mucha confianza y a la final ese trabajo es el que garantiza el exito de todo el proceso.
Agradecemos inifinitamente a la Sra Tamara Berman y todo su equipo por todo lo que hicieron por nuestra familia, no nos basta esta vida para agradecerles por tanto Dios los bendiga hoy y siempre! y sigan adelante ayudando a darle a muchas familias un mejor futuro !!!”


Edinson Carrizo Barboza/DV-2017/April 18th, 2017/Venezuela

“My family and I are very satisfied with the work done by DC Law Office especially our attorney in this immigration process to the United States. The diligent, clear and timely manner in which we received your services allowed us satisfactorily to obtain the expected results. The whole process was supported and advised correctly step by step from the beginning to the end and all our concerns were clarified in a timely and precise manner.”


Godoy Velez/DV-2017/April 28th, 2017/Venezuela

“Dear Sirs:

We’re very pleased to inform you that we as a family are very satisfied and happy with your services and assistance in our case.

We received effective advice and support from Dotan Cohen Law offices in our green card diversity lottery. We really appreciate it and thanks the law firm for this.

As soon as we receive the paper will let you know.

Best regards and thanks again!

Arturo, Nijolu, Arturo Jose and Andres Jose.”


Rafael Freytes/ DV-2017/March 17th, 2017/ Venezuela

“Muy buenos días!! es un gusto saludarles y a la ves hacer de su conocimiento la Feliz noticia de que nuestra Visa fue APROBADA!!!

Quiero decirles en mi nombre y en de mi Familia que estamos muy Agradecidos por el apoyo brindado por cada uno de ustedes en todo el proceso y preparación de nuestra entrevista, por los esfuerzos de la Sra. Caroline en lograr una comunicación efectiva a pesar de nuestro poco Ingles, por el apoyo del Sr. Cohen,  la Srta Melissa, y por esa reunión telefónica con la Sra Tamara la cual fue de gran ayuda.

Dios los Bendiga siempre e ilumine cada paso en el transitar por esta vida.


Rafael Freytes”


Marianna Trivella/DV-2017/February 13th, 2017/ Venezuela

“I am pretty pleased with Dotan Cohen Law Offices services. All team has been engaged in help me with my US Permanent Residence process. They have given me support in each step, have clarified my doubts and they have adviced me all the time. I recommend their services for any inmigration requirement”.

Marianna Trivella


Eduardo Rosario/DV-2016/July 25th 2016/Venezuela

“Saludos Sra. berman!!

Estamos muy contentos y agradecidos por el asesoramiento profesional, oportuno y objetivo del grupo de abogados que forman parte del DC LAW OFFICES Relocation & Immigration, para obtener con total exito, nuestra resicencia americana  en la 2016 DIVERSITY  GREEN CARD LOTTERY. Por lo que los recomendamos ampliamente en nombre de la familia ROSARIO DE FARIA, para futuras operaciones.

Sin mas que decir tentamente,

Eduardo Rosario”


Rene Ayala Campos/ DV-2016/ July 7th 2016/ Venezuela

“Fui ganador del Diversity Immigrant Visa Program del período 2016 y terminé exitosamente mi proceso de entrevista y entrega de documentos recientemente. 

La labor de la Dra. Tamara Berman y del grupo Dotan Cohen Law Offices cumplió ampliamente con mis expectativas y fue clave para este éxito. Altamente profesionales, la Dra. Berman y colaboradores mantuvieron constante contacto conmigo para mantenerme al tanto de los pasos del proceso migratorio. Aun cuando el proceso es lento, el grupo DC Law Offices lo supo explicar paso a paso por lo que no me generó ansiedad. Estoy altamente satisfecho con este grupo de profesionales y lo recomiendo ampliamente a quienes estén interesados en los servicios migratorios.


René Ayala”


Simon Antonio Moran Finol/ DV-2016/ June 13th 2016/ Venezuela










Miguel Angel Quinones Pavon/ DV-2016/ June 1st 2016/ Venezuela

“Buenos días, gusto en saludarla efectivamente quiero expresarle mi agradecimiento a todo el equipo que me asistió desde el principio en el proceso, especialmente a la Sra. Tamara que siempre nos apoyo ante todas las dudas que se presentaron, por otro lado considero muy importante la preparación y recomendaciones que nos  transmitió antes de efectuarse la entrevista en la embajada. (Le envío mi agradecimiento y mis saludos). Con la bendición de dios pronto estaremos activando nuestras visas.

Agradeciendo como siempre su apoyo y atento a sus comentarios.

Bendiciones y Saludos cordiales para todos.

Miguel Quiñones”


Jesus Chirinos/ DV-2016/ April 4th, 2016/Venezuela

“Al preguntarme, que debo decir de nuestra experiencia!!! Solo Gracias Totales. La Sra. Tamara Berman y su equipo son realmente increíbles y siempre están allí para cualquier consulta.

Mi familia esta agradecida y seguirá en contacto para cualquier trámite en el futuro.

100 % recomendados. Nuevamente gracias.”


Lorelay Elena Palacios Petrola/ DV-2016/ March 30th, 2016/ Venezuela

“El haber ganado la Lotería en el año 2015 nos lleno inmensamente de felicidad, una vez que recibimos la llamada todo cambio.

El proceso se nos hizo mucho mas fácil y cómodo gracias al apoyo de la Sra. Tamara Berman, logramos reunir toda la documentación necesaria para el día de la entrevista, nos asesoro vía skipe  y puedo garantizar en un 100% que el servicio es optimo y confiable.

Estamos muy agradecidos como familia de haber sido seleccionados y de haberlos elegido a ustedes como nuestros asesores legales.

Gracias por la confianza y sigan brindando siempre un excelente servicio.


Lorelay Palacios”


Isaac Caled/ DV-2016/ March 29th, 2016/ Venezuela

“Muy felices y agradecidos con la atención prestada. Sin duda este proceso sin su asesoría y acompañamiento no hubiese sido el mismo. Contestaban todas nuestras interrogantes a tiempo, nos indicaron con sencillez y claridad todos los pasos del proceso y lo mejor siempre estuvieron allí pendiente de cada uno de esos pasos. Gracias por el apoyo y por su excelente labor. Totalmente recomendables.



Reina Elizabeth Obadia Levy/ DV-2016/ 21st of March, 2016/ Venezuela

“Mi historia comienza el día 14 de Mayo del año 2015 cuando recibí una llamada telefónica de la Organización USAFIS, específicamente de la Sra. Laura Klein quien me informó que había sido seleccionada para comenzar el proceso para la obtención de la Diversity Immigrant Visa para el año 2016, o en otras palabras que había ganado la Lotería de Visas de los Estados Unidos. Por supuesto que al principio me quedé en shock ya que mi aplicación la había hecho hacía tanto tiempo que hasta la había olvidado, pero lo más curioso y anecdótico es que aproximadamente dos horas antes de recibir la llamada, estaba conversando con una buena compañera de trabajo en relación a la situación de nuestro país (Venezuela) y a las alternativas que ella y su esposo tendrían para poder criar y sacar adelante, de una manera más segura a sus dos hijos menores, a lo que le respondí que en el caso de que tuviera que tomar la decisión de salir del país, yo tendría la posibilidad de emigrar legalmente a España ya que poseo la nacionalidad española, pero la verdad es que a mí lo que más me gustaría sería poder hacerlo para los Estados Unidos……. Es por eso que al recibir la llamada de USAFIS no dudé ni por un instante en comenzar el proceso ya que lo consideré como un DESIGNIO DE DIOS !!!

A partir de ese mismo instante empecé a recibir las instrucciones necesarias y la designación del escritorio Dotan Cohen Law Offices en la persona de la Abogada Tamara Berman para asistirme durante todo el proceso, en el cual demostró ser una gran profesional y con conocimientos sólidos acerca de la realidad y de los procesos legales internos de mi país y de los inconvenientes con los que pudiera encontrarme para la obtención de toda la documentación requerida.

Mi experiencia ha sido excelente, no tengo palabras para agradecerle a Tamara por toda su dedicación, en todo momento me mantuvo informada del progreso del proceso y al tanto de todos los pasos por venir, pero lo más importante siempre fue la celeridad en sus respuestas cada vez que le hacía alguna consulta o que me asaltaba alguna inquietud, siempre se mostró muy positiva y certera en su apreciación de que no veía ninguna razón por la cual pudiesen negarme la Visa y por supuesto la tan ansiada Green Card y el Social Security, lo cual se materializó, felizmente para mí, el día 11 de febrero del año 2016 con un éxito total en mi Entrevista Consular !!!!


Reina Elizabeth Obadía L.”


Dayana Pinero/ DV-2015/ 7th September 2015/ Venezuela

“Estamos completamente satisfechos del trabajo que hicimos junto con DC Law Offices. De la mano de Tamara Berman todo fluyó excelente. Obtuvimos respuestas inmediatas, buena atención, dudas aclaradas a tiempo y apoyo total durante el proceso. Todo se dio sin ningún contratiempo y logramos nuestro objetivo.

Muchas gracias a todo el equipo en especial por supuesto a Tamara Berman.


Familia Díaz Piñero”


Familia Balzan/ DV-2015/ 30th August 2015/ Venezuela

“Estimada y apreciada Tamara: En primer lugar, le enviamos un fraternal abrazo y un caluroso saludo desde esta ciudad “Luz Latinoamericana” que vio nacer al Libertador Simón Bolívar. En segundo orden de ideas, la presente tiene el fin de agradecerle profundamente todo lo que Usted nos ayudó para obtener definitivamente nuestra “Visa de Inmigrantes”.

Estamos en la obligación de notificarle que ya nos llegaron nuestros pasaportes respectivos a toda la familia Balzán Alvarez y viajaremos a USA a los fines del correspondiente sellado y espera del Green Card y Social Security el día 23 de Octubre del corriente año, deseando poder conocerla y manifestarle en persona nuestra inmensa gratitud en esta nueva etapa de nuestras vidas.

Debemos también confesarle, que gracias a su pericia, experiencia de vida y gran profesionalismo, todo el proceso se hizo más ligero y amigable, aunque como es lógico, tenemos nuestros miedos e incertidumbres.

La decisión de emigrar del país que te vio nacer es difícil, compleja, dura para la familia y una suerte de “Duelo” por el desapego a muchas cosas cotidianas. La Familia no es solo la sangre, sino lo que comes, donde vives, lo que frecuentas y hasta cómo huele tu ciudad natal. Es una suerte de “historia en silencio”. Y es que todos los inmigrantes tenemos una historia! Y usted ha comenzado a formar parte de ese relato de vida que puede dar luz a quienes acaban de llegar.

Nos ha inspirado como abogados a querer trabajar en lo que usted hace y llevar una bendición a tantos hogares que sueñan y aventuran, creyendo en un mundo mejor y con oportunidades para nuestros hijos.

Nuevamente le tenemos que agradecer la paciencia y el profesionalismo prestado.

Esperando contactarnos a la brevedad para terminar de solventar unas pequeñas dudas, se despide de Usted.

José Ángel Balzán, Iraida Gabriela Alvarez y Sofía Gabriela Balzán Alvarez.”


Nayerling Vivas Hernandez/ DV-2015/ 20th August 2015/ Venezuela

“Quisiera darle las Gracias por cada una de sus atenciones para con nosotros en el transcurso de este proceso que si bien sabemos es un poco largo y trae muchas dudas  para las personas que lo  están realizando ,  Gracias Señora Tamara Berman por haber tenido una respuesta oportuna para cada una de las preguntas que me salían a diario durante su asesoría, puedo dar testimonio de que si yo le hacia una pregunta hoy con seguridad obtenía una respuesta de su parte al día siguiente y a primera hora, a quien les pueda recomendar de sus servicios lo haré sin lugar a dudas, a todo el equipo de trabajo de USAFIS y a ustedes DC LAW OFFICES, Gracias y Felicitaciones por tener personas muy Responsables, Amables, y Profesionales trabajando para prestarle el servicio de la mejor manera posible a quien lo necesite………… atentamente NAYERLING VIVAS”


Josmeli Gabriela Brito/ DV-2015/ 21st of August 2015/ Venezuela

“Buenos días Tamara, primero que nada de mi parte y de la de mi esposo te queremos agradecer a ti y a la oficina de Abogados que representas por todo su apoyo prestado, el seguimiento a nuestro caso para la obtener la Green Card, la cual Gracias a ustedes fue un éxito.

De hecho mientras estuvimos en la Embajada de USA en Caracas encontramos a una pareja muy contenta también por las asesorías de ustedes.

Cada detalle dado, la forma de organizar nuestros documentos, posibles preguntas, todo fue acertado y aún siguen estando para brindarnos apoyo.

Muchísimas Gracias!, Nos fue otorgada la Green Card. Aún no hemos entrado a USA, que es el siguiente paso. los mantendremos al tanto.

Recomendados? Por supuesto que Si!”


Kurt Schnell Brandt/ DV-2015/ 17th of August 2015/ Venezuela

“Dra Tamara

Buen día

Quería informarle que nos ha llegado la residencia a todos el día viernes pasado 14 de Agosto vía ZOOM. Así pues que aprovecho la presente para agradecerle altamente su guiá, su atención, su dedicación, su gestión para con nosotros la cual fue siempre de manera excelente y expedita, nos sentimos siempre muy complacidos y bien representados sobre todo con sus mensajes enviados a la embajada..

Espero poder recomendarla siempre y  poder contar con Ud en el futuro de necesitar vuestros servicios !!

Quedo de Ud muy agradecido


Kurt Christopher Schnell Brandt y  Familia : )”


Vraneykha Pertuso/ DV-2015/ 15th of August 2015/ Venezuela

“Estimada Tamara queremos hacerte llegar nuestro mayor agradecimiento por tu profesionalismo y excelente servicio en nuestro proceso para la aprobación de la green card. Durante este año que estuvimos  bajo tu gran orientación y apoyo nos sentimos más seguros en cada uno de los pasos que nos exigía el estado americano y gracias a ti y a tu gran equipo logramos de manera exitosa la aprobación  de la gran anhelada green card.

Sin mas que decir,  simplemente un  agradecimiento infinito


Vraneykha y Arturo”


Juan Gonzalez de Mendoza/ DV-2015/ 10th of August 2015/ Venezuela

“El proceso de obtener la visa de inmigración de los Estados Unidos de Norte America para toda nuestra familia, utilizando los servicios de apoyo de DC Law Offices ha sido una experiencia muy satisfactoria. La abogado asignada a nuestro caso, Tamara Berman nos oriento formalmente con mucha precision y claridad con toda la información requerida, En todo momento, todos los miembros sentimos un apoyo muy profesional y ademas con disposición al ser requerida hasta el mismo momento de la entrevista y entrega de documentos.

Ampliamente recomendamos dicha firma por su profesionalismo, conocimiento y atencion al cliente Juan Gonzalez de Mendoza”


Atilano Orozco/ DV-2015/ 5th of August 2015/ Venezuela

“La seguridad no tiene precio.

Definitivamente nuestra experiencia con DC Law Offices ha sido maravillosa.

Estar aplicando para una Visa de Inmigración y estar tan bien asesorados, nos ha hecho el proceso mucho más fácil y seguro. Ya tenemos nuestra Green Card aprobada.!

Mil gracias a la abogTamara Berman por su profesionalismo, oportuna asesoría y por su paciencia para con nosotros.

100% recomendables.!!!

Claudia Olivo y Atilano Orozco”


Gustavo Zambrano/ DV-2015/ 5th of August 2015/ Venezuela

En nombre de mi Familia Zambrano Petit, queremos dar las Gracias a todo el equipo que trabaja para Dotan Cohen Law Offices, de manera particular a Tamara Berman por el profesionalismo e interés que nos brindaron durante todo el proceso de preparación de documentos previos a la entrevista consular para la obtención de nuestra DV2015.


 Gustavo Zambrano y Familia



Arturo Gonzalez/ DV-2015/ 2nd of August, 2015/ Venezuela

Buenos días señores: La presente es para dar mi apreciación a los servicios recibidos tanto por la Oficina y especialmente por la Lic. TAMARA BERMAN, en el proceso de trámite y aprobación de la Visa de Diversidad o Geen Card. En lo que respecta a la Oficina, desde la primera vez que los contacté fui atentido muy bien, de manera muy profesional, me dieron una amplia información de lo que sería el proceso de trámite, siempre acogieron mis planteamientos rápido y oportunamente, en tal sentido, los resolvieron adecuadamente, específicamente la parte económica y su respectivo pago por cómodas cuotas. EN LO QUE RESPECTA A LA LIC. TAMARA BERMAN, debo indicar que es una excelente profesional, en todo momento atendió y resolvió mis preguntas y dudas de manera muy rápida, contestando en tiempo record los email que les envié. De verdad, es una profesional digna de felicitaciones, ya que trabaja con mucha dedicación, responsabilidad y profesionalismo, sabe lo que hace y dice, es muy eficiente y eficaz, domina en exceso el tema de inmigración, me instruyó para la entrevista de la Embajada de manera impecable, debo darle gracias eternas y cuando vaya a Nueva York, la visitaré para darle las gracias personalmente. NO TENGO NINGUNA DUDA EN RECOMENDAR A LA OFICINA, PERO MUY ESPECIALMENTE A LA LIC. TAMARA BERMAN. que dios y la virgen la colmen de bendiciones y le proporcionen siempre mucha salud y sabiduría, para que siga ayudando a miles de personas que requieren su excelente asesoría. AGRADECIDO ARTURO GONZALEZ.



Salim Daher/ DV-2015/ July 27th 2015/ Venezuela

Por medio de la presente hago constar  nuestra experiencia con la asesoria prestada por USAFIS  Y DOTAN COHEN LAW OFFICES de NEW YORK durante los tramites para la obtencion de la Green Card Americana.

En Mayo del 2014 la empresa USAFIS nos notifico que fuimos seleccionados en la Loteria de Visas correspondiente a ese año, desde entonces  el escritorio de abogados de DOTAN COHEN se encargo de asesorarnos sobre los tramites a realizar y sobre todo los lapsos prudenciales para los mismos. Fuimos asignados a uno de sus representantes la Abogado Tamara Berman, quien con gran gentileza y dedicacion fue guiandonos en cada detalle paso a paso de manera exitosa,hasta que finalmente obtuvimos la cita en Mayo 2015 y nos otorgaron la Residencia Permanente Americana.

Los recomiendo ampliamente y les agradezco nuevamente por los favores prestados.



Maria Elena y Salim Daher


Pedro and Zayda Zambrano/ DV-2015/ 21st of July 2015/ Venezuela


A casi un mes de haber llegado a los Estados Unidos de America, producto de ser Beneficiados  por el sistema de loteria de visas 2015, queremos darle nuestras mas expresivas gracias tanto a ” Usafis “, empresa quien nos represento ante los organismos gubernamentales  asi como tambien al Bufete  Dotan Cohen, quien en definitiva fue el ente que nos asesoro y elevo nuestro caso ante esos  organismo,  Especialmente a la Dra. Tamara Berman  quien con su profesionalismo y capacidad condujo ese proceso hasta su definitiva conclusion dando como resultado que no se nos presentara en ningun momento incovenientes alguno para nuestro traslado a los E.U.A.  No queremos olvidarnos del Sr. David Green , de usafis quien en varias oportunidades nos apoyo con su orientacion y paciencia en los diferentes oportunidades en  que a el recurrimos. A todos ellos .

Gracias.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Pedro y Zayda Zambrano”


Ernesto Finol/ DV-2015/ 15th of July 2015/ Venezuela

“Buenos días estimada Tamara,

Gracias por  su pronta respuesta y el apoyo recibido.

Con respecto a los servicios prestados por Dotan Cohen durante todo el proceso, debo indicar que el mismo fue EXCELENTE, y todas las expectativas fueron cubiertas; la información, dudas, respuestas, consejos e inquietudes siempre fueron suministrados y aclarados en tiempo oportuno y de una manera profesional.   Sin duda alguna que el trato personalizado y particular recibido por parte de ustedes hacia nosotros como clientes es la clave de su éxito como organización.

Nuevamente en nombre propio y el de mi familia quiero darle las gracias por todo el apoyo recibido, para que este proceso concluyera con exitosamente.


Ernesto Finol”



Isabela Ferreira Texeira/ DV-2015/ 13th of July 2015/ Venezuela

“Estimada Tamara,

Muchísimas gracias por toda la asesoría y colaboración brindada durante todo el proceso de obtención de la visa.

La asesoría que ofrecen tanto Dotan Cohen Law Offices como usted como miembro de la firma, fue totalmente precisa pues están al tanto de cada uno de los recaudos exigidos en Venezuela para el trámite de las visas de inmigrante. Hubo momentos en que nos preocupaba el tiempo de respuesta por parte del KCC, sin embargo, usted siempre nos mantuvo informados sobre el status de cada paso de nuestra solicitud. El día en que asistimos a la Embajada de USA en Caracas, llevamos todos los documentos en orden de acuerdo a lo sugerido en la llamada telefónica previa a la entrevista. El oficial consular certificó que toda nuestra documentación se encontraba en orden y nuestra visa fue aprobada.

Muchas gracias por todo. Tenga la certeza de que los recomendaremos con nuestras amistades para el trámite de sus visas para los Estados Unidos de Norteamérica.

Saludos cordiales,

Isabel Ferreira T.”


Marioxy Rincon and Humberto Castro/ DV-2015/ 5th of July 2015/ Venezuela


“Tamara, a continuación lo solicitado:

La amplia experiencia y el conocimiento del bufete legal Dotan Cohen en el area de inmigracion y relocación legal, especialmente la abogada Tamara Berman nos ayudó a mi y a mi esposo a cumplir todos los paso necesarios para lograr nuestra visa de residente en los Estados Unidos.

Tamara fue muy eficiente y receptiva, siendo oportuna para dar rápida respuesta a todas nuestras inquietudes asociadas con el proceso de inmigración. Su extenso conocimiento en el área, su amabilidad y paciencia nos ayudo muchísimo en lograr esta meta.

Tamara puso extremo cuidado y atención a todo nuestro caso y manejó de manera muy concisa los pocos inconvenientes y/o retrasos que se nos pudieron presentar dándonos alternativas que nos permitieran continuar. Realmente agradecemos toda su atención y eficiencia en el trabajo que desempeña porque sin toda su orientación no lo hubiéramos logrado.

Muy Excelente e impecable trabajo Tamara, muchisimas gracias por todo!

Marioxy Rincon y Humberto Castro”


Fernando Gomez/ DV-2015/ July 5th 2015/ Venezuela

“El servicio obtenido por parte de ustedes ha sido excelente. Me llevaron de la mano durante todo el proceso de la obtención de la green card en una forma fácil de entender y me explicaron de manera sencilla todo lo que yo debía hacer para lograr el objetivo.  Fui muy bien preparado para la entrevista lo cual fue un factor determinante para finalmente tener mi visa de inmigrante

Salidos cordiales.

Fernando Gómez”


Fabiola Gervazzi/ DV-2015/ July 2nd 2015/ Venezuela

“¡Hola, Tamara! ¿Cómo estás?

Ernesto y yo queremos agradecer todo el apoyo y excelente gestión que recibimos tanto por parte de Dotan Cohen Law Offices, pero muy especial de tu parte.

Gracias al servicio de alto nivel que mi esposo y yo recibimos, ayer obtuvimos como resultado la aprobación de nuestra visa de residencia en Estados Unidos.

En un futuro, esperamos seguir contando con la asesoría que puedan brindarnos, pero ahora ya enfocados en cumplir todos los pasos de manera correcta en cuanto a todo lo que implica mudarnos a Estados Unidos.

Recibe un fuerte abrazo de nuestra parte.


Fabiola y Ernesto”


Lizanyury Carrascal Orozco/ DV-2015/ July 2nd 2015/ Venezuela

“Buen día!!

Por este medio quiero expresar nuestra entera satisfacción con el apoyo prestado durante todo el proceso de obtención de la green card por parte de todo el grupo de Dotan Cohen Law Offices, un grupo profesional quienes nos suministraron todo el apoyo e información que requerimos en cada uno de los pasos por los cuales pasamos durante todos los meses del proceso, en especial muy agradecidos y satisfechos con el apoyo que recibimos de la Sra. Tamara Berman quien estuvo codo a codo con nosotros en este arduo proceso hasta que alcanzamos satisfactoriamente obtener la green card y quien en todo momento nos prestó toda la información que requerimos y nos guió en cada etapa del proceso.

Agradecidos por todo el apoyo prestado.


Lizanyury Carrascal”

Simon Vera Marcano/ DV-2015/ July 2nd 2015/ Venezuela

“Estimados Sres. Dotan Cohen Law Offices;

Mediante el presente correo quisiera expresar mi satisfaccion conrespecto al
proceso de obtencion de mi DV-2015.

En primer lugar agradecer toda la ayuda y atencion prestada por la Srta. Tamara
Berman, quien me asistio de manera cordial indicandome cada paso que debiamos
realizar, para de este manera no fallar en ningun punto. Es importante resaltar
que la asistencia fue prestada hasta la obtencion de la visa, explicando cada
detalle de las situaciones que se pudieran presentar.

Cabe destacar que el acuerdo concretado inicialmente, fue cumplido a cabalidad
por parte de Dotan Cohen Law Offices, tanto en los servicios ofrecidos, como en
el  precio de los mismos.

Sin mas a que hacer referencia y agradeciendo de nuevo por su asistencia, me

Saludos cordiales.”

Lowis Micciollo Prada/ DV-2015/ July 1st 2015/ Venezuela

“Buenas tardes, Tamara

Espero se encuentre muy bien.

Queremos expresar nuestro agradecimiento por su apoyo, y el de su equipo en DC Law Offices  en el proceso de obtención de la Visa de Inmigrante Green Card, en la cual resultamos favorecidos. Apreciamos de su parte, haber recibido respuestas en tiempo y forma, así como también haber solventado las dudas que se nos presentaron en tiempo, durante el desarrollo hasta la entrevista final ante la Embajada de los Estados Unidos.

Agradeciendo su gentil atención y disposición ante las dudas que se nos puedan presentar, me despido


Best Regards,

Lowis Micciollo

Giancarla Fratini/ DV-2015/ July 1st 2015/ Venezuela

Estimado Sr. Cohen

En primer lugar un cordial saludo. El motivo de esta carta es para hacerle llegar nuestro agradecimiento por liderar un equipo excelente y profesional.

Mi nombre es Giancarla Fratini de Reyes, fui seleccionada para el Green Card Winner DV-2015 con USAFIS.

USAFIS me recomendó con su bufete e inmediatamente recibí la llamada del Sr. Dario Pereira, quien de manera oportuna y profesional recalco la importancia de utilizar los servicios de Dotan Cohen Law Offices.

Al comienzo no estaba muy segura si debía o no utilizar abogados, pero los consejos y recomendaciones del Sr. Pereira me convencieron de utilizar los servicios de Dotan Cohen Law Offices por lo que estoy eternamente agradecida.

Posteriormente se comunicó conmigo la Sra. Tamara Berman.

Desde el comienzo notamos en ella un trato serio, formal y competente y nos hacía sentir seguridad en su experto proceder cada vez que se comunicaba con nosotros.

Las características sobresalientes de su trabajo demuestran un alto nivel de formación y experiencia profesional. Considerando la excelente relación mantenida de forma constante y pautada durante todos estos meses pudimos percibir que la Sra. Tamara Berman estuvo siempre alineada con el tiempo y la distancia en referencia al enfoque global de los distintos sistemas legales. Su sentido de orientación y conocimiento en cuanto a la diversidad legal de los países donde mi esposo y yo requeríamos obtener los documentos para la entrevista es admirable.

La expectativa nos tornaba impacientes y, sin embargo, en las innumerables communicaciones, la Sra. Tamara Berman siempre mantuvo un trato coridal y competente. Sus consejos nos brindaron el apoyo que necesitábamos para poder recuperar la confianza y la serenidad sobre todo cuando nos preparó para la entrevista. No dejó nada a la suerte, todo fue un trabajo estudiado, calculado y bien hecho. Los resultados están a la vista y la meta de obtener la Visa de Inmigrante se hizo realidad gracias al total apoyo de la Sra. Tamara Berman.

Es importante para nosotros recalcar nuestro mayor reconocimiento al esfuerzo y la constante implicación que la Sra. Berman demostró en el desempeño de su trabajo superando nuestras expectativas.

Por todo lo anteriormente expuesto damos testimonio que Dotan Cohen Law Offices está a la altura de lo que ofrece y mucho más.

Queremos hacer expresa, nuevamente, toda nuestra gratitud por el bufete de abogados que Usted preside.



Giancarla Fratini de Reyes y Famila”

Yamal Daes Diaz/ DV-2015/ June 30th 2015/ Venezuela

“Buenas tardes Tamara

Queremos agradecerte todo el apoyo y asesoramiento brindado por tu persona. Al final de todo este largo proceso se logro el objetivo y ahora creo que le puedo brindar un mejor futuro a mi familia viviendo en los Estados Unidos con la residencia obtenida a traves de la loteria americana. Especialmente te agradezco a ti toda la paciencia y apoyo ofrecido a nosostros. Una vez mas gracias por todo.

Familia Daes Alvarez”

Laura de Francisco Conoscenti/ DV-2015/ June 30th 2015/ Venezuela

“El proceso me pareció excelente se me hizo muy rápido. Tu servicios fueron excelentes, con respuestas claras e inmediatas y sobre todo mucha paciencia conmigo. Estoy muy agradecida con todo tu apoyo y paciencia fue un placer trabajar contigo.


Feliz día”

Gilberto Ochoa Medina/ DV-2015/ June 29th 2015/ Venezuela

“Hola buenas dias en el año 2014 fui ganador de la loteria de las visas de Estados Unidos aplicando atraves de USAFIS.ORG esta organizacion me asigno al grupo s3 abogados de Dotan Cohen y la abogada encargada La Sta Tamara Berman fue la encargada de asesorarme y guiarme en todo el proceso hasta que logre junto a mi familia obtener la green card visa, fur una experiencia muy agradable en especial al apoyo ofrecido por Tamara Berman y Dotan Cohen les agradesco

Por todo el apoyo prestado y espero sigan ayudando a muchas personas

Gilberto Rafael Ochoa Medina”

Gabriela Bastardo/ DV-2015/ June 28th 2015/ Venezuela

“Buenos días, Tamara quiero en primer lugar decirte que me aprobaron la visa de inmigrante, por 6 meses como me comentaste, ya compre pasaje, me voy en agosto,para USA.

Así que ante todo mil gracia as a dotan &cohen  por la asesoría jurídica, y en especial a ti, Tamara Berman, por aclarar cada una de mis dudas de manera oportuna, la simulación o preparación a la  entrvista fue mas sencillo de lo que practicamos pero la misma fue de gran ayuda, para combatir el nervio, miles de gracias y que continúen los éxitos.”

Yhesika Rodriguez/ DV-2015/ June 18th 2015/ Venezuela

“Buenos días Tamara espero estés muy bien. Te envío mis comentarios tal como lo acordamos y una vez más muchísimas gracias:

La firma Dotan Cohen son profesionales muy responsables y dedicados a prestar un servicio óptimo. Mi caso fue atendido por la Abogado Támara Berman, fue muy diligente, dedicada, atenta, responsable y por sobre todas las cosas un extraordinario ser humano, fue  una bendición en todo este largo proceso y gracias a su asesoría y dedicación obtuvimos la visa de inmigrante, brindándonos una nueva oportunidad para sembrar nuestro futuro. Mil gracias por sus servicios.”

Manuel Hernandez Duncan/ DV-2014/ June 18th 2015/ Venezuela

Gracias al apoyo consecuente directo y personal, brindado por los profesionales de DC Law Offices, pude, después de haber sido seleccionado, obtener una guía detallada de cada uno de los pasos, requisitos, sugerencias,documentos que  debía presentar para así  alcanzar con feliz termino la obtención de mi Green Card.
Nuevamente quisiera expresarles mi agradecimiento por su excelente ayuda.


Manuel Alejandro Hernandez Duncan

Luis A. Ramirez Acosta/ DV-2015/ June 3rd 2015/ Venezuela

Definitivamente el Tiempo de Dios… Es Perfecto….y  todo llega en su momento…

“El pasado 16/5/2014; recibí una grata noticia de parte de la Sra. Marisa Redondo representante de habla hispana de la empresa USAFIS ORG; donde me informaban que fui seleccionado; para aplicar a la GREEN CARD.

Como es de esperar este tipo de noticias siempre te toman de sorpresa. Pero te cambian la vida para mejor. Sin embargo  la incredulidad estuvo  presente; ya que no todos los días uno recibe este tipo de noticias tan agradables. Logrando al mismo tiempo que surgieran en mi ciertas dudas.

Les confieso que llegue a pensar que se trataba de una broma y luego de rectificar e internalizar, dentro del cumulo de emociones conjugadas para ese momento tan confuso. Pude recordar que en una oportunidad – Noviembre de 2013 para ser exactos- yo había aplicado para este proceso de obtención de residencia permanente en los Estados Unidos y me luego dije : “Caramba Luis…si, si es cierto yo soy un ganador de la GREEN CARD..”

Es así como a través de la empresa USAFIS ORG, comienza todo mi proceso de obtención de mi Tarjeta de Residencian GREEN CARD en el cual complete una serie de requisitos importantes; tales como: formularios y/o planillas, fotos etc.

A tan solo unas pocas semanas de haber iniciado mis tramites, me contacta la abogada de Dotan Cohen Law Offices; la Sra. Tamara Berman, quien de manera gentil, diligente, eficaz y muy profesional; me estuvo colaborando en todo momento y casi de manera personalizada; hasta el día de mi entrevista en la Embajada de los Estados Unidos, en la Ciudad de Caracas, Venezuela.

En la vida las oportunidades nunca se deben dejar pasar, ya que si uno las deja ir otros las aprovechan… y en base a esta sabia reflexión; me gustaría invitar a cada uno de aquellas personas que no van en busca del sueño americano, sino de conquistar su propio sueño que participen en este proceso, que les cambiara la vida para siempre.

Mi total agradecimiento a USAFIS ORG y Dotan Cohen Law Offices; quienes a través de esta extraordinaria persona la Sra. Tamara Berman, contribuyeron a que mi sueño se hiciera realidad.

Con mucha salud y prosperidad una nueva etapa de mi vida está por comenzar y con la ayuda de Dios todopoderoso; voy a poder alcanzar todo aquello que siempre he anhelado, en una tierra llena de oportunidades, éxitos y progresos; Estados Unidos de America.”


Dioclecio Mendez/ DV-2015/ June 1st 2015/ Venezuela

“Nosotros por más de 10 años estuvimos concursando en la lotería de tarjeta verde (DV Green Card) a través de USAFIS, cuando un 7 de Mayo de 2014 recibimos la grata noticia de que fuimos GANADORES en el sorteo DV-2015. Una vez que USAFIS determino nuestra elegibilidad nos preguntaron si íbamos a iniciar el proceso por cuenta propia o si queríamos asesorarnos con abogados, antes de darle respuesta lo discutimos en familia y decidimos asesorarnos con abogados ante este paso tan importante en nuestras vidas de vivir y trabajar legalmente en los Estados Unidos, entonces fue cuando USAFIS nos puso en contacto con DCLO – Relocation & Immigration Law Offices.

Desde el primer contacto con ellos nos sentimos que estábamos en manos de expertos en la materia, por lo que llenar las DS-260, reunir los documentos necesarios, y prepararnos para la entrevista fue un recorrido que hicimos con paso firme y emocionalmente tranquilos gracias a la amplia experiencia de DCLO – Relocation & Immigration Law Offices.

Hoy concluido satisfactoriamente nuestro proceso en Venezuela damos las gracias a Dios y DCLO que el próximo mes de Julio 2015 estaremos establecidos en los Estados Unidos para vivir y trabajar legalmente”.


Hector Rondon Campos/ DV-2015/ May 27th 2015/ Venezuela

Gracias al apoyo, asesoría  y el trabajo en conjunto con Dotan Cohen Law Offices pudimos obtener nuestra residencia permanente en los Estados Unidos. La Sra Tamara Berman fue la persona asignada para nuestro caso la cual se dedicó en todos los pasos del proceso a indicarnos que hacer y como hacerlo, hasta pocos días antes de la Entrevista Consular estuvo allí afinado los últimos detalles.

Gracias a esta prestigiosa Organización y el Capital Humano que allí Labora podré brindarles a mis hijas una Educación y Seguridad Social en el Primer Pais del Mundo.


Marcos Briceno/ DV-2015/ May 25th 2015/ Venezuela

En relacion al testimonial te puedo decir que el apoyo suministrado por ud fue excelente y de mucha ayuda pienso q sin ud hubiese sido muy dificil y lo mas importante siempre fuimos en forma segura ya q uds conocen bien el proceso asi q los recomiendo ampliamente

saludos,marcos briceño


Juan Manuel Sucre/ DV-2014/ May 12th 2015/ Venezuela


Nuestra experiencia con DC Law Offices fue realmente magnífica. Mas que una relación comercial, fue una relación directa, personal, incondicional y muy cercana a nosotros. Estuvieron siempre dispuestos en todo momento a aclarar cualquier duda que se nos presentara, a lo largo del camino que recorrimos juntos, siendo la comunicación permanente una de sus mayores fortalezas. Los califico como unos aliados fundamentales en la consecución de los objetivos planteados, para lograr que la oportunidad de haber salidos preselecionados en el sorteo de la Green Card, se transformara en una realidad, como efectivamente sucedió.

Consideramos que contar con los servicios profesionales y especializados de DC Law Offices fue la mejor inversión que pudimos hacer. Ellos nos dieron el apoyo, la seguridad y la confianza necesaria en cada paso que había que seguir transitando una vez notificados del resultado favorable en el sorteo, y sin duda, que siendo esta una situación novedosa para nosotros, nada nos daba mas tranquilidad como saber que contábamos con los mas calificados y expertos profesionales para alcanzar esta meta de vida.

Gracias a todo el maravilloso equipo de  Dc Law Offices!! Cuenten con  nuestra recomendación sincera cada vez que haga falta!

Juan Carlos Sandoval Villavicencio/ DV-2014/ April 27th 2015/ Venezuela


Buenos días señores de Legal Admin, DC Law Offices, mi experiencia con ustedes comenzó en el año 2007 cuando ejecute la aplicación por la Green Card (Residencia Americana) en esa oportunidad la realice sin pensar en nada o que pasaría en el futuro o si era verdad o mentira, me metí por su página en internet me llamaron por teléfono todo el tiempo para hablar con nosotros nos indicaron los paquetes que tenían en ese momento para que uno escogiera el de su preferencia, este punto es muy importante ya que tiene que seleccionar el paquete que sea más  conveniente para su familia en ese momento la muchacha que me atendió me recomendó que agarrara el plan oro el cual tenía más duración y podíamos participar por cada integrante de la familia la escuche vi que era bueno para nosotros, lo más importante de todo esto es que las personas que te venden el paquete te indican todo lo que teníamos que hacer para que no exista ningún percance al momento de vaciar los datos en la aplicación.

Esperamos desde el año 2007 hasta el 2013 en el mes de octubre nos enteramos que habíamos ganado la lotería pero lo curioso de todo es lo siguiente nosotros pensábamos que saldríamos seleccionados los primeros años después de haber hecho la aplicación y no en mayo del 2013 después de 6 años en ese tiempo(2007-2013) cambiaron todos los teléfonos que se habían colocado en aquel entonces, esta situación complico nuestra ubicación para las personas encargadas de darnos la noticia de que nosotros éramos los ganadores, pasaron 6 meses para que  nos pudiera ubicar después de haber salido seleccionados y lo lograron atreves de una llamada que ejecutaron a una persona en Venezuela en la misma ciudad donde nosotros vivíamos (Maturín) y la persona de Usafis que llamo les pidió el favor a esa familia para ver si nos podían ubicar para darnos la gran noticia de que nosotros éramos uno de los ganadores y para darnos el teléfono de la persona contacto en usafis para conversar y explicarnos que pasos debíamos hacer para poder obtener la Green Card.

Llego el gran día la familia llego a la casa en Venezuela y me dieron la gran noticia de que salimos seleccionados, al siguiente día llame y me recomendaron los servicios de DC-Law Office quienes me asesoraron y me apoyaron desde el inicio del proceso de inmigración a los Estados Unidos, esta firma siempre estuvo pendiente y monitoreando el mínimo detalle para que el resultado obtenido fuese positivo y la preparación para la entrevista en el Consulado Americano en mi país (Venezuela) fuera todo un éxito, cabe destacar el profesionalismo, seriedad, eficiencia del servicio prestado por esta firma ya que si bien es cierto el proceso cuesta un poco de dinero pero vale la pena contratar los servicios de DC-Law Office y como decimos en mi país “no me arrepiento de nada” por cada dólar invertido en este proceso, la firma nos dio la preparación, conocimiento y fortaleza que necesitábamos para salir triunfantes como efectivamente lo hicimos el día de la cita 07 del pasado agosto 2014.

Hoy en día mi familia y yo estamos felizmente establecidos en los Estados Unidos de Norteamérica y le damos las gracias primeramente a Dios ya que sin él no hubiese sido posible nada de lo ocurrido, a mi familia por el apoyo, a USAFIS por hacer la parte inicial del proceso y a la gran familia de DC-Law Office.

Por lo antes expuesto recomiendo ampliamente la firma DC-Law Office y sin duda volvería a utilizar los servicios de esta honorable firma por alta calificación y experiencia de sus abogados.


Juan Carlos Sandoval/Marialina Iafanti

Mai Lam Margarita Toro Calderon/ DV-2014/  March 4th 2015/ Venezuela

“Buenas tardes.
Ante todo quiero dar las gracias a la firma DC-Law Ofiice quienes me asesoraron y me apoyaron desde el inicio del proceso de inmigracion en los Estados Unidos de Norteamerica.

Si algo tengo que aportar, es que la  firma siempre estuvo pendiente y monitoreando el minimo detalle para que el resultado y la preparacion en la entrevista en el Consulado Americano en mi pais fuera un exito.

Por lo antes expuesto recomiendo ampliamente y sin duda volveria utilizar los servicios de esta honorable firma por su altà calificacion de sus abogados.

Quiero dar laa gracias a todos quienes me sirvieron en todo el proceso.

Saludos Cordiales

Mai Lam Toro”

Lysbeth Colina/ DV-2014/ February 16th 2015/ Venezuela

“A quien pueda interesar

Mi experiencia con DC Law

Por la presente me permito cometarle la extraordinaria experiencia que mi familia y yo hemos tenido al haber sido seleccionados en dos oportunidades en la Green Card Lotery para optar a la tan anhelada residencia Americana; si parecera mentira pero no lo es, y doy fe de ello, fuimos seleccionados en el 2011, y posteriormente en el 2013. Vale la pena destacar que dicho procesos procesos fueron inicialmente llevados por la compania USAFIS, quien nos facilito todo el apoyo para los procesos de llenado de aplicaciones e inclusion en los respectivos sorteos. Posterior a los procesos de seleccion tomamos la decision  inteligente, por cierto, de contratar los servicios de la firma de abogados DC Law.

Para el primer proceso que llevamos a cabo en el 2011, tuvimos un error en la aplicacion al momento del sorteo, situacion advertida oportunamente por DC Law. No obstante tomamos la decision de continuar con el proceso, con la esperanza de que el Consul de nuestro pais fuera venebolo en cuanto al error cometido. A pesar de la excelente asesoria y gestiones realizadas desafornudamente en esa oportunidad la respuesta fue NO, tal vez no era el momento. Mas sin embargo, dos anos mas tarde increiblemente fuimos nuevamente sorteados en esta loteria… y nuevamente contratamos los servicios de la firma DC Law, por el excelente servicio prestado en la primera oportunidad.

Cabe destacar el profesionalismo, seriedad, eficiencia y eficacia del servicio prestado por esta firma. Si bien es cierto que cuesta un poquito de dinero, vale la pena y como decimos en mi pais “no me duele ni un poquito” cada dolar invertido en ello… y lo llamo inversion porque asi fue como lo manejamos mi esposo y yo. Nos dio la preparacion, conocimiento y fortaleza que necesitabamos para salir triunfantes como efectivamente lo hicimos el pasado 2013.

Hoy dia mi familia y yo estamos felizmente establecidos en los Estados Unidos de Norteamerica.

Gracias le doy primeramente a Dios, sin el cual no hubiese sido possible nada de lo ocurrido, a mi familia por el apoyo, a USAFIS y a la gran familia de DC Law.


 Lysbeth Colina/Helimenas Boscan”


Victor Hernandez/ DV-2014/ September 15th 2014/ Venezuela

“Since we received the notification that we were winners of the DV Lottery, my family and I got really excited, but within days after all the excitement many questions emerged (what are the following steps?, what do we have to do now?, among hundreds of others) but right away we received a call from the DC Law Office offering their services and from there we had the whole team working for us,  answering our questions, giving advice and taking care of us until the last step, and the best of all it was done with professionalism and enthusiasm.

I have seen along the way many people failing trying to get a green card, but having DC Law Office on our side that was a guaranty of success.

Now my family and I are enjoying a new and a better life plenty of opportunities and we always are going to be pleased with DC Law Office Team.”



Bertsch America/ DV-2011/ June 3rd 2012/ Venezuela

“Desde el 28 de Julio de 2011, fecha en la que recibí la noticia de haber ganado en la Lotería la Green Card para el año 2012, se me produjo una gran alegría ante tal golpe de suerte, pero a la vez preocupación por los pasos legales a seguir para su aprobación por parte del Departamento de Estado, de los EEUU de Norteamérica. Luego, en fecha 28/08/2012, recibí la información que tales trámites y gestiones podrían ser realizados a través de Dotan Cohen Law Offices y en efecto, luego de escuchar atentamente la propuesta y los costos, me decidí a utilizar los servicios de tan destacado Despacho. Me fue asignado un abogado, el Dr. Michael Rosenthal, quien fue guiando mis pasos de manera tan planificada como eficiente, enviándome los formatos en donde debía hacer los registros que me solicitaban, analizando mis borradores y reenviándolos para realizar las correcciones a que hubiese lugar, manteniéndome informada de los pasos a seguir y de las decisiones acordadas hasta la fecha de la entrevista en el Consulado de los EEUU en Venezuela, la cual se llevó a efecto el 15/02/2012, y para lo que fuí debidamente asesorada y motivada por el Dr Rosenthal. En fin, felicito y agradezco al DCLO, por el servicio prestado, el cual garantizó que en menos de seis meses mi proceso de aprobación de la Green Card se llevara a efecto sin tropiezos. En tal sentido, cabe destacar el apoyo recibido por todo el personal del Dotan Cohen Law Offices y en especial a los Sres. Darío Pereira, Harris Feder y mi agradecimiento al Dr Michael Rosenthal, quien aún me envía material informativo para prepararme en éste cambio de vida que significará mi estadía como residente permanente en los Estados Unidos.”


En fin, al Dotan Cohen Law Offices MUCHAS GRACIAS!!


Pedro Alvarez/ DV-2011/ March 30th 2011/ Venezuela

“Caracas Marzo 2011

Me complace recomendar a la firma DC LAW OFFICE por el profesionalismo que me demostraron durante todo el proceso desde la contratación hasta la obtención de la visa de residencia permanente.

Ciertamente les recomiendo a todos aquellos que desde Venezuela deseen emigrar hacia Estados Unidos, en mi caso muy particular siento que obtuvimos el apoyo que solicitábamos al contratarles.

Es cierto que en un momento sentí angustia porque debí llenar una serie de formularios que no comprendía, parecían redundantes y solicitaban prácticamente información desde hace más de 20 años, pero conversamos por medio de Skype, aclarando las dudas y completando los mismos de la forma que el Gobierno solicitaba, en caso que usted no domine el idioma inglés, habrá alguien de DC LAW OFFICE que converse en Español y le traduzca al abogado. Igualmente sentí angustia porque después que remitieron los formularios al KCC tardamos un poco más de tres (3) meses en obtener la fecha de la entrevista en la Embajada de Estados Unidos, en este caso particular parte de su asesoría consiste en hacer seguimiento completo al caso desde que son contratados hasta que uno recibe la Green Card.

Cabe mencionar que DC LAW OFFICE insiste una y otra vez que uno debe tener por anticipado a la entrevista los originales traducidos al idioma Ingles de todos los documentos como lo son: 1- certificados de nacimiento emitidos por la Jefatura, verificados por el Registro Principal, legalizados ante el Ministerio de Interiores y luego por Exteriores; 2- certificados de matrimonio actual y divorcios anteriores emitidos por la Jefatura respectiva y verificados por el Registro Principal; 3- fondo negro de los títulos certificados por la Universidad y Ministerio de Educación Superior, fondo negro de los títulos de bachiller certificados por el Ministerio de Educación; 4- Certificado de antecedentes penales (este emitido por el Ministerio de Relaciones Interiores y Justicia) con fecha de emisión inferior a 3 meses a la fecha de la entrevista; 5- Copia de cartas de trabajo, entre otros documentos que por cierto también deben llevarse en copias. Es fundamental para mí aclarar un poco el proceso en la Embajada de Estados Unidos ubicada en Caracas, ya que estimo que cada Embajada tiene su procedimiento particular:

A)No pueden ingresar nada que contenga pilas, celulares, ligas, metales, yesqueros, artefactos electrónicos, etc.

B)Recomiendo llevar una carpeta con los documentos del aplicante (original y 2 copias) y una carpeta con los documentos por cada beneficiario (si son 3 beneficiario, deben llevar 3 carpetas cada una con los documentos de cada uno 1 original y 2 copias)

C)Al entrar deben buscar el área de visas para estudios, casos urgentes e inmigración (últimas taquillas) y tomar un ticket.

D)Esperar a ser llamados por el número y ser remitidos al pago de los aranceles en caja para volver a la taquilla y entregar al funcionario consular todos y cada uno de los documentos que le son requeridos usualmente en el siguiente orden por lo que aconsejo tenerlos en el mismo (original y copia): 1- Exámenes médicos completos con excepción de la placa, 2- foto, 3- todos y cada uno de los pasaportes que han tendido a lo largo de su vida (desde el primero hasta el último, incluso aquellos de la comunidad europea), 4- certificado de nacimiento, el original en caso de los certificados de nacimiento es devuelto, 5- certificados de matrimonio y divorcio según el caso, 6- fondo negro de títulos de bachiller y universitarios, 7- antecedentes penales, 8- otros documentos que el funcionario requiera.

E)Posteriormente deben esperar a ser llamados por otra ventanilla para la entrevista (contestar solo lo que se les pregunta) y allí les dirán si fueron aprobados o no y en caso afirmativo les darán el ticket para DHL.

F)El envió de DHL tarda cerca de 15 días hábiles para su entrega (pasaportes y sobres).

Ciertamente DC LAW OFFICE es un buen aliado y asesor en caso que uno desee emigrar hacia Estados Unidos, por ello les recomiendo ampliamente. Atentamente,Pedro Alvarez I am pleased to recommend to the DC LAW OFFICE firm for the professionalism that they showed me during the whole process from recruitment to obtaining permanent residence. I certainly recommend it to all those who wish to emigrate from Venezuela to the United States; we got the support we requested to hire them. I felt anxiety because I had to complete some forms that I did not understand, seemed almost redundant and requested information from more than 20 years, but we talked through Skype, clarifying doubts and completing the same form that the Government requested, if you are not fluent in English, there will be someone from DC LAW OFFICE to talk in Spanish and translate it to the lawyer Also I felt anxiety because after the forms sent to KCC took us a little more than three (3) months to get the date of the interview in the United States Embassy, but they keep the process under control. DC LAW OFFICE insists again and again that one must have in advance the original interview, translated into English of all documents such as: 1 – birth certificates, 2 – current marriage certificates and divorce, 3-bachelor degress certified by the University, 4- criminal record certificate, to issue date of less than 3 months from the date of the interview, 5- Copy job letters, and other documents which incidentally also be carried in back. It is essential for me to clarify some of the process in the United States Embassy in Caracas, as I believe that each embassy has its particular procedure: A)They cannot enter anything containing batteries, cell phones, leagues, metals, tinder-boxes, appliances, etc. B)I recommend carrying a folder with the documents of the applicant (original and 2 copies) and a folder with the documents for each beneficiary (if 3 recipient should carry 3 folders each containing the documents of each 1 original and 2 copies). C)When entering the area should seek visas for studies, urgent and immigration (last ticket) and take a ticket. D)Wait to be called by number and be sent to pay fees in cash, return to the consular officer to deliver each and every one of the documents which are usually required in the following order so I advise them in the same (original and copy): 1 – Complete medical exams, 2 – photo 3 – each and every one of the passports (from first to last, including those of the European community), 4 – birth certificate, 5 – marriage and divorce certificates as appropriate, 6 – bachelor’s degrees, 7 – criminal record, 8 – the official documents required. E)then must wait to be called by another window for the interview (only answer what they ask) and there will tell if they were approved or not and if so will give the ticket to DHL. F)The sending of DHL takes about 15 working days for delivery (passports and envelopes). Certainly DC LAW OFFICE is a great option and adviser if you wish to immigrate to the United States, so I highly recommend them. ”


Sincerely, Pedro Alvarez




Pedro Alvarez/ DV 2011/ April 3rd, 2011/ Venezuela

“I am pleased to recommend to the DC LAW OFFICE firm for the professionalism that they showed me during the whole process from recruitment to obtaining permanent residence.

I certainly recommend it to all those who wish to emigrate from Venezuela to the United States, we got the support we requested to hire them. I felt anxiety because I had to complete some forms that I did not understand, seemed almost redundant and requested information from more than 20 years, but we talked through Skype, clarifying doubts and completing the same form that the Government requested, if you are not fluent in English, there will be someone from DC LAW OFFICE to talk in Spanish and translate it to the lawyer. Also I felt anxiety because after the forms sent to KCC took us a little more than three (3) months to get the date of the interview in the United States Embassy, but they keep the process under control. Certainly DC LAW OFFICE is a great option and adviser if you wish to immigrate to the United States, so I highly recommend them”

Sincerely, Pedro Alvarez



Jesus Amelia Chollett/ DV 2011/March 4th, 2011/ Venezuela

“I could certainly tell you that if you receive the whole bunch of papers, it´s not so simple to fill it. Normally if you get involved in a lottery you don`t keep or filled copies of what you did when you firstly fill the information.That may let room for later contradictions in the submitted information. And that could be a costly mistake not only for the amount of money expended but also because without any doubt you could be untrust or may uncounsiously lying. So you may lose your main objective ,as migth be the visa.

Secondly,the amount of information and the detailed level need it , has to be very precise , so ussually,most of the people need help and knowledge of something that you dont´n know and you hasn´t been exposed to in several other occassions , including the English language. So you have to consult people who handle and know such events,so you need consistentlly advise , over which you may have a reasonable amount of confidence , knowing by the way that it involve the risk of not obtainig, as stated before, what you are looking for ,which is the visa.

Also,the preparation for the interview and knowing in advance that you will have it ,give you some kind of confidence in yourself ,that let you prepare mentally for facing the future interview and handling the requiered documents.(As a matter of fact ,the day we went for the interview ,all our documents of course after evaluation, were recieved whithout any problem and at once .Many people who took the interview that day , some were rejected and others were asked to handle back the properly documents for a next meeting).What I want to point out with this,is that if you have advice I you can count on it any time you need it , as was our case,you get confidence and and are sure of what you doing being capable of facing the risks.”


Thanks again,Michael.

Best regards.

Jesus and Amelia.



Rita Del Pilar Rojas Guzman/ DV-2010/ February 25th, 2010/ Venezuela

“I would recommend with no doubts the service of Dotan Cohen Law Offices. As soon as I was notified that I won the lottery green card, the complications with the forms began. There was a mistake with my information in the forms and that could have caused the loss of the opportunity of living in the U.S. which was my goal. However, since I hired the service of this office, I had not have any trouble with the forms. Michal, the lawyer who was in charge of my case worked with me through all the application process, we had long talks in several occasions where she helped me to fill the form the best way possible; every time I had a question she gave me all the information I needed. Completing the application process in order to get the green card is not an easy task, and because of the importance of it, it is not something you can risk to do wrong, that is why hiring Dotan Cohen Law Offices was the best decision I have taken, I don’t regret it, and I certainly recommend every green card lottery winner do the same thing. I’m now a green card lottery thanks that decision so I encourage everybody to do the same.”



Maria Lourdes Davila/ DV-2011/ January 25th 2011/ Venezuela

Regardless i was getting the GREEN CARD or not I decided to trust this DC LAW OFFICE recommended by USAFIS. At first I had so many questions! Which they responded immediately as for me to be sure of what I was doing with them; If I did everything they told me to do I would get the chance of receiving the DIVERSITY VISA. I was really nervous when I got the appointment at the embassy of my country and I started asking even more questions to be sure I was ready to meet this appointment! When arriving to the embassy I was not nervous anymore because the lawyers had prepared me to face the situation before completely. Finally, I got the visa! And I thank the law firm for helping me make the first step to start a new life in the United States as a RESIDENT being able to do almost anything I wish to do as a US Citizen.

Maria Lourdes Davila / Venezuela



Enrique Rivas / DV-2011/ December 11th 2010/ Venezuela

Estoy muy agradecido con la firma Dotan Cohen Law Offices, por su asesoría en mis tramites de inmigración, aprecio y agradezco lo bien y rápido que hicieron su trabajo, se ve la dedicación y la mística en la asesoría que realizan desde el momento en que se contratan, pasando por el llenado de las formas, la preparación de los documentos y la entrevistas hasta mantenerte informado de cada paso que se daba, el estatus del tramite además de responder inmediatamente cualquier duda o preocupación y lo que tiene mayor importancia para mi es la tranquilidad te ofrecen que todo va a salir bien, no dudo en recomendarles esta firma de abogados a quien sea, ya que su trabajo es excelente.




Blanca Margarita Henrique/ DV-2010/S eptember 14th 2010/ Venezuela

Good news!!!!!!! Ireceived my GREEN CARD!!!!!!!!

Please thank , everybody, that helped me in your office, they where really a wonderfull support for me ,in every step of these lasts months.

Regards, Blanca



Alfredo Augusto Galarraga Dolande/ DV-2010/ August 7th 2010/ Venezuela


I am interested interested in thanking you for the fruitful job in my Green Card process. Yourunidivided attention and knowledge. It was worthwhile Professional Services migration and the bestformula to get success.

I am must to recommend very amply DOTAN COHEN LAW OFFICES and their team. From my point of view the best o the best migration specialists.

I would like to give special thanks to Michael Rosenthal for your opportune advice and professionalism and Dario Pereira for integrity and cares. I trust look forward to renewed transaction between us.

Very best wishes



Pablo Jiménez / DV-2010/ July 20th 2010/ Venezuela

Hola Michal y a todos los que forman parte del equipo de trabajo de Dotan Cohen Law Office. Por medio de esta nota deseo expresarles en mi nombre y en el de mi familia nuestras mas sinceras gracias por todo el apoyo que nos prestaron en el proceso de preparación de la documentación para nuestra entrevista con la oficina de inmigración de los Estados Unidos de Norteamerica para obtener la aprobación final de la visa de Inmigración a los Estados Unidos. Que se puede decir? Nosotros todavía no lo podemos creer!! Lo que era un “si ocurriera” hoy es una realidad. Supimos de los servicios de usafis a través de unos amigos que habían ganado la DV2007, y nos animamos a participar, no creíamos mucho en loterías de visas pero mi esposa insistió y se inscribió en el 2008, y cual fue nuestra sorpresa que en mayo del 2009 recibimos una llamada primero de usafis y luego del Sr. Darío Pereira de parte de Dotan Cohen Law Office anunciándonos que yo había sido favorecido en la DV2010 con un cupo para mi grupo familiar. Al principio pensamos que era una broma o un scam, pero las evidencias nos la envió el Sr. Pereira por email y era evidentes, y luego recibimos el sobre de KCC confirmando la buena noticia. De inmediato contratamos con el bufete y comenzamos a recibir la orientación para preparar lo necesario para la entrevista. Durante todo el procesos estuvimos asistidos y los eventos ocurrieron tal y como se nos había descrito. Realmente todo el proceso de completar los formularios, recopilar la documentación, etc, se nos facilito porque siempre tuvimos la asistencia de la Dra. Michal para contestar las múltiples preguntas que nos surgieron. Al momento de escribir esta nota, ya con visa en mano, nos estamos preparando para nuestro proceso de instalación en USA y creo que en gran medida el factor determínate para este logro fue el estar bien preparados para la entrevista lo cual fue gracias a la excelente asistencia profesional servicio recibido por la Dra. Michal y todo el equipo de Dotan Cohen Law Office. Nuevamente Muchas Gracias.

Best Regards,

Pablo & Lucia.



Raul S./ DV-2010/ June 6th 2010/ Venezuela


La idea de esta nota es expresar de manera sincera el camino transitado para la asignación de la VISA de IMMIGRANTE a los Estados Unidos luego de ganar el Sorteo de la Lotería Green Card realizado por el Departamento de Estado de los EEUU.

El 26 de abril de 2009 recibí una llamada telefónica de un representante de la Organización USAFIS la cual manejó mi aplicación desde el año 2005 de manera continua para competir en dicho sorteo todos los años. Durante dicha llamada, se me informó que había sido uno de los ganadores en la Lotería de la Green Card (Diversity Visa 2010). Esa noticia nos alegró mucho y a partir de ese momento comenzamos a recorrer un camino de consultas, trámites y generación de documentos para lograr en Abril del 2010 la entrevista consular en la Embajada de los EEUU en Caracas, Venezuela.

Con la finalidad de contar con un manejo confiable y tener en todo momento el asesoramiento legal en todas las fases de este proceso, decidí por recomendación de USAFIS, la contratación de los Servicios del Grupo de Abogados “Dotan Cohen Law Offices”. Ellos me orientaron de manera clara y efectiva durante todo el proceso para la generación de documentos personales y familiares, así como en el llenado de las diferentes Planillas exigidas por la Embajada de los EEUU. En lo personal considero que el soporte de este grupo de abogados fue crítico y clave para llevar adelante y de manera exitosa el proceso hasta el día de la entrevista consular. También nos dieron un apoyo importante en la preparación para la entrevista consular. Me gustaría resaltar en mi caso particular, el excelente soporte que recibí del Dr. Michael Rosenthal y de otras personas como Dr. Darío Pereira y Víctor Aaron ya que realmente fue muy importante y en ocasiones clave e indispensable para que mi grupo familiar lograra la asignación de la VISA de IMMIGRANTE para vivir, estudiar y trabajar legalmente dentro de los EEUU.

Realmente el camino recorrido nos exigió mucha dedicación pero al final es muy gratificante saber que se alcanzaron las metas para poder vivir en los EEUU de manera legal.

Gracias por el apoyo

Raúl Sánchez”




Maria G./ DV-2010/ May 25th 2010/ Venezuela

“Hi, Michal

Anexamos Testimonio.

Recomendamos altamente los servicios de Dotan Cohen Law , por su asesoría y

oportuna orientación para la obtención de la Green Cards, Nosotros nos inscribimos con USAFIS por 10 años en Diciembre del 2006, ya hasta nos habíamos olvidado de todo, cual fue nuestra sorpresa que en Agosto del 2009 recibimos un correo de Dotan Cohen Law, informándonos que habíamos sido seleccionados en la Lotería de Visas y que USAFIS no había podido contactarnos, en la página de USAFIS todos nuestros datos estaban desactualizados y los correos no lo revisábamos, Gracias a la firma Dotan Cohen Law por un correo oportuno que llegamos a ver fue que nos enteramos,

no lo podíamos creer, Luego Dotan Cohen Law nos asesoro en todo, nos brindo la mayor colaboración de una manera excelente, incluso dándonos todos los detalles de que y como el proceso se estaría desarrollando, por lo tanto estamos muy agradecidos con sus servicios.

Slds, Maria G / Elvis Lopez ”




Marisabel S./ DV-2010/ May 25th 2010/ Venezuela

“Estas líneas es para agradéceles a su organización el hecho de ayudarnos a realizar nuestro sueño americano, con su asesoría y consejos todo fue muy rápido y con resultados formidables, en especial extiendo este agradecimiento a la Sra. Michal Moskovich ya que fue la persona encargada en seguirnos e indicarnos cada paso que debíamos dar.

Con estas cortas líneas queremos recomendarlos ampliamente ya que son 100% profesionales y efectivos en lo que hacen mil gracias nuevamente. Flia. Madrid Serrano

These lines is to thank them for your organization made to help us realize our American dream, with its advice and tips all went very quickly and with tremendous results, especially extend my thanks to Ms. Michal Moskovich as he was the person in charge follow each step and indicate that we should give.

With these few lines we highly recommend because they are 100% professional and effective at what they do thank you very much again.

Flia. Madrid Serrano”



Andrew Acrich/ DV-2011/ April 5th 2011/ Venezuela

“El equipo de Dotan Cohen Law Offices se encuentra conformado por excelentes abogados y analistas que van detallando junto al cliente cada etapa del proceso, revisando a detalle cada documento y velando que cada entregable se encuentre en optimas condiciones. Este grupo de abogados es muy profesional, cumpliendo con sus entregas a tiempo y siempre dispuestos a apoyar en lo más mínimo.



Enrique Carmona/ DV-2011/April 25th 2011/ Venezuela

“Dear Michael: I´d like to thank you, Mr. Rosenthal, and the Offices of Dotan Cohen for correctly and expeditiously completed my Green Card process. Your advice during all paper work and the preparation for the interview at the USA Embassy in Caracas was outstanding, helpful and valuable. The general consensus from all of my family members was that you and the staff of Dotan Cohen did an excellent job in order to get an immigrant visa stamp in our passport´s. I would highly recommend your Law Offices, without any hesitation, for anyone needing any immigration advise or legal services. Thank you again for a job well done,”


Enrique Carmona

Caracas, Venezuela



Genadio Jose Ruiz Benavides/ DV-2011/May 1st 2011/ Venezuela

“After have recieved the notice that we won the DV program lottery, the next step was to decide if to continue with the proccess by ourselves or with the advice of a immigration law office, definitely having chosen the advice was our best decision. They take care of every detail in completing the forms, review them, asking you for the right information, telling you about every detail prior the interview, the convenience of reach them by phone or email about any questions at any moment, their quick response and finally, the simulated interview before to the interview at the embassy, it is exactly what you would expect to hire a service of this type, it is the proof of their best willingness to help you. We got all this by hiring DC Law Officces. It worked for us and we got the green card.”

Many thanks DC Law Offices!!!,

Regards, Carolina, Sophia and Genadio From Venezuela to USA, Yes!!!”


Alvaro Morales and Maria A. Ramirez/DV-2011/June 1st 2011/ Venezuela

“We started our immigration process with Dotan Cohen Law Offices, and thanks to their assessment we obtained our United States permanent resident visa!!! They help us in every step of the process and it was really easy to going through, because all the information they gave us was truly detailed and accurate. Because of their professionalism we highly recommend them. They take their job very seriously and are always available to answer any question and to offer solutions to any given inconvenient.”

We really appreciate their help and we are deeply grateful because we know that without their help this amazing reality that is having a green card so fast and easy wouldn’t be possible.

Best regards, Alvaro Morales and Maria A. Ramirez



Jesus and Amelia/ DV-2011/ March 4th 2011/ V enezuela

“I could certainly tell you that if you receive the whole bunch of papers, it´s not so simple to fill it. Normally if you get involved in a lottery you don’t keep or filled copies of what you did when you firstly fill the information. That may let room for later contradictions in the submitted information. And that could be a costly mistake not only for the amount of money expended but also because without any doubt you could be restless or may unconsciously lie. So you may lose your main objective, as might be the visa. Secondly, the amount of information and the detailed level need it, has to be very precise, so usually, most of the people need help and knowledge of something that you don’t know and you hasn´t been exposed to in several other occasions , including the English language. So you have to consult people who handle and know such events, so you need consistently advise , over which you may have a reasonable amount of confidence , knowing by the way that it involve the risk of not obtaining, as stated before, what you are looking for ,which is the visa. Also, the preparation for the interview and knowing in advance that you will have it ,give you some kind of confidence in yourself ,that let you prepare mentally for facing the future interview and handling the required documents.(As a matter of fact, the day we went for the interview ,all our documents, of course after evaluation, were received without any problem and at once .Many people who took the interview that day , some were rejected and others were asked to handle back the properly documents for a next meeting).What I want to point out with this, is that if you have advice I you can count on it anytime you need it , as was our case, you get confidence and are sure of what you doing being capable of facing the risks.”

Thanks again, michael. Best regards.Jesus and Amelia.



RAMI KANSAO/ DV-2011/ May 9th 2011/ Venezuela

“The purpose of this email is to express my testimony about Dotan Cohen, Law Offices:

First of all, i would like to express my gratitude for the work done of the Dotan ,since it was a part -time work of Mr. Michael ,giving recommendations, tips ,quick work in regard to the green card paperwork .

second, the treatment of you to me was excellent, gave me confidence and encouragement needed to continue the process and meet my goal, which was achieved. Thanks to Michael and Dotan Cohen, Law Offices for your support and certainly would return to use the service you offer.

Note: Michael I would like you to communicate with me by phone to discuss the re-entry permit to the United States. Thanks and hope all is well. Best regards RAMI KANSAO ”



Roberto Favaloro/ DV2011/ May 12th 2012/ Venezuela

“First of all, my name is Roberto Favaloro, from Caracas, Venezuela. I registered in the USAFIS ORGANIZATION, a few months later I received a phone call telling me that I have won the right to get a green card. (100.000 people get this phone call, only 50.000 win the green card). So, after that phone call, they sent me a package, inside this package were some papers and among them were the papers of a law firm called, Dotan Cohen Law Offices. Of course I took a look of all the information in the package including Dotan Cohen Law Office’s information. I was too nervous on those days, then I received a phone call from Mr. Dario Pereira. He guided me and put me in contact with Dotan Cohen Law Offices, after that my life changed, How come?. Well, these guys are the best and I mean the best. They guided me throughout the whole process. They told me what to do, what the probabilities were and if I follow their instructions, I would have a good chance of achieving our goal, so I did, I trusted them, especially the one in charge of my case, Mr. Michael Rosenthal, him, I trust with my eyes closed. After I`ve got everything together, all the papers that Mr. Rosenthal told me to, I went to my interview with my family. April the 27th 2011, I will never forget this day. We`ve got the green card, one of the few best days of my life. Thanks to Michael and his team, me and my family will have a better life. They are part of my destiny.

Roberto Favaloro



Ernesto Herero/ DV-2011/ June 6th 2011/ Venezuela

“I will want to express my thanks to the team “Dotan Cohen”. This process is very long and even arouses a great anxiety that why having the help and advice of a legal team to take care of your needs in this area is always a relief in the process. In personal, from the first moment I Knew I had won the visa I promise myself to do the best I can to make really my stay in USA, that way I not hesitate to have the services of this law firm. I’m sure that decision was the best thing I did, I finally got what I set out and soon my family and I will be immigrating to the USA.I was lucky to have Michael Rosenthal as my case manager, he is a very patience lawyer and was always aware of my case, I felt a great support with him.

Thank you Michael!!!!!! Ernesto Herrero


Robert O. /DV-2010/ June 15th, 2010
On positive selection for participation in the Diversity Visa (Green Card) program, we were advised to seek the legal assistance of Dothan Cohen Law Offices to increase our chances of obtaining our permanent residence visas. We contacted DCLO and registered for their assistance. We were immediately assigned a personal Attorney to guide us throughout the application process. We were given maximum and timely assistance to see us through the entire process. The level of documentation involved is quite extensive and extremely demanding to complete. But with the guidance of our Attorney, everything went on smoothly and according to schedule.

The interview preparation we received from our Attorney was detailed and superb.
It made our interview at the Consular Office tension-free and quite easy. We had all the documentation required at hand and satisfied all interview requirements. At the end of the day, we were issued with our Permanent Residence Visas as a family.

With the foregoing in mind, I wish to recommend the services of DCLO to any prospective Green Card Visa applicant. For a hassle-free progression through the process, DCLO is the way to go. From my personal experience, I would say your battle is half won by registering for the expert guidance of DCLO. With DCLO, there are no tears of regret. If you have tried the rest and nothing has been achieved, try the best; try DCLO.
RK Okumah”


Tracey Mahati/ DV-2017/ May 3rd, 2017

“Testimonial: Our experience with DC Law offices, NY

Our case according to us seemed to be a very hopelessly weak one. But we were yet to be proved wrong, by the dedicated professional team at DC Law offices. The dedicated attorneys of this Law firm will make the complicated processes required by the US Department of state as easy as ABC. I remember when we were first introduced to DC Law office, we looked at each other with my spouse and said, “What is going to happen to us now? We have got ourselves into something which we are guaranteed of failure”. But not so with DC Law Offices.

First it was Advocate Dotan Cohen who broke the ice by getting in touch with us immediately after we were announced the winners of the DV2017 lottery. He assisted us professionally, in making sure that our applications were accurately filled out. This was followed up by a Skype phone call, in the weeks to follow which provided us with very valuable information about the consular process and interview. The call led to the submission of my family’s application.

Soon after our applications were submitted to the KCC, an equally dedicated and professional attorney going by the name, Advocate Caroline Iris Dory led us through the consular process throughout up to the consular interview. This involved the gathering of the required documents for our consular interview. We were provided with a checklist of the various information and documents needed for the pending interview. This even included some requirements which were relevant to the consular mission office which was supposed to interview us. We are so thankful, and shall be always grateful for this assistance which was rendered to us.

During that time we did not know when the interview will be scheduled by the KCC, or if ever it was going to be scheduled. We were also clueless of what could be required of us, but through constant email communication she got in touch with us every now and then, reminding us of the requirements. We are humbled by her dedication, she in every email reminded us that she is available for us and to give us all the assistance we needed. We testify to this fact that she promptly responded to all of our questions and concerns in a very professional and empathetic way. Through such support we received from her, we gained confidence to the fact that we can make it, and tell you what, through her professional dedicated coaching and guidance we made it. All the four members of my family who submitted their applications through the help of DC Law Offices, managed to obtain their DV-Visas, after succeeding through the Consular interview.

We are in the process of relocating to the United States of America, after been granted with our DV-visas. We are very excited as a family to be going to the United States of America for the very first time. Also we are looking forward to be admitted into this great nation as lawful permanent residents. Thank you to, DC Law Offices, you made it possible for us, I have confidence that you can make it possible for the others who will engage your services. Another thing we appreciate and are very grateful of, is that DC Law Offices has not abandoned us now that we got the visas. They still are constantly in touch with us and are saying to us “get in touch with us if there is still anything you need us to assist you in, we are here for you”. Who can shun such a caring team?

All of this guidance and coaching is based on their many years of experience as legally certified attorneys specialising in Immigration laws of the United States of America and also other nations of the world. The quality of assistance that is offered by the DC Law Offices is of an international standard, the information they give to you is current and relevant. My family and I, do recommend the professional services of DC Law Offices to anyone who is serious about immigrating to any part of the world, most especially the USA. They are the best, they made us to succeed although our case seemed a hopeless right off. They are a legitimate immigration firm, they are not a scam, and they succeeded in busting every doubt and myth we or our close relatives ever had about immigrating to the United States of America.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! So much to, DC Law Offices, most especially to Advocates Dotan Cohen and Caroline Iris Dory. Please continue with the good exceptional work you are doing.

Best Regards

Tracey and family- Zimbabwean Citizens”


Jackie N./ DV-2009/ November 23rd, 2009

“I would like to say thank you for all the help and support we received from DC Law attorneys during the preparation of the Green card interview. Without your support, encouragement, information and document gathering, it would not have been possible for us to pass the interview.